How to look older than their years?

Sometimes you want to look more solid and older. In these cases, the women’s website “” recommends that you change your wardrobe or to resort to the help of cosmetics. Today we’ll show you how to look older with the easiest ways.

How to look older than his years, changing closet?

Have you noticed that some things are able to correct the shape?

White adds shape and black contrast, makes slimmer. So, clothing can affect age, at least visually, to make us older.

Wear heel

Heel – this is what childhood dream girl, with envy looking at your mother’s shoes. I want to quickly grow up and try them on.

Wearing high heeled shoes, you become not only higher, but a little older. Properly fitted shoes, boots or sandals – it is a sign of maturity. But there are a few caveats:

  • Heel height should be such that you could walk in the shoes without straining, smoothly and without “free vacillations”.
  • Start wearing high heel adolescence dangerous, it contributes to the development of scoliosis and other problems with posture.
  • Before you wear shoes with high heels, think about where you have to walk in them. If your profession involves high activity, you may need to change shoes or shoes with a low block heel.
  • Avoid platforms, especially if we are talking about sneakers on the platform and tractor sole is a part of youth style, which you are trying to avoid.
  • Shoes with a narrow toe look is elegant, feminine and grown-up: they should stop your choice.

Change the style of clothing

If before the closet was dominated by shirts and t-shirts, now give preference to blouses and pretty camisoles.

It is better to choose clothes made of natural fabrics: cotton, cashmere, linen, denim. When you start to pay attention to the tissues and not just in their style and colors, you do get older and bigger, and look good.

The classic style of clothing adds years, while the casual design diminishes.

Refrain from funny prints

Cartoon characters, images of animals and even funny decals add maligawatte, but the classic patterns (stripes, polka dots, etc.) seem solid.

The value has a color. If you wondered how you can look older, you should choose vibrant colors and no pastels.

Things that need to get out of your closet:

  • Short skirts and shorts;
  • Clothing with logos and prints;
  • Tight pants, jeans, Afghani, or as they are called in the vernacular, pants “to bunt”;
  • Baseball caps;
  • Mikey.

Things that should be in your closet:

  • Skirts MIDI and Maxi;
  • Classic solid color dresses;
  • Silk or chiffon blouse;
  • Cashmere or wool sweaters;
  • Strict classic-cut trousers.

How to look older: make-up

Female site tell me how using makeup, to add to his year.


Look a few years older will help dark skin tone. To achieve this better with a tan, bronzers or bronzer, not Foundation.

After all, if you’re using a dark concealer, it shows the difference between the color of the face and neck! With ultraviolet light is also not so simple: makes us older, only much darkened from the sun face.

So bronzing powder is ideal.

Thin angular eyebrows

Wide eyebrows – the prerogative of the young, with age they become thinner. Do not overdo it with the weights. Avoid rounded, giving preference to angular.

A “hard” bend will give your young girlish face power and some measure of masculinity.

Matte shadow

Matte shadow will also help to look older than the girl, especially good for this purpose brown. Contributes to the artificial “growing up” and eyeliner.

You can sum up as the whole eye top and bottom, and to dwell only on the corners. But beware, if you are the owner of small and deep-set eyes: pencil tends to make them even smaller.


Pick dark tones of lipstick: fine wine, brown, red, eggplant. Avoid lip gloss and glossy lipsticks — they are young. A clear outline of the edges of the lips will help to look older.

The sculpture of the face

High cheekbones are associated with femininity, severity, aristocracy. All this inherent in Mature women. To shade them visually will help blusher – light beige, reddish, brown.

There is a big difference between how to look older than their age, and how to add unwanted years. Makeup should be natural. Excessive opacity, brightness, more the amount of Foundation they age, and do not decorate.

How to look older: hair

Refrain from long, straight bangs that cover the eyebrows. Instead get a long, combed to the side, or completely get rid of the bangs.

Although it is believed that short hair adds age, naughty strands are unlikely to help your maturity. Better to stay on the classic Bob or Bob-Bob. Always care for hair, wash them in time, do not neglect the styling.

In a bun or ponytail curls make younger, but the loose − lend a touch of elegance.

Through these techniques you’ll seem older than his age, but not older!

Author – Lydia Karant, site

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