How to look spectacular?

Answers to this question are thousands, if not millions! Books, movies, fashion magazines and sites, as well as celebrities, bloggers, designers, stylists – all have something to suggest and advise! And how to understand this sea of opinion?

Original women’s website “” offers General principles – how to look spectacular regardless of your chosen style of clothing!

A few rules effective image

Look impressive and expensive – like this? Try to understand!

  • Glamorous woman snatching a glance among all the others, it remains in memory! At it I want to watch!
  • An attractive woman is perceived beautiful. Not necessarily this glossy beauty! But this is the beauty that is interesting – I want to watch longer and unravel the secret of why this woman is so impressive?
  • A striking woman looks (and dresses) at your age. It is not considered as “pretended to be young” or rather, seeking to “grow up”.
  • Her image carries a specific idea has a certain character. It is unmistakable what it is today, which wants to show himself to the audience – active, creative, sexual, emotional, feminine?..
  • Bold — solid, harmonious and complete. There is no clearly unnecessary details, but there is no impression that something was missing.

But you can say it’s beautiful words and what exactly to do with your appearance to look impressive?

The website “” have prepared for you a very specific recommendation!

  • Clean well-groomed skin, nails and hair – the Foundation without which the statement is unreachable. Under grooming not necessarily mean super-rejuvenation, or some kind of unusual build, coloring, etc.! Enough to face redness, blackheads and other troubles, and hair — split ends, a haircut does not srostalos in strange rags, on the nails it would not be obleshevo of varnish, and all the nails were one fit you shape.
  • Objectively evaluate your appearance. If your hair is thin and sparse, it is better to wear an interesting haircut than to suffer with styling that imitates the volume, on thin long hair. If your issue is fullness, it is better to open the chest area, but avoid mini. And so on. There are lots of rules on how to hide the flaws and most effectively present advantages – use them!
  • An attractive woman is not poor quality stuff! Simple linen thing looks much more refined than the Chinese consumer goods from synthetic “satin”! Especially important is the qualitative accessories!
  • Makeup need. At least the minimum. Study his face, experiment, go once to a professional makeup artist! You have to know which the accents of makeup makes your face more fresh and eyes – wide-open and shining! Makeup is low, which is suitable for most women – black mascara, lip gloss of natural shade without mother of pearl. Best to learn how to do the perfect makeup on autopilot, and to go without make-up only when it is objectively inappropriate.
  • What would you have had any length of hair, to do at least minimal styling. Long hair you can align or curl, shoulder length hair can add volume with a hair dryer and a round brush, short hair (if they don’t keep a haircut for yourself) should be laid with the help of locking means.

What kind of clothes will help you look spectacular?

Of course, one article is not enough to give recommendations what to wear with different body types, color types appearance, etc.

In addition, look spectacular means to have their own good taste and style in clothes! But some councils we will help you!

  • Don’t know what to wear? Maxi dress – almost a win-win, it will always attract attention to your outfit!
  • Heels “pull” most of the images, they look impressive on any toes! The main condition – that you could move normally and maintain a beautiful gait.
  • If you open the top (arms, shoulders or chest area) – the bottom must be closed (no short). And Vice versa.
  • The Golden rule is one way you should not combine more than three different colors.
  • There are things that require a perfect figure. If it is not so in your case – avoid them! It: skirts shorter than 20 cm above the knee, tops that opens the lower part of the abdomen, Capri and cropped pants, tops and sundresses with thin spaghetti straps, form-fitting knit dress.
  • If the metal (jewelry, accessories, accessories handbags and/or shoes) – make sure that all metal was the same color. Gold and silver mix is impossible (even if it was a fake-an imitation). The same applies to shiny decorative elements – sequins, embroidery with silver or gold thread, rhinestones, etc.
  • The white color in the image is always refreshing, and at the same time emphasizes the other colors (bright and dark).

But the basic rule of how to look spectacular – you have to like yourself! Your reflection in the mirror should make you think “Damn, I’m beautiful!” (not “Oh, okay, okay…”)!

Please yourself – and be sure to make an impact on others!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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