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The holidays could not have an effect on our figures, many of us added in amounts of at least half an inch! And make no mistake, if you say that it’s only water that the water there is only half, the rest hated fat! How to get rid of it and lose weight?

Will help you advice from a women’s website ““ — and of course, your desire to lose weight. It will force you to take feet in hands and to start to act!

Diet — off!

The first and most important tip how to lose weight — to remove from your life dieting and hunger. The Internet is full of recipes with all sorts of diets, but it’s also replete with references to that diet, and hunger strikes are harmful to the body.

They are harmful first, the fact that the diet diet is often not balancedand this can lead to very sad consequences. And secondly, we perceive a diet not as a lifestyle (what it is originally), and as a temporary phenomenon, which must be endured, and then to return to normal. But it is impossible to starve the week and then there’s all that gas will fall, while remaining slim and beautiful! Exhausted diet the body begins frantically to gain weight — that is why the diet assist lose weight only for a short time.

The best tip to lose weight is to develop the habit to eat right! After all, when you eat right, weight goes by itself!

The night is not!

The holidays are a time poor eating habits: we eat in the evening and night and during the day the stomach is empty. However, the enzymes still work in the old way, i.e. from 7 to 15.00 they actively break down food and turn it into energy, and after 21.00 that came into the body becomes fat.

That is why nutritionists recommend not to turn the night getting your stomach in tradition, but rather to return to the usual rhythm of life. And this is why, if you want to eat something fatty, sweet, high in calories, it is best to make up to 15.00… or at least until 21.00!

Remember that at night, the body needs to restand not to work, digesting food.

About the aesthetics of the meal

Why we go to cafés and restaurants? Because the food is not only a physiological need but also a way to make your life more beautiful, more enjoyable! But at home you can and should eat beautifully. These tips will also help to lose weight.

  • Get a neat little platter — preferably blue or green. Nutritionists suggest eating less but more frequently to the amount of one meal was approximately 200-250 ml, not more. Eating this way, you will reduce the volume of the stomach, and bouts of hunger will be not so terrible.
  • Remember the rule of one plate, no seconds!
  • 20 minutes for food. Remember that after 20 minutes your brain will get rounded up the saturation, and there is no more want. But in 20 minutes you can eat as a lot and as much as you need. The question is how you will eat — quickly, choking with pieces, or slow.
  • Serve. Beautiful make your meals even if I eat alone! First, it will lift your spirits, and secondly, will not want to eat anything.
  • Become a foodie. Enjoy every bite of food, enjoy the smell, the taste of food. And chew as slowly as possible. Specialists, nutritionists recommend to do 30 chewing movements before swallowing the food. Something in it…


You probably know that stress contributes to weight gain. advises you to relax and to start losing weight with these tips.

  • When cooking, invest in food high positive energy. It’s not empty action: this is how we can really bring your body and organisms close — tangible benefits.
  • In a bad mood it is better not to eat — because it’s tempting to eat something harmful, “jam” emotions. Moreover, eating in a bad mood, how would you convey your mood to the food, charging it. It will not benefit.
  • Do not eat in front of the TV. There would always show something exciting — and the hand and reaches for something crunchy and nutritious. Or see something unpleasant, frightening and want to calm down, stuffed his mouth with something tasty. You should not eat and in front of the monitor — the mechanism about the same. By the way, in a window to watch while eating. Where then, you ask? Himself — enjoy the beginning of the meal to the fullest! ?
  • Think about pleasant things while eating. Think about the food itself! Be “here and now”! Psychologists suggest to fix the food I eat, and it’s delicious!

Food and water

Water for weight loss is very important: it speeds up the metabolism, cleanses the body, gives us strength. Why is water important for weight loss.

Per day should drink at least 2 litres of water — and even better more. To lose weight, I advise you to write not just water, but cold water, with ice. To heat this water, the body will have to spend calories. Scientists estimate that if you will be a day to drink 2 liters of ice water, then a month will burn 2000 kcal. A lot, and it almost cost nothing!

It is best to drink between meals, but not immediately after — so water will not dilute the gastric juice.

The only thing you need to do is to drink a glass of green tea before meals. Some nutritionists give this advice for weight loss and argue that the effect of green tea is awesome!

3 hours before bedtime drink moderately — this will help prevent swelling.

Buy food wisely

Menus should be planned ahead. Some of us learned to plan menus and buy food for the week ahead. Sure, it is easy to lose weight and keep your achievements!

It is best to make a list of the products you want to buy, and to go to the store with him. So you save yourself from unnecessary spending and excess calories. If not imagination, what to buy, look at the stars: What celebs eat: 20 useful products.

For groceries it is best to go to the market in a normal shop and not the supermarket. It is proved that the abundance of goods forces us to buy too much and then eat it once.

For food not to go hungry. Hand a hungry person goes to high in calories and sugar, because these foods satisfy hunger faster just. If you eat once, then at least drink some water will help ?

And of course, tips to lose weight would be incomplete without recommendations move more: exercise fitness!
More tips on how to lose weight, you will find in a special section of our website.

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