How to maintain weight after weight loss?

Many who want to find harmony, seriously concerned about not only how to lose weight, but how to keep the weight after the extra pounds will go. The website “” ready to help to solve this problem. We hope these tips are useful to you.

How to lose weight and keep the weight off: preliminary preparation

To the extra pounds did not return several times faster than the left, well take care of this before you start to follow a diet.

First, we need to take seriously the choice of the diet.

Sometimes those that lead to the fastest results, are the most harmful to the body, and instead of a beautiful and healthy body, you may get a lot of trouble in the form of disturbed metabolism, falling hair, skin rashes and exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Is this result you seek? Therefore, this issue is best discussed with a specialist-an endocrinologist or dietitian. It was the doctor on the basis of the conducted research can help you find the best diet that will reduce weight without harm for health, and will give recommendations after the diet to keep the weight off.

In addition, you should reduce the stress to the body at the entrance to the diet.

Little refuse food not covered by your new diet, look for them not only healthy, but delicious alternative. Serving to reduce to the critical limits at once is not worth it. So the body gradually get used to the fact that the quantity and quality of food has changed.

Do not forget about such an important part on the way to harmony.

If you decide to follow a diet and fitness to achieve the best results, start training about a month before completely change your diet – let the body get used to physical stress.

Remember, the sooner you will begin to form healthy habits, the easier it will be both physically and psychologically to observe them, and then you won’t have to wonder how to keep weight after the diet: you simply will live in their usual rhythm.

Diet after diet

Perhaps the most important condition that allows to keep the achieved results is to follow a proper diet after the diet is completed.

The most unforgivable mistake will be to arrange a “boot” days to reward yourself for a week of “deprivation”.

In fact, the weight loss after the diet continues for about six weeks, so be careful in the question of how to maintain weight during a diet: this stage is no less important than the period of compliance.

As a rule, well-made diets represent a balanced diet. Try to stick to it for at least a couple of months after you reach your desired weight. You can only slightly increase the amount of calories consumed.

If you adhered to a strict diet, you will need to re-build a reasonable diet containing the required amount of calories, not exceeding their expenses in your lifestyle, and balanced amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats.

The following principles a good idea to make her a permanent good habit – it will help you for many years to stay in great shape and keep the weight lost during the diet.

  • Do not eat 3 hours before bedtime.
  • The portion of food eaten at any one time shall not exceed a volume of 150 ml, or roughly fits in the palm of your hand, folded the boat. But there is needed quite often – 5 times a day.
  • Get used to leisurely meals. If you eat, it is not necessary to combine this process with watching TV or sites on the Internet, reading, work, etc. Pay attention to the taste of the dish, enjoy the food. And, of course, eliminate snacking.
  • Do not forget about sufficient amount of fluid (1.5 – 2 litres daily): this will benefit not only the metabolism, but also throughout the body as a whole.

Active movement towards harmony

Doing a fitness or by choosing a different form of physical activity, remember that in addition to good, the movement should bring you joy. So, thinking about how to keep the dropped weight with the help of physical exercises, choose what you like. If you love to dance, you should not exhaust yourself by training on simulators.

By the way, regular walking can be a great form of fitness, unless, of course, to organize the process. The website in detail wrote about it here.

The main thing – to comply with regular physical activity. Optimally, if you will devote an active movement for about an hour a day. But even 15 minutes of daily training will, undoubtedly, benefit.

Any form of physical activity will be useful: outdoor games with the children and household chores, and work in the garden. And, of course, sex! Don’t skimp on the foreplay – during the games of love burned the most calories.

Psychology harmony: how to keep the weight off

Sometimes the weight comes back because the woman postroynet, continues to perceive himself as a “skinny fatty”. And the weight comes back: the body responds to the request and gaining the “missing” weight.

If you are seriously thinking about how after weight loss to keep the weight off, learn to perceive yourself as slender, light, graceful! Do not suffer from the limitations and enjoy a new lifestyle and a new image in the mirror!

But still good to perform what you need the extra weight.

Perhaps you’ve gained a few pounds not that is just wrong fed. Consider what it means for you food? If “tasty” gives you pleasure – learn how to find joy in new experiences, creativity and love. If the excess weight was a way of protection from stress – learn how to behave in difficult situations, and the need for “caloric doping” will disappear by itself.

Remember: all problems, diseases, imperfections of the body are rooted in the subconscious. Try to find them, and then nothing can prevent you from having a healthy and slender body.

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