How to lose 8 kg?

“, tell me, how can I lose weight by 8 kg, not going on diets because they are harmful! Alina”

Alina, I wonder where You think that You need to lose weight on it 8 kg? And suddenly You will lose weight at 9? ? In any case, write down on paper what You need to lose weight – this will increase Your motivation. And then – follow the advice of women’s website!

1. Find out the status of your health

First, in order to lose 8 kg, determine the state of their health. Because if you lose weight mindlessly and just because You suddenly wanted something to health can cause irreparable harm. So, visit your doctor and, if necessary, pass the examination of the body. Most likely, the doctor will only for the fact that You lost weight!

2. Change your diet to lose weight 8 kg

Second, review your diet. 8 extra pounds from the ceiling never did, right? That is why it is important to give diet max attention!

Your new diet should conform to the health status, lifestyle habits.

Here General nutrition guidelineswhich are recommended to all dieters:

  • 5 meals a day – this includes 3osnovnyh meals and 2 snack.
  • In the absence of contraindications, consume a sufficient variety of fluids – not just water and tea, but also soups, juices.
  • The diet must be vegetables and fruits! Vegetables need to eat at least 400 grams per day, fruits – 300 grams. Especially useful for weight loss 8 kg will be zucchini.
  • Cereals are also very useful for losing weight and General condition of the body. They clean the intestines from toxins and supply the body of nutrients. Particularly useful in this regard, oats and buckwheat.
  • Excluded from the diet or strictly limit fried, salted, marinated and smoked. These products make appetite brutal, and You can easily overeat.
  • If you want to eat sweets, pasta, anything not useful, better to do it in the morning – so eaten is not going to the excess weight.

Now try to compose your diet!

3. Maintain fitness

And third, maintain fitness! On there is an article “Exercise for weight loss” — pay attention to her!

Believe me, even 10 minutes of cardio will help your metabolism become faster, and therefore will bring the desired result – minus 8 kg! And 10 minutes a day you can always find, for example, independently tailor-made training program.

Success in weight loss of 8 kg!

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