How to live with a workaholic: treat her husband the Manager syndrome just wrote about the importance of recreation in the life of every working person. Because the only way life can be achieved harmony. However, social stereotypes have led to the emergence of such a thing as “workaholism”. This dependence is “decimated”, both men and women. Today we will tell you what to do if you love to work or trumania took possession of your loved one. How to live with a workaholic and return it to the family?

Why workaholism is more prone to men? Because it is decided by the society: the husband should work and earn money.

Therefore, among the most important priorities of the men’s professional achievements, but not family values. That is why women’s workaholism condemned, and men welcome.

You also initially supported him when he got a new job, protected it from other concerns, rejoiced in his successes, empathized with the failures, and agreed that “this is a very important period, we need to show our best”. But this period was long, and you’re just tired to wait for that moment when all is quiet and you can begin to relax on weekends and holidays, a vacation or just go somewhere in the evening together with her husband.

Most women, faced with the same problem, I don’t understand how you can live a normal life with a workaholic.

An escape from the personal life

Not always workaholism is associated with a lot of love for their profession.

Workaholics often “escape” to work, trying to distract myself from family problems, a sense of competence, usefulness, and indispensability.

So to start with, I think that started earlier, the permanent loss of her husband at work or conflicts on any grounds. In the second case, to correct the situation will be easier.

Whatever the causes of workaholism, its symptoms are the same:

  • You almost can’t see his house. Extracurricular working time even on weekends and holidays. He forgets about plans for the weekend and just put before the fact: “Saturday and Sunday I need to go to the office.”
  • He has several times promised to change the situation – when I do the next increase, renting annual report, or finish the next project. But it has remained promises, and you, as before, continue to live with a workaholic.
  • It is much more interesting to talk about workthan about Hobbies, news, home and even your plans for the future.
  • He is difficult to refuse from work in their free time.
  • The sense of responsibility he has only to work. Household chores, parenting, your relationship is fighting chance.

How to live with a workaholic: begin to act

If you are tired of the void created from the lack of husband in your life, you feel that such a life does not suit you, then it’s time to take action:

  • First of all, it is not necessary to interfere and complain, otherwise, it’s a vicious circle, and the husband will continue to seek refuge from family problems at work. It is better to create such conditions at hometo her husband every day I wanted to go back there.
  • Communicated to him that “bright future” for which he strives, of course, is good, but his health is much more important for you. Tell him about the “Manager syndrome”. Click on the logic: without proper rest, he will not be able to work effectively.
  • The work is a kind of comfort zone for the workaholic. Let him know that time with family, leisure, household duties – it work too. Let him feel needed in these areas. Is the “fulfillment of duty” over time, gradually become his natural behavior.
  • So as to learn to live with a workaholic difficult advises to include fantasy. Do family responsibilities creative and try to involve her husband. For example, don’t just ask me to nail a shelf, and ask his opinion: you think the will look good bookshelf? More counsel with him, and not just enumerate the list of things he must do.
  • Well knowing my husband, you’ll probably be able to figure out what to offer him instead of work, so he wanted to spend time with you at home or outside. Do not impose what you want to go to the cinema or for a walk. Think about it, what would you like to do it.
  • And these actions do not greatly tighten: workaholism as quickly leads to conflict within the family as to disease – depression, heart attack, problems with blood pressure.He is also a professional is fraught with burnout.

    How, in fact, the lack of harmony, which was discussed in the beginning of this article – when one or more of the sides of our multifaceted existence remains overlooked.

    Therefore, real workaholics are often so unhappy.

    So, examining tips on how to live with a workaholic, apply them in practice and make a loved one’s life better, brighter and happier!

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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