How to learn to plan time?

Women’s website “” today will tell you how to learn to manage my time, and prove that one day you can manage so much more than you think. The result of this approach to life will be increased alertness, relaxation and, of course, the achievement of objectives.

We will explain what is the use of “life on track”, as a clear schedule of the day helps to achieve our goals, and how to make a to-do list?

Why plan your day?

Many believe drafting a to-do list is a waste of time, because they remember all you need to do. But such people usually do not have time and complain about the lack of hours in a day.

In fact, having a clear plan of action, all the time – as a wave of a magic wand.

What is the secret? But it is not. You aspire to execute business and go to the next item to quickly delete from the list. And the sense of satisfaction derived from the fact that you managed everything, and is incomparable.


To learn how to manage your time, prioritize things by their level of importance. Naturally, important or urgent it is desirable to do immediately.

But this raises the issue of individual biorhythms. So, if you work better in the morning, do not postpone important at the end of the day. If you feel a surge of strength and vigor just after lunch, in the morning no need to force yourself to perform important things, it is better to take smaller or urgent.

Do important things when they feel energized.

At the end of the day, analyze if you managed to perform all the things from the list. If you have carried out things marked “not important”, then the priorities are not right, an important case is too bulky. In this case, each large task, make a few tasks and do them one by one. recommends to perform at least one important thing per day. So you will make a great step toward learning how to plan working times, and the routine will make sense.

What style of planning to choose?

For a start, most convenient and least time-consuming. A piece of paper, notebook, computer program or smartphone app – the options are many.

The main thing – that you had to plan fast and permanent access.

It is not necessary to make a plan once a month or a year. Although this approach to your own life will certainly allow more than one dream and to achieve one global goal.

To learn to plan their work and personal time, start with a list for tomorrow. Important things can be split by days of the week, and every evening to add to the plan less important things to do tomorrow.

Get rid of time-killers

Sit in social networks, update instagram and read the news feed style of life incompatible with the effective planning time. To learn how to effectively manage your time, have to change their habits.How to remove from your life-time killers — read this article on the women’s website ““.

Use a special program that will allow you to calculate how much time you’re wasting on the Internet. This figure will impress you.

Experts recommend to allocate on the psychological rest for about five minutes every hour on the computer. This time we can dedicate that to see news from your friends. And by the way, do not have an hour to chat with a friend on the phone, only one of courtesy.

A large amount of time we take a trip to the transport, waiting in traffic jams or queues. If you want to learn how to plan your free time, be sure to at this time make a list of several small things: read literature, to learn some new foreign words, write a shopping plan or make a few minor calls.

And plan nice things

Person difficult to live on a schedule of for the reason that the plan wrongly associated exclusively with the process. In fact, you should write to the list and nice things, for example, to take a bath with essential oil, to go shopping, to meet friends or watch the final episode of the series.

So you will see that the plan includes items related to the personal life.

That schedule further

  • Be sure to make holiday plans: to learn to plan their evening means to relax after work.
  • Plan a self-education: read a book or see a British film in the original.
  • Bring in a list of visits to the gym or yoga class.
  • Experts say that apart from the main work, for the harmonious and comprehensive development of personality is enough for six additional cases a day. It can be sports, learning a foreign language, analysis of his life, thinking about the future, a new study in the professional sphere.

    And finally: it is not enough just to learn to plan time, it is important to start planned. Otherwise, your new skill will not be of any use!

    In the evening leave time to analyze what you have done and what is not. And after three weeks, you will notice that you have much more free time, and you can do much more.

    Author — Ekaterina Maximova, site

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