How to live with a gamer, how to cure him of his gambling addiction

If lately you are often “enjoy” a view of the back of the head playing computer games, husband, women’s website “” will help to turn the situation 180 degrees. Today our article is about how to live with a gamer.

We will explain what is the main risk of gambling, why not calmly tolerate the existing relationship between you, your favourite humans and computers, and also on how to get her husband into reality.

From the outside, it would seem that the situation is perfect: a man doesn’t spend time with friends, go to the sauna or to the stadium drives by car or motorcycle through the city, hasn’t lost huge sums gambling. He free time is at home, sitting at a favorite computer, as they say, below the grass, quiet as a mouse.

The reality is much worse. Wife real gamers complain not only about the lack of basic attention of the second half, but ignoring household chores, and in particularly difficult cases – a strolling husband works with the subsequent dismissal.

Psychologists say that addiction to computer games very seriously affects the human psyche. And the virtual absence of man at home, and refusal to participate in family Affairs is one of the few that you might face.

Doctors say that prolonged and uncontrolled passion for computer games can lead to mental disorders, emotional outbursts, uncontrollable aggression.

He, you and the computer: how to live with a gamer?

Of course, if you just prevent the crackling of the mouse or keyboard at night, you can send a man with a laptop to play in the kitchen.

If you are worried about the health of your loved one, you notice that his eyes are becoming redder, skin color pale, shave it became once a week, and, while in reality, experiencing lethargy, falls asleep on the move and counting the minutes until the return of the computer, you should try to snatch it from the clutches of virtual gambling.

So as to live peacefully alongside the gamer – it is very nervous, recommends remember what exactly you should not do:

  • to create a scandal
  • to say that he behaves like a child
  • to prevent a play
  • to put ultimatums
  • and even more to smash expensive electronics

How to live with an avid gamer? In periods of enlightenment!

Experienced gamers claim that it is impossible to stop playing – you can only “recover”, and also note that in the life of every player, there are periods of “binge” – to play, not noticing anything around, while the new game will not be completed until the end.

In “moments of enlightenment” beloved get fresh air, meet friends, make joint Cycling, etc.

Do what he loves. Perhaps during the next “binge” he doesn’t want to play so much time as before.

Wedge wedge

Use this method if you sick as hell that my husband absolutely does not participate in the household, and you’re doing it all.

Find yourself a hobby that will include you head, and let you don’t care about unprepared dinner or a mess in the apartment.

This method can work, if the boyfriend once in a while “falls” into reality and notice the changes. A true gamer is able to eat only coffee and dumplings, and scattered around the room things did not notice, because it rarely moves around the room.

How to live with a real gamer: husband and wife – one of World of Warcraft

Try to show interest in his hobby. Do your favorite thing, for example, needlework or create a manicure near a computer during the game, follow the plot, interested in the intricacies of the game. This will help not to break the delicate thread connecting your husband with the real world.

Unable to try myself, but run the risk of Contracting the same disease that was going to be treated, especially in the case of online gaming. Although there are cases when the wife, starting to play the same game as the husband, slowly pulled him from the depths of the game.


After living with passionate gamer became unbearable, will have to compromise: let the time at which he can safely play, will be limited (from and to). If a man loves you, he’ll go for it.

Or how about this compromise: in the game, he can take only when you went to dinner, made an urgent things around the house, the baby went to sleep etc.

Show any weakness…

Show that you without can’t do, often turn to him for help even that I can do myself.

Let him feel its necessity and indispensability.

… and wait

It is possible that gambling will pass by itself. Period of fanaticism, according to former players, can last up to three years.

If you’re lucky, your loved one may simply “outgrow” the love of computer games and at one point will lose interest in them.

Is to say that any of the above tips on how to live with a gamer – not a panacea. Each dependent needs a special approach, and only you know best what will work for the person you love.

Show maximum patience, do not fret and soon you’ll get his return from the virtual world into our three dimensional reality.

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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