How to learn men have a rational Outlook on life

A woman should be feminine. That is, to differ from men not only in appearance but also the world view, behaviour… However, sometimes we look at our princes and think – “Oh!.. Here I not born a woman, I can do the same!.. And it would go a little more, and all sorts of social taboos less!”. But in order to learn men have a fundamentally different view on life and solve many of life’s problems, to change the gender do not have to! Better learn male psychology together with the site ““!

Attitude to earnings

The vast majority of wealthy Pinocchio, which writes “Forbes” — men.

Why? Are they smarter and more talented? Proved – not at all!

The world is unfair and women are robbed of their rights? After all the victories of feminism (at least in Europe and America) talk about this too is kind of silly…

So why do men often achieve material well-being?

  • Boys are told from childhood that to earn to itself (and provide for his family!) will have on their own. All they can achieve, depends only on them. And we, the girls, loving mother and grandmother passed on from generation to generation, “women’s wisdom”: the ability to earn for women is not important. The main thing – to find a man who will be in the family budget the lion’s share of the funds. In the end such a man may be or may not be, but the woman will live with the installation: “yet I alone, will kill what we have, but find the man himself – a life with style!”. Try to achieve a higher level of income is independent it does not occur – “not for women!”.
  • Men pay less attention to established opinion. If a man decides to open his business, he will focus on successful examples of businessmen who have achieved success in this area in similar conditions. The woman learns about the cases of failed endeavors and just not venture. The ability to take risks and try something new – something that men have to learn is clearly worth it!
  • Illogical thinking. Yes, no matter how many jokes about women’s logic men nor composed, that we women are different greater rationality, foresight and predictability. And the man is able to do something that “normal” logic does not explain – and win! Learn why men to expand the boundaries of “correct” reasoning.
  • Men don’t program your life for years to come and not panic if everything goes according to script. It is we, the women, present themselves to a future career until retirement, just enrolling in College, and therefore, problems with employment, or an unexpected layoff can “knock us out of the saddle” for a few years! Learn from men healthy apathy: was kicked out of office – well, and figs with him, a week drink beer, and then become a freelancer! Not burned out business? Quickly declare bankruptcy and withdrawn from the business funds to buy a foreign car!

The attitude to spending and expenses

A fundamentally different view on spending money also plays a role in the fact that men are more likely to achieve well-being.

Should learn from men:

  • Less likely to make impulse purchases. The overwhelming proportion of advertisements aimed at women. Women are more likely to make rash purchases “because I was in a bad mood”, “it’s such a sweet thing,” “maybe useful”, “this thing’s got a girlfriend, she highly praises” etc But men usually buy only what they need.
  • Not love shopping. Most men do not like long walks on the places of trade, the process of shopping them tired and angry. Therefore, their wardrobes crammed with things bought “for the occasion,” on sale “under the mood” — learn, men should, too!
  • Not to save money for a “rainy day”. If a woman has formed some spare cash, she will probably lay just like that – a “rainy day”. But man, most likely either figure out how you can make a purchase for them now, or will be delayed – but at interest and with the aim to save up for something specific. Besides, men are less afraid to invest in the business, into something that can bring profit in the future. Why inflation is “stocking” savings men face rare!

Views on privacy

Perhaps it will interest the readers of “Beautiful and Successful” — what stands to learn from men in relationships? And whether it is possible in principle – we’re the opposite sex, and behave in matters of love like a man – isn’t it strange? I think not!

But heart wounds will definitely be much smaller, and understanding of the partner will become deeper and more full!

  • Men are not trying to extend the relationship, where the explicit prospect is not planned. Met a girl, went on a date, something’s wrong – the guy will disappear and find another candidate in the Princess, and the girl will be six months to cry and reflect: what went wrong, why didn’t he call back?..
  • A man receives pleasure in the here and now. Kissing on a deserted beach under the moon? It’s great! And ask “will You marry me? What should we name our future kids?” not necessarily! Will be a wedding and kids, but now enjoy the kisses and the sound of the waves!
  • A real man is more ready to give than to take. He sometimes did not think about this ratio! So learn from men not to allow thoughts like “How did he come to a date without a bouquet, I last time allowed him to Pat yourself on the knee!?”.
  • Man hopes to re-educate the woman. If she stopped to hold him, and love is gone – man break relations. A woman in a similar situation can drag out a failed marriage for decades, in the hope that the man will change (of course, as a result of its beneficial effects!).

Learn how men see the world easier. Learn more to do what you want than what you need. Learn to get pleasure from what is happening now.

And your innate femininity are not going anywhere!

And, in the end, men also have a lot to learn from women!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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