How to learn to be silent?

“Oh, it was necessary to remain silent, well my tongue, then pulled…” sounds Familiar? No doubt – it happens to all of us! The ability to remain silent — almost talent!

But fortunately, this skill in itself can be developed by anyone. How to learn to be silent – the website will tell ““.

When to remain silent?

To understand how to learn more silence, you start to recognize the typical situations in which silence is gold! For example:

  • Source is wrong, but his wrongness in this matter may not cause you immediate harm. The mistakes of others – not your problem! Let people make their own mistakes, don’t start disputes and not to persuade – let it will be more expensive than your peace of mind!
  • You have a secret (your or someone else’s). Even if it is a very interesting story – better to keep silent about it!
  • You begin to Express my point of view, but the other person does not agree, is not going to adopt it and do the same as you. But you have your beliefs do not take away, you continue to have the right to do what I want.
  • The source ain’t listening, interrupts, gets distracted, it is likely that he is not interested in you to communicate. So why waste time on this conversation?
  • The interviewer wants to hear him out. The ability to listen (and to keep quiet, not interrupting!) – good manners.
  • You’re incompetent to discuss the question or your knowledge is clearly less than that of the interlocutors. Never be ashamed to admit that don’t know something, and just silently listen to what is said competent people.
  • The best tactic is silence or poddakivanija out of courtesy, if it is inadequate, aggressive, very roughness or a drunken man. Also to long monologues with authoritarian tone often tend the elderly – very elderly people is usually useless debate.
  • You are invited to participate in spletnyami, the discussion of unverified negative information about someone, etc. to listen to gossip’s possible, but silently.

How to learn to be silent – practical tips

However, sometimes it is – know that now is to remain silent, but… I can not help some words. So, we need to learn to be silent and listen. What is the secret? In control of your emotions!

If you really want to say something, even if the mind tells you that now this once – so the situation hurts you, you feel certain emotions. This is quite natural, and website is not calling you to be an emotionless block of wood!

It is about what your emotions need to be able to keep under control, and sometimes to hide from others. How to behave if you want to learn how to be silent?

  • Think about what you’re wiser and more prudent companion, who provokes you for a discussion or specific words. Wisdom is the ability to abandon unnecessary fights, and not all attempt to always argue!
  • Formulates the goal of a conversation. If the goal at any cost to convince the interlocutor is not present, then silence is the best way.
  • At the time of an unpleasant conversation, imagine the interviewee in some funny and ridiculous manner. For example, pompous boss – a fat cat with a sprat in his mouth, neighbor-gossip girl – Baba-Yaga with one tooth and a leg bone… Seriously debate exactly want!
  • If you have to listen to long-winded person who says something unnecessary and uninteresting to you, but to interrupt the conversation and walk away for some reason can not – try to ignore the content of the speech, and imagine the voice in the form of a sound. For example, more to hear the barking of a dog, smug bragging like quacking ducks…
  • The rule of “count to ten” is still relevant. Don’t go around telling everything that comes to mind, give yourself a few seconds to think and formulate thoughts. The result – you give up scoring 9 out of 10 thoughts. But if you want something made you will already be balanced!

And one more thing that can be motivating sometimes to keep silent: it is believed that if you learned to be silent means wiser!

Of course, this is not with all the people of the truth, but the fact remains: the ability to tactfully remain silent is regarded by others as a sign of wisdom and prudence!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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