How to lose weight quickly. History about weight loss

Our guest is an unusual book on weight loss. This rapid method developed by Dr Mirkin for anyone who wants to not only lose weight promptly, but also to improve their own health.

Women’s website got “the juice” of the book “How to lose weight quickly. A crash course Dr. Mirkin” — the head of the “Power of example”, the doctor tells the stories of people who have lost weight in its methodology. Photo attached!

Alexei Zakharov: minus 125 kg

Kiev, February 2000

In February 2000, during a session in Kiev, I was asked to go down to the patient on the street. In the car I waited not a high-ranking official and businessman. Just my patient weighed 200 kg and was difficult to climb to the third floor. It was a very big man of about sixty. He alone held all over the backseat of the car. His stomach had reached the huge sizes. It was Alexander Ivanovich Nikitin from Zaporozhye. He came on the recommendation of his daughter, who with my help has lost 40 lbs. in conversation with me Alexander gasped, his face became purple. It was obvious that he suffered greatly from the huge weight. He was tense and a little depressed. Already in appearance, I could easily define a whole bunch of diseases that resulted from obesity. From the first minute of our conversation, I realized that the main motive of treatment he had the fear of death, the desire to survive by any means. During a conversation with me he asked me to help him, was afraid to die…

Still, I persuaded him to climb to the third floor to see me. I think that Alexander Ivanovich many years did not rise to the upper floors. I bet his blood pressure will go up, there will be strong shortness of breath. But I had no way of influencing it. He had to see my patients and what happens to me at the reception. The saying “better to see once than hear a hundred times” just fit the situation.

A. Zakharov for two years has dropped 125 kg

That day for me came Alexei Zakharov from Donetsk, looking for two years of 125 kg. On the stage, like a rocket, ran a cheerful and energetic middle-aged man. Looking at it, none of us could believe that he once weighed 250 kg and was a complete wreck. He, like Alexander, could barely move around the room, hitting everyone with his enormous weight. And now Alex exuded such energy, as if hoarding it for many years.

The last five years he almost never left the apartment, being in a captivity of own fat. For the average person easy for supertastic becomes a problem: travel to transport, a lift to the upper floors, bathing in the bathroom, sewing costumes etc. it Seemed that the future did not promise him anything good… But he believed in my method and win your fortune!

He arrived from Donetsk to Kiev and danced on stage in front of patients hopak and early for the hour could not walk more than 200 metres. That’s what miracles are possible in this life if you believe in your capabilities! People are often unaware of the spiritual forces that laid in his nature God. But life dictates its own conditions, forcing them to mobilize all his self-control, all his willpower and spirit.

Speech by Alexey Zakharov has made an indelible impression on Alexander. He had a long conversation with Alex, even tried to touch him, not believing until the end that this could be. However, he looked at the pictures Zakharova before treatment.

In conversation with me Alexander suddenly declared that will definitely lose weight. And I believed him. Years of experience a therapist has taught me to understand people and situations. He lost 85 pounds!

In September 2001, he came to see me. “Vladimir, don’t you recognize me?” he asked. It was hard for me to learn to pull up, a smiling man Alexander. It has changed not only in appearance, gone is the depressed and pained expression. But he was over sixty. And at this age he started a new life after a long sleep and inaction.

Many of my patients, achieving such dramatic changes, you start to really appreciate life, every little thing, but the trick is to enjoy the inner freedom that they have acquired. All this is reminiscent of the release of the convict from the chains. Impact on the behavior of the patient by the power of example is an important part of my treatment.

Maslova: minus 93 kg

Moscow, 10 November 2001

Ironically, the office in which I accept, is on the fourth floor, which is a serious obstacle for my patients. When I climb the stairs, often see their choking patients who constantly stop to rest and continue to climb up. I jokingly called this stairway “the road to life.” Many of my patients by the end of treatment begin more confident to climb up, and then easily “float” up the stairs.

Maslova two years has lost 93 pounds.

When she got up to see me for the first time with a weight of 165 kg, I, frankly, was scared. I was afraid she would be sick, as she stood up abruptly, blood pressure, had severe shortness of breath. All these symptoms were a manifestation of the huge weight.

But Antonina believe in my method. However, she had no choice. It was her last chance. The main motive of the treatment she had the desire to live. Whatever now she was, if she hadn’t come to see me in 1996? Would have survived it? Unlikely. But a miracle happened, and she lost weight. Now with a weight of 72 kg, she “flies” around the room. And how nice she was to dance a quick dance on my birthday! As she later confessed to me, dreamed about it for the last five years.

Elena Vasilieva: minus 50 kg

Moscow, November 19, 2001

Elena Vasilieva lost 50 kg (125-75 kg). She recovered after giving birth, 35 years her weight was 125 kg. worried about excess weight, carefully concealed, was too shy to be photographed.

According to Elena, she was easier to call your age than weight. However, after normalization the weight of all that remained of the past. She started a new life, a new job, friends and doesn’t want to reminisce about the past.

E. Vasileva lost 50 kg

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