How to learn English via Skype?

Learn English on Skype is the same as committing the world from the comfort of your own home! Today, “” will share some of the intricacies of such experience.

If you have no money to join a group of some language school or go to live in another country, there is no possibility to waste time on the way to class or even trite – desire, does not matter. You can explore on your own! The question is, how?

Tutorials, videos in English and various audiokursy good. But they will never replace live communication. And if you want to learn real spoken English Skype – what you need.


Many people can spend years learning English at school or even University, but still, when meeting a foreigner or coming to another country, can’t learn even the simplest things using a foreign language. Corny – go “in a stupor”. But when some time living in the US or the UK, are beginning to talk so that can not be stopped! And in just 3 months! Why? Happened the immersion.

Skype is the same dive. But you don’t need to spend money on tickets and accommodation “over the ocean”. Simply go online. And you are not limited in time. For example, if you are loaded with work, you can at night to chat. Moreover, time zones are different!

Learning English on Skype is not worth the money as lessons with a tutor or at a language school. Of course, in this case, it is likely that you will have to pay: the teacher, ready to teach by video-link, or to students wishing to earn so much money. And you can disrupt what is called “jackpot” and to meet a companion, just interested in communication.

If you have psychological barriers – it is difficult to start talking with strangers, for example, and therefore do not go to the group, Skype provides the option to chat without using the video. Adjust only audio calls.

Do the first step

Usually we all already have a smartphone, a tablet Skype. The nice thing is that the program itself is completely free.

Now looking for a companion. The service there is a special page in the section “Learning languages”. Where people leave information to communicate and wishes to communicate. Some foreigners want to learn Russian, others willing to speak English, because of the interest in communicating with people of other cultures.

Moreover, you can create your own theme. Click on “New message”, describe what is expected from communication, and wait. Sure someone will respond! Specify:

  • your level of language proficiency,
  • desired topics of communication.

A word of advice. A message on the forum and write in Russian and in English. It is better if you write your wish on a foreign – so the more chances that you will understand.

Learn English on Skype by interacting with different kinds of people: those who speak only English, those who did not himself averse to learn Russian or Russian speakers who need language practice.

With whom to communicate: a foreigner who knows (at least some) Russian, or anyone who does not understand in Russian? wants to emphasize that in fact, and in another case has its advantages. In the first you will be a little easier, and if necessary, you can periodically use the native language. This option is suitable for those who are still feeling very insecure or just start learning from the very beginning. A significant dip when the communication will be built exclusively in a foreign language, suitable for those seeking to hone pronunciation skills, to catch the intonation and rhythm.

Learn English on Skype, and talking to the Russian interlocutor. Cons of such interaction that can be difficult then. You get used to talking with a Russian speaking in English, and when you find yourself in the situation of communication with native speakers, it appears that the intonation and pronunciation is unclear. But there are advantages – you will learn to communicate not only with native speakers but also with all who speak the language, albeit with an accent. Therefore, English speaking, foreign practitioner, may be not the only, but one of the interlocutors for sure!

Learn English on Skype – it’s not just budgetary, but also exciting! As a window into a new world. Who knows, maybe such communication will allow you to make new friends around the world and to travel later, not staying in expensive hotels, and at home with friends!

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