How to lose weight after cesarean without harm to the health of mother and baby

Young moms often wonder how to lose weight after cesarean, and today women’s site “” help Board.

According to the recommendations of doctors for the first time after this type of surgery is better to limit their movements. But agree, in any case will make it difficult, in the end, now you’re holding a baby.

And to go with a droopy stomach is not desirable.

The main thing in losing weight after childbirth is not to rush things and not to overdo it.

How to lose weight after giving birth: a caesarean is not a sentence

First, let’s talk about the most simple ways to lose weight after cesarean section.

For this we recommend to use the following recommendations.

  • The first two months of rest. Eight weeks you against any heavy load and physical activity. After this period of time should make an appointment to the gynecologist, who after an inspection of your seam will be able to tell me if you now to have her figure. Even if its permissions do not immediately run to the gym. Start small, for example, with longer walks with the child part of the way, do the quick step.
  • Make slopes and draw the belly. To download the press in the first stage will be difficult, so to lose weight quickly after C-section will help retract the stomach. It can be done anywhere even walking down the street, you can suck in your stomach and hold it in this state as much as you can. The house can be alternately retracting it for 10 seconds and release for 5. Make slopes in different directions, and forward.
  • Connect baby. Game with a three – four month old baby will delight baby and will benefit your body. Put the baby to his belly and chest and get up as if you shake the press. Put the baby on the floor, stand over him on all fours and suck your stomach, alternately relaxing and tensing abs. Do not forget to smile at the baby.
  • Breathe correctly. There is a method of weight loss Bodyflex, which is based on correct breathing. This trend is very fashionable and effective in the fight against obesity. It does not involve heavy loads, and therefore recommended for those women who want to know how to lose weight after cesarean section.
  • Follow the food. Many moms claim that the diets are harmful for the baby during feeding. But you don’t have to give up eating, you just need to exclude from the diet of sugar, fat, smoked and white bread. In a complex with physical exercises such a restriction will help to regain a beautiful figure. Read more about diet for moms, you can read in another article on

How to quickly lose weight after cesarean: from theory to action

All women want to lose weight after childbirth, cesarean somewhat delayed this process. The website tell me how to say goodbye to excess weight and attain the figure of dreams.

Start with wearing the brace. He pulls the stomach and helps to restore muscle tone, not give them rastiagivatcz. Later you will be able to strengthen the result of exercise.

Who would have thought, but effective way to lose weight quickly after C-section is breastfeeding.

You will have to give up some foods that will cause baby colic, and this in turn will act as a kind of diet. Go to porridge and boiled vegetables will be easy, because now your main incentive will be the health of your baby. Do not take lactation any diet pills and supplements, even if the packaging says that they are harmless.

Your skin also needs care. To return to her tone that helps contrast shower, a good helping of massage. To make them you can even independently, rubbing in body cream including cellulite.

Sign up for swimming. With a small child it is difficult to allocate a moment for yourself, but at least a couple times a week go to the pool. First, load in the water is not so significant, and secondly, it is an effective way to restore the shape of previous curves.

Will also be useful at other times.

Home workouts should be about 20-30 minutes. Ideally it is better to use the services of a trainer in the fitness center. Specialist will choose an exercise for you. Some sports clubs are organized groups for young mothers.

Now you will not hurt like aerobics and yoga.

Exercises that help to lose weight after cesarean

To become slimmer after giving birth, you need to try a few simple exercises.

  • Lie on your back, hands along the body, legs bend at the knees, feet on the floor. Now tighten your stomach and lift your pelvis as high as possible. This provision is necessary to stay on ten seconds, and now back to the original position. Repeat the exercise 6-8 times.
  • Take the same position as the first exercise, only feet as close as possible to the pelvis. Tighten your stomach and straighten one leg. Return it to starting position and repeat with the other leg. Do 8 repetitions on each leg.
  • Same initial position. Hands behind his head. The abdominal muscles are tense. Get up from the floor, lifting off from the surface of the blade, and reach your left elbow to your right knee. Hold this position for a few seconds and come back. Repeat the same thing, but replacing the arm. Do 15 repetitions.
  • As you can see, not so difficult to lose weight after childbirth, a caesarean is not an obstacle on the way to a beautiful figure. The main thing — do not rush things!

    Author – Lydia Karant, site

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