How to knit a hat knitting for women: new models 2018-2019 (diagrams, photos)

Knitted hats for women 2018-2019 winter thick yarn

Today to be fashionable and attractive, while retaining its unique personality, is no easy task. That’s why every girl starts to pick up the headpiece before the onset of cold weather: aesthetics should not be a cause of discomfort, the cap should look elegant but at the same time remain practical and comfortable.

The volume adds ease, without compromising standards of comfort during wear. In order to create truly unique and unique product, it is necessary to resort to manual work. Needlewoman with experience can realize the most daring ideas and decorate hat prints and complex patterns.

Voluminous knits, caught at the peak of popularity this season along with things made oversize, can be performed in the style of casual, athletic, business or romantic. The estimated trend of the new model in 2018, is the return of delicate feminine images.

To date, the most current models knitted hats with thick yarn are:

  • with slips (the type of hat, stocking or knit without related ornaments and decorations, double or single);
  • hat, beanie;
  • “marshmallow”;
  • hat with ear-flaps;
  • hat-Snood;
  • takes;
  • cap;
  • hat;
  • “turban””turban”.

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Products may have the following characteristics:

  • to knit, use acrylic or wool yarn;
  • lapel or intricate designs in the form of a braid and sashes can add extra volume;
  • still in trend are undisputed classics: black, white, gray;
  • fashionistas who prefer the bright color, will appeal to a cap of unevenly coloured yarns or threads of different colors.

Young skilled workers seeking to escape from routine and the classics, can create models with applications (bulky glued labels, embroidery, vyazkoi) that are advantageous only will look, sitting on the edge products.

Thinking on the decoration of knitted hats, you should take into account the following interesting details:

  • POM-poms (various sizes);
  • the lugs (this trend is very original, attracts the eyes, characteristic of the younger members of the fairer sex) and brushes;
  • rhinestones, studs, sequins, stones;
  • veil;
  • visor (knitted garment like a cap, which can perfectly emphasize not only the chic of the metropolis, but also sports).

Choosing a color scheme products, it is not necessary to adhere to certain standards. Knitted hats of the largest yarn can be completely different shades: pastel, classic, palette, red, yellow, green.

As you know, the pattern is an integral component of all knitted accessories. This season, the actual fishnet braids-knit and complex designs. Of course, such schemes will only handy people with experience. Newcomers can practice English elastic (combined with a thick yarn will add the product with the required volume).

Knitted hats for women winter mohair

Mohair is one of the most popular materials for knitted caps, it is considered a timeless classic. It perfectly keeps heat, does not cause allergic reactions, it is characterized by extreme lightness and strength, it can easily be washed, not shedding during it (in Arabic mohair means “best”, “elect”).

  • And you know how to knit?

    Yes, of course

    A little bit



Headpiece with rolled edges – a favorite accessory of fashionistas who prefer street style. Bulk mohair hats occupied a strong niche in the fashion industry. The material can be painted in any color, it does not lose its properties, while maintaining elasticity and natural Shine.

Novelty knitted hats made with your own hands

New model 2019 is very similar to the previous year. Priority: comfort, warmth, comfort, convenience and versatility. Beautiful knitted hat needs perfectly combined with a coat, and jacket, and a fur coat. Otherwise, you can create several models characteristic of different styles.

A new model of coming season are presented in a huge variety:

  • loose and fitted (depending on facial features, skin color and hair);
  • simple and concise or, on the contrary, augmented by third-party elements are: the neck, ears, visor, POM-POM. Combining the cap with outerwear, is required to adhere to the following principle: the more embellished accessory, the more conservative should be the second article of clothing. Only by performing such a postulate, it is possible to recreate a stylish and harmonious way;
  • related simple stitch (reverse/obverse), British gum or containing unique methods of decoration: braids, plaits, cones, cross patterns.

Thick yarn is the trend of the coming season

Cap made of thick yarn, is a unique discovery among fashion lovers. Its main advantage lies in the fact that when you create it is not necessary to use complex patterns and original patterns to make the product luster and perfection. Chunky – that in itself is the decoration of the wardrobe. The most successful will look the way, including this hat and boots Park or slouchy cocoon coat oversize.

To create it you will need:

  • thick yarn (100% wool 80m/50gramm);
  • spokes №4,5, №6;

Job description:

  • To make masculatory after gum evenly add 16 loops. In that case, if you want to link is not very thick a hat, then add 5-8 loops or do not do this.
  • Go to the spokes №6 and provative 3 rows of purl stitch from the front side.
  • Wrong side:

    • 1P. (PM) – back loop;
    • 2P. (IP) – facial.

    Further, the reverse surface is replaceable on the front.

    Front side:

    1P. (PP) – front;

    2P. (IP) – purl.

    From the beginning of knitting you want to associate 28cm, then proceed to the formation of the crown. For this you need to purl all loops 2 together in the end remains – 41 loop. Through one number, repeat the same. Rest cinch the thread.

    Novelty knitted hats in 2018-2019 (schema) for youth

    Knitted hat – a stylish accessory of the female wardrobe. It right choice will help to create a stylish and fashionable winter look. In the new season of the popular a variety of models, among which every lady can find something to their liking.


    Caps made like the turban, add the charm of the East. These hats are not so intricate, but at the same time a measure of volume due to the cascading folds and amazing look on the head. It should be noted that this accessory is combined not with all the clothes, therefore, creating an image, take care to consider all the details.

    This season, fashion turbans are available in different colors: black, sapphire, claret, emerald, grey. To revive it and make even more unique and special, you can decorate the front of the cap a large brooch or a bold belt buckle of metal.

    Here is an example schema of a turban with embossed elastic and voluminous pleats. You’ll need:

    • 100 grams hair;
    • knitting needles No. 5.

    Job description:

  • For the sample recruited 24 stitches: 1st row: purl alternating 1 loop and 2 front. 2nd row and all even are finished drawing. 3rd row- 1 wrong loop, then 2nd loop front cling to the back wall, after not throwing it from the needles, the 1st loop front over the front. 5th series starts from the third row.
  • The density of knitting: 1 cm = 1,5 loop. Relief rubber band calculated on the number of stitches that is divisible by 3. Hat you need to start knitting from the back. 56 for accessory size required to dial 18 loops (about 12 cm) and tie 4 cm band relief. Next, following the same pattern, at the same time make 5 additions each time from the front side (adding – yo to itself, which is on the reverse side promazyvaetsya front back loop).
  • When each track is reverse loops 11, and the edges 6 (excluding edging), adding more should not do. On the spoke should be 68 loops (42 cm), height 16 cm
  • Then 5-6 cm promazyvaetsya smoothly and starts a gradual decrease in each of the front row 5 times for 2 promazyvaetsya together. (like additions). To reduce the need to loop until the spoke will not appear again 18 loops. The loops are divided in half and bound separately: each half of the rim with a length of 28-29 cm, then placed cross. The ends are sewn together, the bezel is sewn.
  • More detailed and varied schemes 2019 are given on specialized sites


    To bind a fashionable hat-Snood knitting for women is not difficult even for beginners. Became popular model knit is more like a scarf, but looks elegant and warm even in the bitter cold.

    To work need:

    • 200 g of yarn;
    • circular needles number 5.

    Job description:

    You first need to determine the width and height of the product. We print on circular needles required number of loops. The proposed model can perform the Polish with a rubber band (this is a very easy pattern even for beginners).

    Connect the circuit loops in a circle and begin to knit:

    • 1st row- 3 face loops alternate with single purl;
    • 2nd row- 2 front loops, 1 purl, 1 front;
    • 3rd row similar to the first;
    • 4th row- similar to the second.

    Universal hat

    Women’s knitted hat – one of the distinguished novelties of the season in 2018, has gained popularity among young people. Headgear is the most stylish if it is decorated with textured patterns: braids, ornaments, pine cones, delicate embroidery, sequins, abstract prints.

    To work with based on 54 cm (head circumference) you will need:

    • 250 g of yarn;
    • spokes number 4.

    The product can be knit in two threads.

    Job description (lugs):

    Recruited 6 loops and start to run the pattern garter viscous, adding both sides 6 times every two rows in the loop. Then are finished right 14 subsequent rows. In that case, if we add a larger number of loops, the eye is much wider and larger number of rows will affect its length.

    Description of work (winter hat):

  • Now you want to collect all in one product: we print on long needle loops alternately from the ears and new to knit the front and back of headdress. Please note! First, the rear part of the cap will slowly increase and, in the end, will be formed in two parts, bonded mattress suture.
  • Next you need to add 1 loop, knit into the front loop of one ear and gain another 20 loops for the front of the cap, pravasa the second ear and typing 1 loop. The addition of loops to extend the rear side in every second row on both sides once on the 2 hinges and one for 3 (it will be 8 series, and is the full width of the cap). In order to solve it, we can add another loop during knitting.
  • All you need to purl into about 16 rows that will be eventually the height of the hats before narrowing to the top. The decrease should be carried out as follows: 1 chrome. loop, 5 front, 2 stitches together with the inclination to the right, 2 front, 2 loop with a slope to the left, 5 front, 1 chrome. To diminish the loop need three more times every couple of rows, the remaining loop to tighten after two rows. Sewn hat back mattress suture.
  • For the front flap need to score along the edge 20 of the loops and knit into garter viscous to the desired height, after closing all the loops, and attach the lapel in the desired manner. For the braid cut 18 threads meter length that must be folded in half and pushed through the bottom of the ears, then braid in braids.
  • Body cap knitting and Snood

    Add harmony and style way can a set consisting of volume caps and necks, made in a similar style. Valid the following combinations:

    • hat and cowl from thick threads, made one pattern and one color;
    • different in color and product design, the components of the organic Duo.

    Hat, beanie made with your own hands, schematic

    Hat beanie is a classic, containing a newest fashion trends accessory. As one of the most popular models of the 2018-2019 season, this comfortable and very warm. occupy a strong position among the fair sex: it can perfectly complement both coat and sports jacket.

    The classic version Bini caps similar to the elongated cap or stocking is performed as a simple binding types: elastic, hosiery, garter, and complex patterns. If you’re new to crafts and don’t know how to knit a hat knitting beanie for women, then you should pay attention to the following scheme crochet detailing. Key point before work – choosing the right color,

    Materials needed:

    • dense wool blend yarn 100m/100g;
    • spokes number 5;
    • needle with a wide eye;
    • a pair of scissors.

    Job description:

    Recruited 50 loops an auxiliary thread on the spokes number 5 and knit 2 rows. Next, cut the thread at the end we will dissolve, again a couple are finished the whole series and begin to knit shortened (this is necessary for rounding the top of the head).

    The scheme looks like this:

  • Remove the first loop (the edge) and are finished the whole series from the beginning the front to the top, the remaining 6 loops leave.
  • Now turn the knitting and continue in the opposite direction so that the turn is not a hole. For this obtrusive of the six remaining pole of the loop.
  • Toss the loop on the left spokes on the right, leaving the working thread underneath the left needle.
  • Bring the working thread so that they were on your left needle.
  • Return the removed loop back – get entwined.
  • Turn the knitting back. Not touching the loop, a number of are finished from the top to the beginning. The last loop are finished on the obverse or the reverse. Cropped the first line ready.
  • In the next row the same way obviam fifth loop, then the fourth and so on. A total of six loops, which subsequently form the wedge of 12 rows, tapering to the top.
  • Second wedge and all subsequent knit exactly as the first. Just need 12 wedges.
  • In the unstretched form, the diameter of the caps of about 54 cm, height – 30 cm.
  • Hat beanie ready, only to sew it up. To do this, dissolve the auxiliary thread and sew the open loops of the suture loop in a loop. You can do it with closed edge, there’s the usual seam. To tie the cap Bini is not difficult, especially if you strictly follow the scheme and to be careful.

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