How to let go of a loved one?

If your life happened that you broke up with the beloved man, it is very hard to move on and get rid of attachment to this person. To be able to let go is as important as to be able to love! How to let go of a loved one – will tell women’s website

How to let go of a loved one from the heart?

The hardest part of the breakup is to cease to consider as its man. Many women, after parting with a man for a long time watching from the sidelines for his life, saying how it “mine” without me? Maybe he is bored, and decides to come back?.. This binding prevents to feel free and ready for a new relationship.

As the soul to let go of a loved one, to cease to consider it “his”?

There is an important point. Past relationships are, relatively speaking, finished and unfinished.

Fulfilling relationships – those in which two people by mutual consent decided to leave, said this to each other and really let each other go. Incomplete relations can be called such, in which something is left unsaid, unfinished – not forgiven resentment, unfulfilled desire, not the words spoken at the right time… it happens if one of the partners is leaving “on their own” — that is, the second feels abandoned. Or if people break up, but did not speak to each other until the end of all that is on your heart…

So try to end the relationship. How to forgive and let go of a loved one?

  • Tell your loved one that let him go, if he wants to leave. He’s not your property and that you respect his decision and sincerely wish him happiness.
  • Ask his forgiveness for my sharp words ever spoken, for some erroneous actions, his attitude, etc. If you will hear that the man is not holding that against you, you will be much easier.
  • If you have specific complaints and grievances – Express them. Not only common phrases “Oh, you scoundrel, how could I in you utrechtse!?”. Mention only the most “sick” to you specific points: you changed man, I forgot about your birthday, try to live at your expense, etc. If he wants to apologize, try to forgive. If no apology is still expressed resentment not so burdened as concealed.
  • Tell me about your feelings. If you still love say it, but add what you want to experience this feeling as soon as possible and to feel free.
  • If you think that’s appropriate and will be adequately perceived by a man – throw a farewell beautiful evening with a delicious dinner, or go to the restaurant. Can do the man any memorable gift. Of course, all this only if you break up amicably and by mutual consent. Of course, no sex. No accusations, complaints and accident pleading glance! Just a nice “point” in the relationship.

When you do, then you will be able to realize that you and him are not together, and not have to go back to that man and that relationship. This is the past, not to return, you need to let go of a loved one, even if has some feelings for him.

How to live without him?

How to forget and let go of a loved one? Usually in such cases it is advisable to spend more time in public, to communicate more, and don’t avoid new acquaintances. The Council is certainly correct.

But not all is the constant exposure to the public will bring relief for women-introverts excess of communication itself is tedious. And to be alone with his thoughts, not so bad – have the opportunity to feel like a separate whole person, to feel comfortable and independent stay in the world…

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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