How to make a bar for weight loss belly?

Today women’s site “” will tell how effective level for weight loss how to properly perform this exercise and how to diversify.

It becomes richer than the life of modern man, the more we are looking for effective methods of training the body, not time-consuming. If you are in search of training, which also helps to lose weight and build muscle relief, then this article is for you.

The use of static exercises

Isometric exercise differ from dynamic, for example, sit-UPS or push-UPS, which are based on the alternation of two States of the muscle fibers: tension and compression.

Static exercise is a muscle tension without stretching for a certain amount of time.

Experts call plank exercise for beginners. This is a basic restorative training, which will help to quickly lose weight in your belly and prepare muscles for further development of the press.

The benefits of isometric exercises

  • low stress on the joints, making static exercises are used in rehabilitation after injuries;
  • time-saving;
  • the seal bone, prevention of osteoporosis;
  • improving the overall mobility of the joints;
  • to minimize the manifestations of arthritis.

Exercise “Planck” will be suitable not only for weight loss belly but to exercise the muscles of the back, chest, front of the thigh, as well as for strengthening the wrist joint.

Regular trims not only contributes to burning fat mass, but muscle growth. This allows you to significantly speed up the metabolism. These magic exercises can be performed almost anywhere there is a smooth, hard surface.

Among all the static exercises for weight loss the most effective and popular lately is the plank.

How to do plank to lose weight?

Get on all fours on the sports Mat, pull smoothly right leg, suck in your stomach, then straighten the left leg. From head to the tailbone – and it is better to toe – your body should resemble a straight line. Experts advise not to throw the head up and direct the gaze to the floor between your hands, let the head move forward.

Your main task is to stretch the muscles of the body to the pelvis in dirty water and not sinking down.

Position the feet shoulder width of the pelvis. Not worth much to strain your hands, you must like to actively push off from the floor. You should breathe gently only through the nose. Voila – that’s what a proper plank!

The exercise can be from 30 seconds to several minutes, gradually increasing the time. As soon as you feel a slight burning sensation in the muscles, stop the exercise.

If the muscles are still weak, do three to five smooth breaths and after staying several approaches. When a large weight, when it is difficult to keep the body on the hands, you can alternately put one and then the other leg at the knee and rest.

Weight loss should not be boring! To diversify the work of the muscles, you can perform simple exercises, based on the bar:

  • Wait in the bar by bending your elbows resting on the forearm.
  • Lift up his right hand, turning the whole body to the right, come back to starting position, repeat with the other hand. Very well strengthens arms, back and obliques.
  • Stay in the deployed position with the raised hand and repeatedly raise and lower your leg. At the same time you can touch the legs with your free hand.
  • From the plank position extend your arm forward six to eight times.
  • Touch the elbow-knee “opposite” leg.
  • Pull your knee toward your chest, straighten the leg and lift upwards.
  • Several times alternately raise your legs up. This is the best bar for weight loss belly, such a movement well working on the back of the thigh, buttocks, abdomen and back. The legs can be swung to the side and even making them cross-motion.
  • Can be pulled forward at the same time “opposite” arm and a leg.
  • All these same moves can be executed from the position on the forearms.

    Between exercises let’s be sure to rest your wrists.

    In this complex you will work all the important muscles of the body, and the well is “pumped” balance and coordination, thus accelerating weight loss.

    After exercise rest in “child’s pose”: sit on the feet, hands grab the back along the body and smoothly pulling back, touch forehead to the Mat in front of knees.

    Before doing plank, be sure to warm up the muscles and do a few stretching exercises.

    Remember that static exercises have their own characteristics:

    • Tension muscle without stretching very heavy heart and the entire circulatory system, as this moment stops the blood flow and muscles do not get oxygen. This should be considered if the cardiovascular system is not perfect.
    • Static exercises can lead to decreased flexibility of the muscles.

    In addition to body muscles, the bar is well coached, particularly when put next to a stopwatch and try to beat your own records. And to fight off the desire to surrender, try to distract the thoughts and dive into a light meditation – so your minute or two will pass much faster!

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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