How to maintain vitality?

In recent years, chronic fatigue syndrome has become a real scourge of mankind. Therefore, for the readers of women’s website “” just like all modern women, one of the most pressing is the question of how to maintain vitality.

A constant sense of dissatisfaction with their lives, drowsiness, lethargy, apathy, irritability, depression – all consequences of the leakage of vital energy. If any of these symptoms, do not take urgent measures, can occur real tragedy.

To be able to keep its vitality is very important because its quantity depends on our success in all spheres of life. In order for this to learn, you must understand where we spend the maximum amount of vitality.

Where does the energy come from?

This question is easy to answer when the day is busy and within it is possible to solve a number of any task. But many of us know those situations when a day is especially to strain is not necessary, and in the evening still feel like im absolutely nothing.

The loss of vitality in those days is in vain, and to compensate their loss can be very difficult.

To maintain vitality and energy, it is important to avoid wasting. According to psychologists, this happens in the following situations:

  • When dealing with energominimum. Such people usually love to complain about their health, relatives, neighbors, on a small salary, and other life’s troubles. Conversations with them always leave in the soul of the interlocutor unpleasant aftertaste, which does not disappear for a long time, literally draining his life force. In order to protect the reserves of vital energy, “emotional pirates” should be avoided. If these people live or work nearby and does not meet them is not possible, you just need to learn to ignore their complaints. Experts in psychology advise: do not Express sympathy in a conversation with “emotional pirates,” answer their lamentations calm and cool phrases like: “That’s okay, it happens, that’s life, that’s not the worst etc.” Not finding in the interlocutor’s participation, energy vampire usually retires in search of a more pliable victim.
  • While watching melodramatic TV series. Sometimes soap operas are so addictive, that the viewer simply forgets about the existence of his own life, dropping out of reality until the end of the serial paintings. The sentimental spectator endures and suffers along with the characters of the telenovelas, not noticing that he was losing at that time, a lot of mental and physical strength. Sentimental scenes work in much the same way as energy vampires, so from this time should be abandoned.
  • In stressful situations and in moments of strong emotion. That stress takes a lot of energy, did not know that small children. But few people realize that most of these emotional situations a person creates for himself. Perhaps, among the readers of the site also have a lot of emotional natures, who on the eve of an important event don’t sleep for days, exhausting yourself on an empty fears. It is clear that to maintain vitality and energy in such a way is impossible, but to tear to shreds the nervous system is very real. In order to learn not to cheat yourself, keep your emotions under control, you can use different methods: meditation, yoga, auto-trainings, breathing exercises, etc. Yes it will take some time, but all costs will be compensated by new energy reserves. In General, the ability to draw energy in the world is no less important than the ability to keep it.

How to maintain and increase vital energy

The secrets of people, sparkling vigor, health and joy, much more simple than it may seem bustling and ever-weary residents of large cities. In fact, to preserve vital energy needs not so much.

  • Good health. A person suffering some diseases can not be energetic and cheerful. So you need to make the effort to support all systems of your body well and to eat regularly, to move, to take supplements, if you feel unwell consult a doctor and treat the disease with the appearance of their first symptoms.
  • Liking what you do. Many people in the morning, reluctant to leave his bed, not because lazy, but because they did not want to go for unloved work. They can’t quit and do what is the soul, because they are afraid to remain without the salary, which was used to. But really, no amount of material prosperity will not be able to replace that feeling of happiness that gives people doing.
  • Help others. Kind, helpful people retain their vitality longer than callous selfish. Because every time we lend a helping hand to the needy person received a palpable boost of energy from his gratitude. Today it is scientifically proven that one of the best ways to combat the Blues and depression is participation in the volunteer movement and charity events.
  • Communication with nature. Our ancestors who lived in harmony and unity with nature, were able to maintain vitality until old age. Experience shows that a regular walk in the woods is able to embolden and empower the forces even those people who are experiencing very difficult times in my life. In the case where the feeling of lack of energy becomes very sharp, not necessarily to go out of town or to the Park, just enough to find near his home a strong tree, to approach him, to stand next carried for a while by the barrel. This will allow spiritual forces to recover.
  • Sleep. Regular lack of sleep deprives a person of a lot of strength, undermined his health. A similar result can also be provided that the daily 8-hour sleep, if it is organized properly. Experts in the field of human energy say that bedtime should be no later than 22.00. It is in a sleep period approximately between 10 and 12 hours, our energy was restored and multiplied. If the person at this time awake, his daily energy losses are not replenished. Many esoterics say that to save more energy also helps early awakening: sunrise charges the new forces that get the first morning rays of light.
  • Movement. Physical activity improves health and also stimulates the production of endorphins, increases resistance to stress, improves mood. Regular morning exercise can provide energy to start the day, and when regularly performed, is to help keep a supply of vital energy to a ripe old age.
  • Regular sex. Some Eastern teachings say that during intercourse the man and the woman get the energy from the universe. Believe it or not – a private matter. But the fact that regular sexual life with a regular partner has a positive effect on General health and mood of any person – a scientific fact.
  • And anyway, one of the most strong sources of energy at all times, all peoples was considered to be love. This feeling not only helps to maintain vitality, but also multiplies its reserves by hundreds of times.

    So anyone who wants to always feel fresh and full of energy, the site “” advice is simply to love yourself, relatives, friends and also love to treat all his cases.

    Author — Pelageja, site

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