How to lighten arm hair at home: peroxide, dye and folk remedies

The standards of female beauty are constantly changing. Some 15-20 years ago at the hair on my arms no one paid attention. Today, this small factor makes women feel embarrassed. Especially awkward ladies feel in the summer when it is impossible to hide forearm under long sleeves. In search of a solution to the problem of beauty put on a lot of cabin and home experiments. How to lighten arm hair at home painlessly and efficiently?

Olga Pavlenok 18 Aug 2017575

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  • 1 How to lighten the hair on my arms and other parts of the body: means on the basis of peroxide
    • 1.1 soda and ammonia
    • 1.2 With shaving foam
    • 1.3 With lanolin and vaseline
    • 1.4 toothpaste
    • 1.5 gidroperita
  • 2 a Selection of popular recipes
    • 2.1 Lemon
    • 2.2 Daisy
    • 2.3 Mullerova clay
    • 2.4 Honey and cinnamon
  • 3 Clarification of paint
  • 4 How to avoid irritation
  • 5 Reviews: “Everything came out 30 rubles and will last for six months”

Radical methods that provide complete or long-term disposal of vegetation, not suitable for everyone, and are expensive. In addition, they, for the most part, painful. Shaving and depilatory creams — is not the answer, because their hair is darker and thicker. The best option is bleaching. After the treatment the hairs become practically invisible. This approach has four advantages.

  • Accessibility. Brightening means, for the most part, are quite inexpensive. Many are in the Cabinet or in the kitchen.
  • Painless. A slight tingling sensation, which is possible during application of the composition, does not compare to the pain of epilation.
  • Durability. The effect of the procedure persists for almost a month until they start the natural process of hair renovation.
  • The effect in the future. Brighteners contribute to the gradual thinning and thinning hair.
  • How to lighten arm hair and other parts of the body: means on the basis of peroxide

    The easiest way to bleach the hair on my arms and face with hydrogen peroxide. Quite a few times a week to wipe the problem areas of pharmacy means that in five to ten sessions, the hair is light and almost invisible on the skin. But with thick or very dark “vegetation” peroxide can not cope. Will have to strengthen its other components.

    With soda and ammonia

    You will need:

    • tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide;
    • the same warm water;
    • teaspoon of ammonia;
    • the same amount of baking soda.

    Method of application

  • Combine all of the ingredients.
  • Spread on the skin.
  • Depending on the color and thickness of hair, the procedure time can vary from 25 to 30 minutes.
  • Rinse with cold water.
  • After application may feel tingling. If the discomfort continues for more than five minutes or starts to increase, immediately rinse.With shaving foam

    You will need:

    • hydrogen peroxide;
    • the same amount of shaving foam.

    Method of application

  • Mix the components until smooth.
  • Apply on problem areas.
  • After complete drying of the rinse composition.
  • With lanolin and vaseline

    You will need:

    • ten drops of hydrogen peroxide;
    • three drops of ammonia;
    • teaspoon of shampoo (preferably sulfate-free);
    • half a teaspoon of vaseline;
    • the same lanolin.

    Method of application

  • Mix all components until smooth.
  • The obtained whitening cream apply on the problem area.
  • Wait a quarter of an hour, letting the product dry on the skin.
  • Rinse with warm water.
  • Cream with a rich texture helps to safely and effectively lighten hair on your face. For hands and feet vaseline and lanolin is optional. These components can be proportionally replaced by liquid soap or shampoo.Toothpaste

    You will need:

    • a couple tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide;
    • the same toothpaste.

    Method of application

  • Mix components.
  • Apply on areas with excess “vegetation”.
  • A quarter of an hour, remove with a sponge and rinse with water.
  • Judging by the reviews, best with a task to cope lightening whitening toothpaste. Choose tools without the menthol. This component can enhance itching and burning.With gidroperita

    You will need:

    • three tablets gidroperita;
    • tablespoon water (preferably boiled or distilled);
    • half a teaspoon of ammonia;
    • a couple tablespoons of shaving foam.

    Method of application

  • Mash the pills into powder and mix with the remaining ingredients.
  • When the particles of the peroxide is completely dissolved, put on clean, dry skin.
  • A quarter of an hour rinse.
  • Gidroperit — tablets consisting of hydrogen peroxide and urea. The last component enhances the bleaching effect and helps thinning hair.A selection of popular recipes

    In search of ways on how to bleach arm hair at home, do not pass by people’s recipes. Natural remedies are much milder than the peroxide or paint. Of course, the effect will have to wait longer, but the harm for the skin will be much less.


    Features. To lighten arm hair with lemon if they are soft enough and not too dark. The main condition for the application of the methodology — the lack of allergies to citrus fruits, as the lemon is the only ingredient in the recipe.

    Method of application

  • Squeeze juice from lemon and pour it in a container with lid to store in refrigerator between treatments.
  • With the help of a cotton pad or brush, apply the liquid on affected areas.
  • Substitute your hands under the sun and soak for half an hour. If the weather is cloudy, or you need clarification in the cold season, the duration increases to hours.
  • As the liquid will dry up, repeat the treatment.
  • Wash skin with plenty of cold water.
  • If you want to lighten up dark and hard hair on the legs, lemon will not be enough. Add to the juice an equal amount of Apple cider vinegar and the procedure time will reduce to 20 minutes.Daisy

    Features. To lighten the arm hair alone will help chamomile. After a week of daily treatments, you will notice that it was gone a couple of shades.

    You will need:

    • two tablespoons of dried chamomile;
    • Cup of boiling water;
    • tablespoon of glycerin.

    Method of application

  • Superelite chamomile in boiling water for three hours.
  • Camomile tea is ready, strain and mix with glycerin.
  • Apply it on the skin and leave on for about an hour.
  • Rinse with cold or lukewarm water.
  • Strong lightening properties has not only chamomile, and calendula. To enhance the effect of infusion, adjust the recipe, adding a spoonful of dry “nails”.Mullerova clay

    Features. Mullerova clay is a greenish-brown powder with a high content of copper and iron. The tool is remarkable for its disinfectant and regenerative properties that allows it to be used on problem skin.

    You will need:

    • teaspoon of clay;
    • the same amount of water;
    • five or six drops of ammonia.

    Method of application

  • Mix all the ingredients to a pulp. If the mass is too thick, add more water, and if liquid — clay.
  • Spread the composition on cleaned skin and leave on for ten minutes.
  • Wipe off the dried clay with a wet sponge and rinse thoroughly under running water.
  • Honey and cinnamon

    Features. Honey and cinnamon have lightening properties. In combination they work synergistically with each other. In order to achieve results, you will need five to ten treatments with an interval of one to two days.

    You will need:

    • a half Cup of honey;
    • three tablespoons of cinnamon;
    • tablespoon of hair conditioner or hand cream.

    Method of application

  • Cream, cinnamon, and honey until well blended.
  • Spread evenly over the skin to make sure it completely covered the hair.
  • After half an hour rinse.
  • Before how to lighten hair on legs, arms or face, make sure you are not allergic to the components of the composition. Lubricate with a mixture of your wrist and wait ten minutes. Itching, burning or redness are contraindications to the use of funds.Lightening paint

    Bright hair dye may be used for bleaching “vegetation” on the body. But such experiments involve a risk simply to burn the skin. So you need to follow three key rules.

  • Cooking. Before you mix the oxidizer with the paint, dilute it with an equal amount of water.
  • Time. The coloring composition can not be kept on the skin for longer than quarter of an hour.
  • Taboo. The delicate skin of the face, underarms and bikini area it is strictly forbidden to apply the hair dye.
  • How to avoid irritation

    In the processing of hair on the arms, legs, or face lightener is sure to be in contact with the skin. Even if you have healthy epidermis, prone to irritations, chemical reaction will be consequences. Often marked by redness, a burning sensation, itching and even a rash. There are three tips that will help you to avoid these troubles.

  • Rinse the skin. This should be done with cool water and baby soap. In no case do not RUB your skin with a loofah.
  • Moisten the epidermis. Clean skin oil baby cream or vegetable oil.
  • Hide from the sun. At least a couple of hours not expose treated areas of the body under the ultraviolet rays. It is best to apply it before going to sleep that night the skin has time to recover.
  • If you want to safely and efficiently lighten hair on the face and hands, start to act in winter, when skin is not exposed to ultraviolet light. With regular procedures, to the next warm season hair will be much thinner and less.

    The human body has more than 5 million hair. Due to genetic or hormonal reasons they are often hard and dark. Beauty complex about unwanted “vegetation.” This is not surprising, because since ancient times to the present day and the girl’s smooth skin is a subject of admiration. Because of its high cost and the pain of radical methods of dealing with hair scaring off the ladies. The problem can be solved, knowing how to bleach hair on legs, arms and face.

    Reviews: “Everything came out 30 rubles and will last for six months”

    I was a fool to remove hair on hands cream the epilator even though they was small and light, and now has grown dlyanny and stick, then became a epilator to remove, somewhere about 2 years..grow up quickly, I decided to lighten the color.. blandiana buy in stores for professional salons.. disadvantages — hair Shine, grow in a week the dark… don’t know why you can see the tip breaks off from the paint, so hair starts to grow.. of the benefits – lightens, becomes thinner. Now I think to make a photoepilation.. maybe even shorter, they will be less often Yes)))


    Girls, I tried lightening White henna! Not to pinched and not dried — greased legs oil Johnson before painting. Held 7-10 minutes, it stinks terribly!! Very pleased with the result:) the Hair is vyvalilis, and became transparent. Skin lighten quite a bit, although I have experienced. I will now this procedure is carried out TO the Solarium.


    Buy at the pharmacy chamomile (dry). For half a box of chamomile take a glass of water, and brewed for 4 minutes, to insist should be about 30 minutes. It turns out the mush, Here it is and should be applied to the hair on the hands, cover with plastic and top with a towel. Leave the mixture on the hands for 2 hours. Then wash off. Daisy acts very carefully, irritation never. With regular use of chamomile for lightening hair on arms √ effect deserves praise. However, once the white hairs you will not get, at first the color will be Golden, and eventually the hair will turn white. The use of chamomile to lighten very comfortable in the summer, when the sun has its brightening effect in combination with this plant. Besides in the summer the use of chemical methods is very dry skin.


    The problem is the antennae on the upper lip bothers me for a long time. In summer, they fade and become invisible, but from the middle of winter to the first sun they become dark and very noticeable on pale skin. Initially I plucked them with tweezers, but they began to grow even darker. And although they have been a bit thin, tweeze them had more and more often. Reviews of girls on the lightening of unwanted hair on this website interested me. Knowing that there are two options: lightening hair dye or homemade mixture of peroxide, Amica and shaving foam, I chose the first — afraid to make a mistake in the proportions of improvised means.

    Chose Cream paint Pallete of tones E 20 “Brightening”. One time of application I had poljubaca paint, palakona clarifier and one of the two bags blond-activator. Ie pack paint is enough for 2 uses. Mix well and caused the mixture to unwanted hair on the legs above the knees, and a mustache above the lip.

    According to the instructions on the hair mixture lasts 30-45 minutes, but for the body of course it very much. After 10 minutes in the applied areas of paint began to sting and itch, so on the face paint, I washed immediately, after 10 minutes, and my legs to hold her for another 5 minutes, after a total of 15 minutes. As a result of the face the hairs are completely faded and became invisible, and on his feet, too vysvetlilas, but even 5 minutes next time will add for the best result.

    To allergies I do not have the inclination, but on the face redness of the skin at the site of application of paint, after forty minutes it was completely gone. The legs are not red, and in places the paint skin is a little pale, but this effect is too fast. Also the touch bleached hair became thinner. I am completely satisfied with this procedure, unwanted hairs become colorless and almost invisible.

    Of course, for coarse and thick hairs such as in the area below the knees or armpits this method is not suitable as walking and feet overgrown with thick white hair is not an option. But for other places where hair is often thinner and will regularly carry out such a procedure. Also, this procedure is not suitable for people with various allergic reactions on the chemical composition of the paint.


    Clarified by the hair on the upper lip. my skin is very light, and even thin hairs, but dark. looks bad. 1 raskrucheny tab. peroxide+ a little hydrogen peroxide(to cover tablet)+a few drops Nashat. alcohol — linked in a ceramic Cup, stir, add a little shaving foam. kept on the face for 10 minutes. first hell much. washed away — super hairs are only in my childhood was:)previously, it was removed with wax, but that’s the problem: have to wait for the grow back. if you just wipe clean with a peroxide, the effect in my case and after several days was not. laser and photoepilation disappear because we have in a small town, confidence in the existing cabin there, and it’s not for my paycheck. and so it came out to 30 rubles and will last for six months.


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