How to make a business card whether you need a business card?

It would seem that a small piece of paper, and what work it performs! No need to rummage in your phone, including “Mash”, “Salons” and “Parks”, do not need to worry that recorded the wrong number, do not need again to search the phone or the firm/master. But how to make a business card? To avoid being thrown out and forgot about it. To show your level of professionalism. To reflect you. Advises

In what cases do we need a business card? (and whether, in fact)

Business cards are personal and corporate, today we’ll talk about personal.

Who needs a business card

  • you have a business and you often communicate with people (customers, suppliers, partners, etc.). This card will indicate your personal contacts.
  • are you freelancer, free, master, etc.
  • you are a public person, often for exhibitions, private parties, receptions, etc. In such circles can be taken not just to give your room the desired card.

Business card also helps when you work with someone else, and you need to give always two phone numbers or do you sometimes go on some establishments, where it is useful to leave information about themselves, but the advertising flyer is not the topic or throw it quickly.

Business card financial Advisor

How to make a business card or, more precisely, how to apply?

What it should be:

  • Your name (optional — first name). Decided to write in this order: first name, middle name, last name, or first and last name, respectively.

“Maria Petrova” or “Maria Petrovna Petrova”

  • Post (occupation).

“manicure”, “financial consultant”, “journalist”, etc.

  • The name of the company you represent, information about this company (logo, slogan, postal and Internet address, perhaps a brief information about kind of activity). If not, then don’t write anything.

“Beauty “Ideal”, Lenina str., 3, of. 14”

  • Contact numbers and email address of the cardholder.

Business card hair salon

Tips on how to make a business card

  • Not “encrypted”

If you are known under some name and you untwist it, then be sure to mention it. It’s not in the official rules, but it’s common sense. For example, you are a hairdresser who the whole town knows by the name of “Shura” (even if passport you Angelica), at least write in brackets the name. To stranger understand correctly that you are you.

  • Simplify

If your occupation is strong written in 15 words and no way to cut design, which will be a couple of lines in the form of questions, for which you can apply. For example, “document processing”, “complex examination of type…”.

  • E-mail address

If you have no website and the corresponding address, get business box, type a Use the proven and popular domains (, Remember that ‘ type katushka83 or parabolicity look serious.

  • Convenience

No matter how creative your approach to the design, it is better to make a business card of standard size (to fit in a wallet or business card holder) – size 90 × 50 mm.

  • Avoid formulaic variants (in computer programs). “Threw out” – they are always the first candidates.
  • Do not ship.

5 phones, a complete list of what you do, and end up on the card the letters come to each other on imaginary legs. Is the concept of “air” in design. The more, the better made card, so it is clearer and more like man.

Card yoga instructor

  • The most important information I advise you to place to the left (for horizontal design).
  • The classic version is the horizontal design.
  • Font.

Use simple and easy to read. Various hooks and italics, bold, etc. bad captured the eye. Spend time “decoding”, no one will. Suggest not to use more than two typefaces.

  • The choice of paper.

Psychologists advise to choose embossed or textured paper: it is pleasant to hold in hands. Another option is a laminated business cards, they are durable (not dirty, not torn), but then you need to use a laminate on which you can write, because sometimes the cards are made some notes. In any case, paper should be thick and of good quality.

Printing business cards on normal b/W printer is invalid. So people have formed about you believed as a messy, financially insolvent man, providing unknown services.

Creative business cards

  • “playing” with paper (special textures, combinations, etc.);
  • attach small samples of products;
  • aromacare;
  • transparent cards (printed on thin plastic);
  • with jokes (the holes for the fingers, the lines “break” and bend, for example, images of a man and a woman and between them you have to tear off a piece of paper, and it says “divorce Lawyer”);
  • of other materials. Business cards made from fabric, clay, dough. If this creativity is justified, then why not?

Card programmer

How to use a business card?

Keep cards you need in a special holder, which should be in a zone of easy access (to people, not waiting while you find in the bag this tiny piece of paper). The holder must comply with your style.

Serve card faceup and letters to the interlocutor that he could easily read what it says.

Business cards usually need to give the other party, when it appears. “Maria Ivanova, manicure”, and give a card. Or say why you are speaking to someone, again presented and give a business card: “I accidentally found out that you need a master to the wedding. I would like to offer my services. Maria Ivanova, the master of manicure” — and a card.

Etiquette requires that you give a card if you give your. But, of course, to observe is not always possible. However, if you move in circles where everyone has a card, and you write phone numbers on napkins and pieces of paper, you definitely need a business card.

Author – Love Segalove, site

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