How to look like a model?

Today women’s site “” a little to slightly open for you a door into the world of high fashion. I guess every girl once in my life asked this burning question: “How to look like a model?”.

After reading this article, you will understand that “cover girl” eat hearts for dinner and take a bath of champagne to look fresh and beautiful. But about all under the order.

So how to look like a model?

Let’s see what is the appearance of a top model. Take a closer look to the world – class stars Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bundchen, Kara Delevin…

Healthy glowing skin, shapely, toned figures, shiny hair – even on the way to the bakery, each of them will look radiant and stunning.

So what’s the secret? We select a few key items that will help any Cinderella look like a top model.


The endless flights, lack of sleep and nerves – all this behind the scenes. In fact, the skin of the models is subjected to much larger tests than the skin of mere mortals. However, many beauty outside the runway of life prefer to do light makeup or no makeup on. And in spite of all harmful factors, the skin models still continues to Shine.

Now, we will not open America, and you will be surprised that these ethereal beauty do not use masks with cuttlefish ink or cream with gold particles. So, drum roll! The secret is extremely simple:

  • Cleansing

Definitely in the morning and evening, even if you do not use decorative cosmetics, the face should be cleaned. A couple of times a week would be nice to use a scrub or peeling.

  • Hydration

Also twice a day our skin needs hydration. Use a favorite moisturizer or hydrophilic oil. In addition, the use of thermal water during the day.

  • Food

Take vitamins without consulting your physician. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Use a hydrating mask at least once a week.

  • Water

This item seems to be the ass already. But if every day you say to yourself: “I Want to look like a model”, repeat this law as the mantra of the day drink at least 2 liters of plain water.

Yes, these are the 4 postulates, thanks to which the skin will literally glow from the inside. Then you can give up, pouting lips and say that it’s not working. But remember, when last time do you carefully follow these simple instructions. That’s just the same.


The days when young ladies were blown away by the wind from the podium are long gone. So let’s not exhaust yourself by fasting, even if you want to look like a top model Kate moss. Take the example of the “angels” Victoria’s Secret on their tanned body with curvaceous pleasure to watch. It is time to say farewell to the “heroin chic”.

Today health trend.

So, these are the three pillars that support models in the form of:

  • A proper healthy diet

Meals should be balanced, frequent and small portions.

  • A set of exercises

The motto “healthy body, healthy mind” has not been canceled. Daily morning exercise or Jogging will be a great help on your way to a perfect appearance, even if you don’t have the time nor money for a gym and personal trainer.

  • Healthy diets

For example, many models are vegetarians.

As you can see, no magic pills and miracle potions. Magic here is not observed. Only persistence and a healthy attitude will help you keep your body in good shape.


The first thing that comes to mind when you thought “I want to look like a model” — clothes.

On the podium you can find anything – an abundance of rhinestones, feathers, bizarre forms and colors…

But in real life models prefer a quiet, flashy outfits. Do not forget that “casual” does not mean “not period features”. Cover girl simply must have good taste.

What can you wear that others have decided that you just stepped off the catwalk? We present to your attention 5 basic things top model! And, Yes, again you all already know.

  • Little black dress

As bequeathed to Coco Chanel, little black dress will help you out in any situation completely.

  • Shoes

Different patterns and colors from basic to bright. High heel shoes is one of the most important women’s secrets of beauty and style.

  • Beautiful lingerie

“It is not visible!”, — you exclaim. Yes, you are right, but there is one person who knows what underwear you’re wearing, and that person is you.

Do you feel confident in “Granny pants” as in underwear? About that speech.

  • The perfect pair of jeans

They are difficult to find and impossible to forget. Will take a long time to find the ideal setting for you jeans. However, if you still manage to find suitable, you will look like a top model, just wearing only that item of clothing and nothing more.

  • White or black basic tops or pullovers

Always needed and go with everything. You can always dilute the conciseness of these models is the appropriate accessory, and here you are out of the “employee of the month” has turned into a club diva, just changing the chain on a necklace.


If you think all models are stupid binge, you are sadly mistaken. Every day they have to deal with different people, make new acquaintances and contacts. With them should be interesting.

Did you know that Cindy Crawford is a chemical engineer by education, Iman speaks five languages, tyra banks graduated from Harvard business school, and Lily Cole graduated from Cambridge with honors?

As you can see, these girls not only have beauty and charisma, but certainly they have something to discuss. “Don’t have to finish the world famous Universities, and to take costly courses to look like a model”, you will object.

Yes, but self-development is an integral part of the success of any woman. Intelligence always gives himself a special mark on his face and a gleam in his eyes.

Read books, watch art-house, draw, learn Swahili – all of this will only be a plus towards the desired image.

Many often wonder about what exactly models really are. After analyzing all the above, we will see a slim healthy smiling girl. Believe me, be can you.

Just put a little more effort and you can be sure the wonders you create for yourself! ?

The author – Marina Polakovic, site

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