How to look beautiful without makeup?

Many girls feel without makeup like without clothes. Women’s website “” hastens to remind the ladies that the appearance given to them by nature, and cosmetics intended only to emphasize the natural beauty.

But the rejection of cosmetics can be caused not only by the unwillingness to spend a lot of time in front of a mirror, but a necessity to protect your skin from the harmful effects of chemicals. Look good without makeup can and without decorative tools — just need proper care.

How to look beautiful without makeup?

Recently the popularity of this type of makeup Nude. Its feature – avoiding the use of bright, visible decorative means and underline natural beauty. But even he’s not harmless because it requires the application of a tonal framework (alignment tone), powder (to remove Shine), sometimes mascara (to pay attention to eyelashes).

We will talk about how to look beautiful using only skincare.

To look beautiful without makeup, you have such a feel. Be prepared that the first time you, as the people from your close environment, it would be unusual to see you without “decorations”.

“After I removed the lashes and stopped using lipstick, I have to ask, well if I feel. Everyone thought that in my life something bad happened or I’m depressed, time has ceased to follow him. And I am just beginning to do this.” Julia, 27 years.

To not only look well-groomed without makeup, but also to love herself the way you did for the outdoors, you will need time. To speed up this process, make a purchase in the store cosmetics, but in the Department of decorative — or foot, we need only the skin. Store in a list:

  • Tool for cleansing the face. Select the most gentle tool, which will not dry up the skin – for example, micellar water, hydrophilic oil, milk.
  • Tonic. After washing, the skin needs freshening up. Tonic can help get rid of skin fat and the remaining on the face of the product for washing. Quality toner should not contain alcohol.
  • Moisturizer. Composed of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, collagen, polyunsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients. Some products protect against UV radiation. Due to the presence of antioxidants moisturizers slow the aging process.
  • Scrub or peeling. Removes dead skin cells, deeply cleanses the skin. It should be used 1-2 times a week. Apply masks, creams, serums need it after peeling, when the skin is more receptive to their components.
  • Mask. There are a large number of masks with different purposes (rejuvenation, hydration, nutrition). Best to start with a cleansing mask.
  • Serum. This format of presenting useful components is considered the most effective. Autumn and summer is better to use serum water-based, and in the spring and summer, go to oil.

Learning to use all these tools, you will always look beautiful without makeup. But before you go to the “heavy artillery”, you need to learn the basics.

Beautiful without makeup and cost

To look good, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money. A significant contribution to its attractiveness you can do without resorting to shopping.

  • Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. Note that we are talking about water, not tea, juice or other beverage. The correct water balance promotes healthy-looking skin.
  • Get enough sleep. You do not need to cover up circles under your eyes, if they simply will not. Besides, you will not feel like a squeezed lemon, but the fatigue first affects the appearance.
  • Be careful what you eat. Improper diet can affect the face in the form of skin laxity, its unnatural hue of acne.
  • Drink vitamins. Important not only the external care of the skin, but also fight for the beauty inside. Vitamins a and C, zinc, selenium, silicon affect the look of your hair, nails and skin.
  • Work out or sit on a diet. Losing weight, you change not only the shape but also the face. For example, moon-faced girls become elegant oval. Fuller cheeks can hide beautiful aristocratic cheekbones.

All of these tips may seem trivial, but the majority forgets them, or remembers, but does not use, thinking that they are crap.

Meanwhile, following these simple rules, you can be beautiful without makeup.

“Started to use concealer because of acne. There were a scattering on his chin, the red bumps grew on his forehead. I tried to cover up with Foundation have not yet figured out what their reason is in the packaged coffee, which I drank every day in large quantities. Apparently allergic or intolerant to any ingredient. Switched to natural, I bought in a drugstore vitamins and dumped toner”. Yana, 24 years old.

How to be beautiful without makeup: tricks

We use cosmetics to correct any deficiency. Not enough plump lips, short eyelashes or Shine spoil our lives. will tell you how to look beautiful without makeup.

Remove Shine from the face

Once a week do a clay mask for oily skin. Wipe the skin with lemon juice or a slice of citrus.

To overcome the Shine helps liquid soap, mixed with baking soda.

Copes with this problem of frozen leaf aloe.

Get lush lashes

Eyelashes are the same hair care needs similar mask of castor oil, massage the eyelids to stimulate growth, compresses of herbs (calendula, mother and stepmother, chamomile, etc.).

If you are willing to pay attention to your appearance, you can try to apply is mascara oil mixture. It will make an interesting accent on the eyes and will allow you to look good without makeup.

Read more about how to grow eyelashes, read another article on the “Beautiful and Successful”.

Do not leave without attention the lips

They too require massage. Make it can ordinary toothbrush. Lipstick after frequent use to “steal” the natural color of the lips, so it is better to use them instead of their natural balms that will beautifully Shine and benefit.

Ideal for lips – coconut oil. It will make lips soft, helps prevent cracks.

Watch the hair

It is important that your hair has always been fine! So do not be lazy to care for them and in a timely manner to solve problems. For example, many people buy in a drugstore vitamins a, E And D and added to a tube of shampoo — a vitamin complex promotes growth. If you dream of thick hair, use castor or burdock oil, do massage with a touch of cedar.

The right hairstyle might also place the emphasis on different parts of the face, emphasizing its natural beauty.

“Think about the refusal from morning makeup made the move and began to live far from work and just don’t have time to paint. But I decided not to resort to drastic failure, everything is done gradually. First “left” the shadow, then lipstick, followed by mascara. The hardest thing was to abandon this Foundation, as I didn’t like my complexion. Helped the mask of yogurt and cucumber wiping three times a week. Today I do not wear makeup and are beautiful without makeup!”.

With our tips, you will realize how easy it is to be beautiful without makeup, will have healthy skin and a bit of free time.

Author – Lydia Karant, site

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