How to learn to cook

“I have a problem — I don’t know how to cook. Recently my boyfriend asked me to make him something to eat. I said that the cook is bad, and refused. You tell me that you can prepare in haste for a guy? Nevadade”

Nevadade, the problem of inability to cook is a common thing for those who do not have to do. However, learning how to cook can each of us, and this requires two things: a desire to learn to cook — and the products ?

Today women’s site gives advice to all the girls who want to learn to cook.

How to learn to cook? Step # 1
Love the food!

Usually well prepared for those who love food — and not necessarily in the sense of to eat. The food is beautiful, food is the variety of flavors and shapes, food is art!

Cooking is the same creativity, but to cook something easy and beautiful, it is necessary to learn the basics. That is, you first need to learn how to cook the simplest dishes, and only when they get easy, move on to something more challenging.

There is one caveat: never cook in a bad mood! Not only is there a chance to overcook and oversalt the food — it can be so tasteless!

Therefore, before preparing food, tell yourself: “Now I will cook the most delicious pasta (or whatever that is?) in the world!” Sounds funny, but it helps ?

How to learn to cook? Step # 2
Look for motivation, inspiration

Many chefs, when preparing, experiencing waves of inspiration. But that was the inspiration to want to cook, need motivation!

Each of us is your secret motivation. Someone motivates hungry family, someone wants to upload pictures of the finished dish on the Internet, someone wants to surprise guests, someone was inspired by throwing in the kitchen Yulia Vysotskaya in the program “Cooking at home”. Perhaps You Nevadade will inspire the way Your guy extols Your meals ?

How to learn to cook? Step # 3
Don’t look to complicated cookbooks!

Now on the shelves of bookstores is full of various cookbooks. However, they can be great to confuse, if you can’t cook the simplest of meals.

99% of all cookbooks are created for those who already know how to cook well, and only 1% for beginners. However, such books can be found.

Of them my favorite is “cookbook girl”written by Darya Dontsova. In her recipes (really easy!) interspersed with tips, women’s wisdom, but it is just nice to read ? Perhaps You will find a more suitable book – just go to the bookstore and to look good!

How to learn to cook? Step # 4
Practice on simple dishes

Find in the book a recipe that you like the most. Let it be something so very simple – but a little more complicated pasta ? for Example, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, pancakes… And when this dish will get You a delicious, go to the next – and you can choose more difficult!

A signature recipe of my mom – fried potatoes. No garlic, no fat – just potatoes! But like her, I have not tasted anywhere else. My mom had a ton of potatoes to spoil before she learned how to make it a real masterpiece. Even fried potatoes there are many nuances ?

However, on the simple dishes and you can stay. Men are usually creatures are not too demanding, and something very difficult to ask You will not.

How to learn to cook? Step # 5

Having a little kitchen, you can slowly experiment with dishes. From real pros in the kitchen of a rigid framework in the recipes there! Be like a Pro, if you are sure that nothing will spoil. Sometimes recipes are born, which are then passed on from generation to generation!

The secret is the ability to cook is simple:
Match the tastes of Your men!

In fact, this is the secret of all secrets, the ability to cook. Even if You know how to cook 1001 dish, but none of them that loves Your man – You are doomed to failure!

As wrote one girl on the forum, even if the fridge is overloaded with food, but she’s not the one that likes Your man, he finds that the fridge is empty!!! And with the cooking.

Learn to cook his favorite meals and he is crazy about You!

Tastes men will help You to discover the power of observation. Notice what he orders in cafes and restaurants, which dishes praises at home mom that finds the most appetizing.

What you can prepare in haste for a guy?

If you believe the cookbooks “in haste” is somewhere in half an hour ? However, our men are so impatient that they want to see food on the table in 10 minutes. Moreover, it should be something with meat!

Here is invaluable meat products – sausages, burgers, wieners, ham, sausage… Fry eggs, sausage, throw into the pan the meatballs, cook the sausages and pasta, potatoes or buckwheat, add sauce, cut a simple salad – and Your man will be satiated and satisfied ?

Well, if Your guy is willing to wait longer, let it will help You a little to peel potatoes, wash vegetables for salad. Let him get used — not the same one You in the kitchen messing around!

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