How to maintain posture and to improve it: rules and exercises

Posture has a direct effect on our health and beauty, which is why female site today is about the topic of interest to many, and not only women – how to maintain the posture.

Have you ever had occasions when wearing a new dress and making the hair stunning, you look in the mirror and don’t understand why your entire image is somehow “not looking” and does not produce the desired effect? Then turn around, straighten their shoulders, lift their heads high and – here it is!

Perfect posture = good health

If you have good posture (ie, you’re standing, sit up straight and not slouch, even when no one is looking), even in the most modest attire will surely attract attention.

But even this is not important. Bad posture impedes breathing, and circulation, creates a pressure on the internal organs. It threatens to fatigue, reduced working capacity, chronic fatigue and constant headaches. In the end, bad posture can lead to degenerative disc disease.

With proper posture, not born – it develops throughout life. If you managed to develop good posture, to 30 years it may deteriorate. This leads to a sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work, so it is important to know how to maintain good posture.

Define perfect posture

To determine which posture is perfect for you, back up against the wall so that the back of the head, shoulders, buttocks and heels in contact with her.

Try to hold this position, moving away from the wall, while keep your head up, mentally connecting the earlobe and the shoulder in a straight line – this is your optimal posture.

Exercises to improve posture

Everyone knows exercise with a book on your head, and no wonder – it is most effective for correcting posture.

If you are already able without much effort to walk with a load on the head, usluzni exercise , try to squat or dance, keeping the same balance.

For good posture is important for strong muscles neck and back, so when gymnastics or charge is paid to the exercises to this muscle group, the most attention.

How to save your posture at work?

For good posture is very important to choose the right furniture for the job, which would reduce the load on the spine.

Thus, the height of the table should be at the level of the elbow lowered hands, and the chair is equal to the length of the tibia. The computer monitor should be level with your face to the chin was lowered or raised.

In the course of a working day is useful to do some exercises.

  • Put your hands up and stretch them after you put it down and touch fingers to toes is a good stretch of the spine.
  • Sitting on the edge of the chair, out of reach of the fingers of one hand to the floor, and the second pull up.
  • Now lock your hands behind the back in the lock and bend connecting the scapula.

Such exercises relieves back strain.

Maintain correct posture during sleep

How to maintain the correct posture during sleep? Sleep on an orthopedic mattress and pillow! In another case, the mattress must be as hard, and the pillow height equal to the length of the shoulder. The bed should be long enough to strengthen the spine.

Not the superfluous will use special pillows-rollsthat are placed under the neck and lower back – this helps to maintain the natural curves.

Radical method

On the question of how to maintain the posture, many people recommend wearing special corrective corset. He forced the human to take the shoulders back and straighten the back so that the muscles “remember” the position in which you have the ideal posture. doubts about the effectiveness of this method. Back-supporting in the desired position, the muscles must constantly train and wearing a corset, which he “supports” the back, is hardly an effective workout. Although, for special cases when you want to show off your Swan-like gait will be fine ?

And a few more tips for perfect posture

Remember that to know how to maintain the posture, not enough – you also need to act!

  • Sign up for swimming – it strengthens the back muscles, arms and spine and forms the correct posture.
  • Do some yoga or meditation – just perfectly strengthens the muscles of the back.
  • For good posture it is also important to choose the right bra. Good support for large Breasts – model with a metal frame and straps, crossed in the front.
  • Fans always and everywhere to sit, bent legs, will have to abandon this habit – a better way to say goodbye to beautiful posture and not to think.
  • If you had a day when you need to spend a lot of time standing, to reduce the load on the spine can put one foot on a low chair or other support.
  • But if the back regularly subjected to massage, the problems with this body part will disappear.
  • Well, the shoes for regular wear in the office can afford the heel not above 5 see

Strong you health and beautiful posture!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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