How to lose weight in spring: how to eat, how to speed up metabolism, which is prohibited

Spring has arrived and that means it’s time to throw off not only clothes, but also the extra pounds accumulated over the winter. You’re not the least bit scored? Then you’re just lucky, and this article is not for you. The rest of the site “” I’ll tell you how to lose weight in the spring.

Spring and the desire to lose weight – it is a natural thing for most women as our body in the cold season tend to accumulate and store nutrients (he just wants to survive in the harsh time). Attempts of the body is clear, results are visible, and deal with them will have you. And what do you do? Read about it below.

How to lose weight in spring?

For some reason many women who want to shed a couple pounds, stop eating. But this is not the way, this is just getting worse: metabolism is disrupted, the body ceases to flow the required amount of vitamins and nutrients, with the result that he gets a real shock and begins to think that has come on hard times. And when the body thinks that there came hard times, he tries to make fat stores more intensively and uses every opportunity. That is why you need to lose weight only with proper diet.

To start – Breakfast, lunch and dinner

So as not to scare the body, it needs regularly and systematically to slip food, so no Breakfast, lunch nor dinner cannot be skipped.

Breakfast should be tight enough that you will be able to Wake up and function before lunch. Just remember that “tight” does not mean that you need to eat in the morning patties. “Tight” is when at Breakfast, your body receives no less than 400 calories. In the morning, the body with the necessary carbohydrates and vitamins, so the best Breakfast is fruit and cereal.

Your lunch should include soup (especially if it is a vegetable). In addition to the soup, for lunch, we’ll come fish, lean meat, vegetables.

Dinner, and most importantly, that it was up to 18.00 hours. Researchers found that after six, our body begins to prepare for sleep, so the incoming substances are used and stored. That is why the evening is not worth to eat. Ideal for the dinner will be steamed vegetables.

Nutritionists strongly recommend to eat at the same time arranging between large meals and small snacks. A snack is considered, for example, an Apple with yogurt, but the sandwich – not the best option.

More specifically about food

Now on the website we’ll talk about what you should eat if you want to lose weight in the spring. So, about the products:

  • First, this fruits, especially citrus fruits (they are rich in vitamins and visibly reduce appetite).
  • Secondly, it is vegetables. Vegetables contain many vitamins, minerals and fiber that are necessary for your body.
  • Third, is dairy products. They are a source of calcium.
  • Fourth, it is protein products. Protein rich salmon, chicken, legumes.
  • Fifth, is water. So that the body worked like a clock, it is necessary to drink at least two liters a day. Plain water, without gas and other things. For the spring weight loss you can apply and water diet!

A varied diet is the key to successful weight loss in the spring. Do not limit yourself to a narrow range of the same product. You and the body will be much nicer for every day to something new.

A useful trick is to replace big plates small. On a subconscious level you eat, when you eat “whole plate”, so it’s best that it was small.

Choose more natural products. All kinds of thickeners, sweeteners, colorings, preservatives and other unnatural supplements can disrupt the metabolism in the body, which will not help you lose weight in the spring.

It is useful to arrange once a week fasting day, i.e., eat less and drink more. It is important not to overeat – either before or after unloading. Fasting days are very useful for the normal functioning of the stomach, intestines, liver and pancreas. During the fasting days of the body displayed a large number of harmful substances, and exchange nutrients is considerably accelerated.

A little about metabolism

A good metabolism is an important factor in any weight loss. To speed up the metabolism, you need three elements:

  • The polyphenol. It is needed for fat burning. Especially they are rich in green tea.
  • Naringenin (otherwise flavanoid). He finds in the body free fat and encourages its use. This element is rich in grapefruits.
  • L-carnitine. This amino acid stimulates the movement of fat into energy. Its especially a lot of lean meat.

What is prohibited

As we want to lose weight in the spring only through a proper diet, there are products, the use of which is highly undesirable. What is removed from sight?

  • First is fatty foods. Want to lose weight? Forget about mayonnaise, butter, fatty cheeses, fatty meat and fatty dairy products.
  • Secondly, it’s fried foods. Any fried product, whatever it was useful, automatically becomes bold. In addition to calories, fried foods are rich in carcinogens, which never helped the body. A great alternative to frying is steaming, and braising of the Park.
  • Thirdly, it is a starchy and/or sweet. Get rid of biscuits, cakes, pies, candies, sweet tea. Instead of sugar you can use honey instead of milk chocolate –dark (high cocoa content), instead of candy: dried fruit.
  • Fourth, it’s all kinds of “fast” food – hot dogs, sausages, dumplings, canned food, pizza, and especially fast food.
  • Fifth, it is sugary drinks: tea or coffee with sugar, soda, juices with added sugar, milkshakes, brew.
  • And finally, sixth: alcohol. It harms the body, especially if you want to lose weight in the spring, not to drink.

If you seriously decided to lose weight in the spring, be limited to one food is not worth it. Aside from proper diet very important for weight loss regular and systematic physical activity. Exercises for slim legs and stomach – another component of weight loss in the spring. Proper nutrition and sports without problems throw off that supply your body for the long winter. You only need desire and perseverance. You want to be beautiful, right?

Author Pestova Vasilisa, site


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