How to make a diet?

“I know that dieting is harmful. Visit a nutritionist is worth the money, access to the fitness club time and money. But to lose weight you want! Probably need to make myself diet… how nutritionists are… Help on how to do it yourself? Olga”

Olga, in fact, to make a diet by yourself is a snap. Today women’s site will tell you how to become a nutritionist myself!

Step 1. Analyzed the existing system of power

Each of us developed its own power – even if we think that the supply is haphazard. Since we prefer some products to others prefer to eat at a certain time.

To provide a complete picture of your power, answer honestly to the questions:

  • When you want to eat the most: day, evening, night?
  • Products what flavor do you prefer: salty, sweet, sour.
  • You eat (how many) times a day.
  • You take food for (how many?) hours of sleep.
  • Fruits and vegetables in your diet is… (base, rare, present every day little by little)
  • How much do you drink per day of liquid and it is best to calculate how much of it clean water.
  • After a meal in your belly weight… (not permanently, often, for example, after dinner)

Major mistakes in nutrition are as follows:

  • Too large volumes of food: you can overeat at every meal or only in the evening, before bedtime. It is clear that the body is not going to benefit.
  • Too rare meals. Usually the less we eat, the more portion. And it strengthens the stomach more than a small portion, and besides, we more you want to eat, and often we are attacked by the real Jordan…
  • The meals at night. Everyone have the same structure: the closer to the night, the more the body is configured to rest. So whatever you ate is delayed by fat, and does not benefit.
  • Too little fluid per day. It affects the metabolism it slows down. To adjust the diet, add more a variety of liquid – can be water, juices, and smoothies, and herbal teas, and soups…
  • Few vegetables and fruits. It turns out that the large amounts of food and vegetables and fruits in them little offensively. But vegetables and fruits not only are low-calorie and rich in vitamins, but also have a positive effect on bowel habits.
  • So, your mistakes in nutrition did you realize – only to avoid them, adjusting the power of volitional effort.

    What is the product for you home?

    It is very important to make this diet stick which you will not be easy. How do you do it? Yes it’s easy – just eat what you like! Together with useful products, of course ?

    Consider the product (or product group) for you – the most favorite (excluding all sorts of desserts such as sweets and white loaves). Such products may be several. They have to be in your new diet.

    For example, if you can’t live without nuts, red meat and fish, there is no reason to refuse them.

    Important: from the beloved, but not-so-useful products, completely can not refuse! Will power will not increase, but motivation does. In addition, such a diet will protect you from breakdowns.

    Step 2. Healthy foods – unhealthy foods

    Take a pen and a piece of paper, raschertite sheet in 2 columns. First title: harmful products. Write here all products which I personally make you fat (because you know yourself better than others know you?) Also here recorded, from which then hard on the stomach. For example, I have this column – mayonnaise and fried fish.

    The second column is healthy foods. Write here all products that contribute to your harmony.

    Conclusion: the main diet is formed from healthy ingredients and harmful or exclude completely, or a little reserve.

    Step 3. Distribute the products meals

    Now is the time to determine what we will eat during the day, to distribute the products meals. So take another piece of paper and draw on it the following table:

    Upper column – “healthy food” and “favorite food” on the left – in meals: Breakfast, second Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner.

    And now start to distribute products to meals. It is important to consider how many calories and when you spend, you have a mental or physical work, active or stationary.

    For example, active work is spent more energy therefore the body before it required recharging in the form of protein (eggs, meat, nuts, etc.). Sedentary work it is better to prefer complex carbohydrates (cereals, muesli, vegetables). Well, if you have a very stressful job, the carbohydrates and proteins you can combine. Simple carbohydrates (fruit, for example) it is better to eat as a snack, as often such products are undesirable and something to combine.

    How to fill out a table?

    Will show on the example of one girl, who works as a waitress from 16 to 24 hours. Work it physical all the time on my feet. Gets girl 13 hours, Breakfast – in 14. As she got a busy working day, a girl’s gotta eat something useful and giving strength. Though the sandwiches to make and fast, but they are not useful, and besides, are not the favorite foods of the girl. Therefore, her choice – porridge and cutlets on a couple.

    Girl can not live without coffee with milk, but at least it’s not a useful product, we leave for lunch (17.00).

    Dinner (20.00) it is better to do is also useful. Braised vegetables with meat is fine.

    Snack (23.00) – something light, better fruit. Bananas are a fruit high in calories, but as this damsel favorite fruit, so we include them in the diet.

    Supper girl later in the morning. And pulls it usually for something sweet. So for dinner we choose something nice and easy, not to have heaviness in the stomach. For example, it can be baked cottage cheese pudding with low-fat yogurt (since yogurt is a favorite product of girls).

    The table turned out like this:

    Useful productsFavorite products
    Breakfast (14.00)Porridge + chicken for a couple
    Second Breakfast (17.00)Coffee with milk + a slice of rye bread
    Dinner (20.00)Steamed vegetables with meat
    Snack (23.00)1 banana
    Dinner (1.00)Cottage cheese casseroleYogurt

    Step 4. Make a menu for each day

    A menu, similar to the previous one, we must make every day. Favorite foods to insert the menu, but know the measure! If you want to eat a lot of your favorite product, then remember that you will be able to eat tomorrow and the day after the poet, one should not overeat today. It will protect you from a disruption of food.

    Step 5. Lead food diary

    A food diary is a very important part of your diet. At first it just anywhere! Indeed, in the diary we will record what and when they eat, and we don’t need to lie to ourselves. Moreover, it is proved that those who lead food diary, stroiput much faster!

    Record in the food diary of everything eaten during the day – down to the smallest cookies ? Specify the time and amount eaten. The same applies to drinking.

    And of course, it is necessary to specify the results – the weight and volume of the body. To weigh and obmenjatsja recommended every day, but only once or twice a week, immediately after waking up.

    Olga, as you can see, becoming a dietitian myself it is not so difficult! Try and remember that eating habits do not change instantly. It takes time – not weeks but several months. Yes, it sounds tedious, but the result in the form of a beautiful shape – the best reward for the work!

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