How to learn to eat at home and at the restaurant?

It would seem, what difference, how you eat, and most importantly, what to eat. But recent research says that those who know how to eat nicely, be filled approximately one and a half times faster, regardless of what they eat.

And besides, such people feel confident in any situation, no matter where they were, even at the reception of the Royal persons! That’s about the etiquette of food and we’ll talk today on the women’s website

How nice to eat at home?

Of course, you know that at the table holding a knife in his right hand and the fork in the left. But how often do you follow etiquette, being at home? Hardly! Most likely, you do what you want, because nobody is watching.

But in matters of elegance eating to practice at home is very important.

  • Beautifully served table

As we said above, scientists have confirmed that those who eat beautifully and gracefully, much faster and consequently, eat less. Do not jump for food, initially set beautiful all the dishes and Cutlery on the table (by the way, the pan or the pan is not the place!).

How to learn to eat? Very simple: a table in advance, cover with a cloth napkin — it makes is neater and disciplinary you even more.

  • Use a knife and fork

How often do you ignore the knife, preferring to cut a cutlet or steak with a fork doesn’t bite off pieces with your teeth? Try at every meal to use a knife and fork, no matter what — even for vegetables or fruits on your plate.

  • Behave impeccably

Imagine that you are at some solemn feast or reception, where there is a lot of people. Hold back, do not put your elbows on the table, use a knife and fork, napkin, don’t talk with your mouth full, in a word, behave gracefully!

How nice to eat at a table in the restaurant?

But in the restaurant it can be far more complicated — here you really are surrounded by people, not fictional characters. And because you need to consider several important rules.

How to sit correctly?

You must keep your back straight, and feet — not to put each other. It should not be the impression that your back is attached to the stick, be free and graceful. Over the plate when you slightly lean, but not “poke his nose”.

How to hold hands?

Elbows may be placed on a table is taboo, high — can be put on top of the wrist if arms are very tired. By the way, paradoxically, when you eat, and one arm is free, it must not be under the table — it is considered a manifestation of bad taste. Put your wrist on the Desk or take a hand cloth, if nothing else to keep her busy.

How to use a napkin?

To learn to eat girl, you need to know not only how to move but also how to use napkins. Each participant of the feast is given a linen napkin — it must be put on the lap to protect clothing and hands and face with it wiping is not necessary, there are paper napkins.

How to complete the meal?

If you do nothing more to eat, put the knife and fork parallel to each other and place them across the plates so that the handle looked to the right and tip to left. It is a sign to the waiter that your plate can be carried out. If you just pause for food and want your plate remained in place, put the knife handle to the right. And the plug — in front, handle to the left (devices, therefore, are in working position).

To understand more about the intricacies of sitting at a table in the restaurant, female site found very useful information. Don’t know how to eat? The video below will show you what’s what!

How to eat certain dishes?

Even the most experienced experts of table etiquette don’t always know how to “behave” with a particular dish. That can be taken by hand, and that fork? As a spread on bread, oil and where to spit out the pits from fruits?

Below is the selection of the most “difficult” in terms of etiquette food and products that will tell you how to learn them nicely to eat.


Bread and rolls are passed out of the bins by hand on the plate, break off in pieces and placed in the mouth. Pies and pieces of pie, too, need to take hands, but here you can nibble on them pieces and not break off. If you put the sandwich on the plate yourself (for example, pate or caviar), it must have dining Cutlery knife and fork.

By the way, the pizza is the same hot sandwich, and it is also eaten with a knife and fork.

Vegetables and salads

How to learn to eat vegetables? Quite simply: if they were served whole, with a common dish in his hands, as if chopped, then with a fork. Salads put the spoon that is in the common plate.

Not allowed to overturn common bowl and pour salad on your dish.

Stuffed vegetables made to cut with a fork, but sometimes it’s difficult to do (for example, if the shell is stuffed pepper or aubergine too hard). Then you can take a butter knife and use it.


Large pieces of meat must be beautiful to eat using Cutlery — knife and fork. The whole piece not just cut into small pieces, cut one slice and send it in your mouth.

Chicken can be cut with a fork. Chicken Kiev need to pierce, to drained butter, and then each slice dipped in it.

The skewers must first be remove from the skewer (a fork or blunt side of a knife), and then there are, like any other meat.

The bird also eat with Cutlery and not with your hand, holding the bone as it is wrongly considered (with the exception of chickens tobacco and snack bars chicken wings, but then served a separate bowl of water for washing hands).


Fish is usually one of the most problematic-course in questions, as to learn to eat during the feast. It serves to separate devices it could be fork and knife, fork and shovel, two or one plug.

With a fork, it is necessary to separate the bones from the fish, and the other device (the second fork, knife or spatula) to hold the main piece on the plate, so he didn’t move. If plug one, you can hold the fish with a small slice of bread. When served a whole fish eat the whole of her upper spine, then remove it and set aside and proceed to the bottom.

Bones are placed on the same plate from which you eat. Crabs and shrimp you can eat with your hands (similar to chicken Tabaka and chicken wings), but for lobster and oysters served special devices.

So we finished our short educational program, which showed you how to eat nicely at the table. This, of course, not all possible details, but a trip to a restaurant, even “under the gun” and the comfort of neighbours, you definitely will be now!

Author – Tatiana Maltseva, site

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