How to lose weight for the New year: efficiently and effectively

Finally winter! Where is winter there and the New year. Where’s the New year holiday. Where is the feast, where gifts, beautiful dress, wishes and brand new life! But that all went out to look accordingly.

And take care of this now. Of course, about the gifts, desires, and makeup you can think of at the last moment, but if you want to lose weight for the New year… it is better to think right now! And that is what today’s article.

How to lose weight for the New year without problems

As you probably know, rapid weight loss almost always badly affects our body. Therefore, we offer you to start a “diet” treatments during the month before the holiday – so the pounds will go slowly but surely. And no unpleasant consequences!

Your attention is invited to the monthly diet, which consists in the fact that eating is only the “right” products, and “wrong” need to get out and even get away from them.

To lose weight for the New year, should eliminate from your diet the following products:

  • potatoes;
  • bakery products;
  • pasta from flour;
  • jam;
  • sweets;
  • soda;
  • champagne and beer.

To weight loss was successful, you should limit the consumption of fatty and salty.

With the bans all clear, but what to eat for a whole month? This:

  • bean;
  • buckwheat and oatmeal;
  • unpolished rice;
  • pasta of gray flour;
  • bread with bran;
  • vegetables, fruits and herbs.

To the body was a sufficient amount of fat should be included in the diet of fish, seeds and nuts. Not be amiss to stock up on olive and sesame oils.

Now, about the liquid. It is very important to drink a lot.

If you want to lose weight for the New year, lean on non – carbonated mineral water a day it is necessary to drink at least a liter and a half. But with coffee and tea it is better not to indulge – a day acceptable just a couple of cups. And forget about alcohol (well, except that the glass of dry wine once a week).

How to lose weight for the New year in less than a month

The existence of Express diets already for anybody not a secret. They are very popular, as we are by nature not very like to wait, we want everything right here and now.

However, not every fast diet brings results. And not every diet that has brought the result, leaving this result for a long time. But the damage to the body and say nothing!

If you decided to lose weight for the New year you’ll be in a very short time, the site offers you to read an article about how to quickly lose weight.

Do not forget about sports

If you want to effectively lose weight and become more slender to the New year, the diet should not be limited. I do not mean that you need to sit on multiple diets at the same time (now this is just never to do), and the fact that exercise is everything.

That will help in slimming, if the sport you know as a not very?

This simple morning exercises and gymnastics. You can try to do Pilates, callanetics, bodyflex. A special walking. Be sure to do special exercises on the problem areas of your body.

Those who are constantly engaged in sports, dieting should move on to another training plan. Replace conventional power exercises on exercises on the TABATA system (it includes squats, pull-UPS, push-UPS, strikes).

You can also engage in the system of circular workouts. And also worth adding to your sports diet a little treadmill or exercise bike.

Massages, baths and other

As you know, for weight loss is very useful a variety of massages and baths, absorbable fats. But for some reason not all know how important sleep is during this period. If you’re determined to lose weight and be beautiful for the New year, be sure to sleep at least (!) eight hours a day. This is important.

After waking up, take a contrast shower: change the water temperature (cold to hot and Vice versa) approximately every 30 seconds.

Most importantly, do not overdo it – five repetitions of the change of water temperature is enough. Why is it necessary? To improve blood circulation in problem areas, as well as for the early awakening.

After a contrast shower – mandatory massage problem areas with moisturizer. Massage will be more effective if the cream you’ll add a drop of essential oil of juniper or grapefruit.

Before going to sleep is to take “diet” bath with sea salt and a few drops of essential oils of rose, juniper or grapefruit. After a bath should definitely moisturize the skin.

Don’t forget about the benefits of saunas! High humidity and temperature will greatly speed up the process of weight loss. Try to go to the bath every one to two weeks.

So, what you need to lose weight for the New year?

It’s simple: consume the right foods, perform exercises on the problem areas, and don’t forget about cosmetic procedures. Not so hard, right?

But the most important secret of a successful diet is taking pleasure in this process. Pleasure from exercises, food, healthy sleep and baths with essential oils. If you manage to get pleasure from it – losing weight for the New year you are guaranteed!

Author Pestova Vasilisa, site


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