How to lose weight in autumn: 5 relevant tips

Grey skies, rain, mud and slush on the street, and leave only memories… But that’s no reason to give up the autumn Blues and retire to the sofa with a plate of buns.

Beautiful and Successful even in the autumn remain in great shape and cheerful mood in Spite of the October? depression put in order thoughts and a body!

Women’s website “” have gathered for you the most effective tips on how to lose weight in autumn and keep a perfect figure.

How to lose weight in autumn with health benefits

Summer is almost do not want to eat, and in the autumn it’s tempting to look in the fridge. Our body begins to readjust to the cold long winter and Thrifty accumulates fat in different places. So recalls that the lightning try to lose weight fall is not worth it.

Besides, our task is not only to reduce the volume and weight, but also to remain healthy and energetic. Therefore, take over the complex!

Tip # 1. Fruit and vegetable

Autumn abundance of fruit and vegetables – is not a reason to start eating beneficial and right? Often whittling salads from cabbage, carrots and peppers instead of pasta for a side dish to meat and fish cooking in the steamer zucchini as a snack at work, take the apples and oranges (bananas and grapes losing weight is not recommended!).

At the same time and organize the work of the intestine – coarse fiber vegetables stimulates the removal from the body of all toxins.

Your autumn diet besides fruits and vegetables should include dairy products, dried fruits, nuts, various cereals, lean meat or fish.

To lose weight in autumn is just not the problem! Try to eat at least a month – and a new good food habits you have saved for the next season!

Tip # 2. Sleepy

If in the summer you cheerfully risen along with the birds, and night partying till late in the fall, this will not work. reminds: if you want to lose weight in the fall, must sleep!

A minimum of 8 hours of strong, refreshing sleep a day – and weight loss process will go faster and more fun! Proved: those who are constantly sleep deprived, more likely to have excess weight than those who sleep enough.

Tip # 3. Agregately

If you all the time and freeze at the table, the hand she reaches for a fat, heavy and sweet, it’s time to rethink the wardrobe! In fall chilly, windy and damp, so we do not notice how eat extra portions and choose high-calorie foods to keep warm. But the point is in the clothes!

Remove away in the closet a short skirt and thin blouse, do not forget about warm and cozy knitted things.

For this reason, a hot bath with aromatic oils or salts – this is a great choice for chilly autumn evenings. And the heavy dense dinner, replace with kefir or yogurt.

Tip # 4. Antidepressant

What do we do when we possessed autumn melancholy-nostalgia? Of course, we seize in a bad mood with all sorts of Goodies!

But there are other options that help to lose weight in autumn:

  • Move more, dance in the morning at least five minutes to your favorite music.
  • At lunchtime we go for a walk in the Park poshurshat leaves and catch a little vitamin D.
  • At least a couple times a week swim in the pool, go to sauna or steam room to remove excess fluid from the body.
  • Surround yourself with bright colors – in clothing, decor, plate ?

Tip # 5. Entertaining

If autumn is the most disliked time of year, if you don’t know where to go from depression (which always want to eat ? ) if the three months of autumn, anything you are not happy – take what you like! When a person is constantly busy with something important or interesting to melancholy and overeating in front of TV time left.

Autumn knowingly coincides with the beginning of the school year. Start to learn something new, get a new hobby.

Give yourself some mind-boggling goals for the New year ? for Example, learn how to dance Samba, to create a route through the castles of the Loire valley (and what really will go in the Christmas holidays!), learn Georgian cuisine… a little More imagination – and you will not be bored for sure!

So, it’s simple! Get enough sleep, choose healthy foods and move more! A healthy lifestyle and simple tips how to lose weight in the fall, will help you keep the weight under control. Stay in shape whatever the weather!

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