How to make a Bunny at home?

Rabbits are among the most popular Pets, and female site will tell you what you should know if you decide to have rabbit.

At home you can keep any breed of rabbits. However, each has its own characteristics and, of course, are the most suitable breeds. Decorative rabbits in the home easy to care for, undemanding and with the right content rarely get sick. They are wonderful companions, besides live long enough – up to 10 years.

Content features

If you properly organize the living space and the pet nutrition in the future will be able to avoid most problems related to health or destructive behavior.

What you should pay attention in the first place?

Proper nutrition

Gastrointestinal tract – the “weak point” in the body of the rabbit, so you need to strictly follow the diet of the animal. For daily nutrition fit certain brands of manufactured foods, vegetables (except cabbage), some fruits, greens podvyadshie.

In the cage should always be hay!


Rabbits are very agile and not particularly suitable for permanent keeping in a cage. Most often, they need regular “exercise”.

If most of the time the Bunny will spend in a cage, make sure that it was large enough – not less than 180 cm in length and about 60-70 cm in height and depth. In the cage should be fitted with a socket or a house where the rabbit can hide in case of danger or fear. The tray is also installed in the cage, most rabbits get accustomed to it pretty fast, even if you have “free range” around the apartment.


Morning and day rabbits are most active. To the animal was not bored, bring in the cage was a toy.

Rabbits are intelligent, and if they have nothing to do or constant boredom they may develop depression, anxiety and aggression.


Rabbits are very social animals, most of the decorative rocks at home require a lot of attention from a man. Rabbits love to play, cuddle, sit and sleep next to the man.

It highlights, causing difficulties in maintenance of rabbit.

More want to add a few words about travel. Rabbits are extremely sensitive to stress and any moving can cause depression or other illnesses. If you travel a lot, I think, to have a rabbit in your case, keep you company, alas, he can’t. In addition, in many countries the import of rabbits is simply forbidden, in others they are sent to a long quarantine.

Having a rabbit children

Rabbits many breeds are good with kids, nevertheless, usually are not advised to start a rabbit to a child younger than 7-10 years.

If your child constantly says “I Want to get the rabbit!”, tell him about the peculiarities of animal behavior. Rabbits, in spite of sociability, not love, when them squeeze and will only play when you want to do.

If the rabbit is not ready to communicate, he would hide behind furniture running away from danger and clearing a path of escape, can chew wires and baseboards; in the case of fear may bite or if it is correctly kept, and to scratch claws.

If you are fully confident that children are ready to gently treat the animal and will be able to care for it, you’ll like one of the following breeds:

  • Dutch;
  • Himalayan;
  • chinchilla;
  • Trianta;
  • Palomino;
  • harlequin.

It’s not the most common (except, perhaps, Dutch and chinchilla) breeds, however, they are best suited for families with children. Read more about breeds of ornamental rabbits you can read in a recent article on “Beautiful and Successful”.


Under proper management, rabbits rarely get sick. The main problems is the wrong food, causing flatulence, flatulence and colitis.

Rabbits are vaccinated twice a year against the two most dangerous diseases prevalent in Russia – myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic disease. Before vaccination the animals give the anthelmintic.

As already mentioned, decorative rabbits even at home very stressed. In this case, they become lethargic, refuse to eat, sleep all the time. Some time after eliminating the source of stress Pets again become vigorous.

The growth of teeth in rabbits continues throughout life, so they should regularly grind. This decorative breeds of rabbits in the home give hay or tree branches. If you do not have to regularly trim the incisors.

Adult rabbits, especially males, preferably neutered. This will help to get rid of unwanted behavior of aggression, and labels in the apartment.

Rabbits are wonderful Pets. And if you give them enough time and attention they devoted friends throughout his long life!

The author – Svetlana Feldshera practicing veterinarian, specifically for your website –

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