How to make a firming mask for face at home

Whether to make a firming mask for face at home? What results will they bring? What are the finished products? Is it possible to use natural cosmetic formulations? Equipment selection, use and effectiveness of masks for skin tightening.

Firming mask — a series of additional skin care. Producers are positioning them as a solution to stabilize the volumes and shapes of the face, tightening of tissue, called lifting. However, their value in cosmetics secondary. And many of the properties of such means indicated only in advertising, in practice the results are not so attractive.

Causes deformation of facial contours

Lifting means are designed to fight aging of the skin which begins to SAG, changing the facial expression. Tissues become flabby, they just wanted to “pull up” to return to the place. Begin the process of sagging after 30 years, but they become visible late: usually after the age of 40, and women with a good heredity and after 50 years.

Beauticians share deformation occurring in the region of the face and neck, into two types.

  • Topical. Them causes a decrease in tone of the structures of skin and muscle tissue, which in youth are elastic, but with age, their composition is changing. Skin and muscular frame weaken, the system operates as a whole, because the skin is inextricably linked with the muscles. The muscle fibers are literally woven into the dermis, which explains the capabilities of our diverse expressions. And if muscle tissue are weakening, and this invariably affects the appearance of the skin. They SAG after the muscles have lost their elasticity.
  • Surround. Facial tissue is not separated from the body. In them, the same processes as in the legs or perhaps the abdomen. If there is an accumulation of adipose tissue, it is placed in the facial area, usually in the area of the cheeks. If the status of the excretory system is not perfect, a woman concerned about swelling, similar processes will occur in the facial area. Swelling of tissues makes it more voluminous.

Topical and volumetric strain are inextricably linked. Usually after 40 years they are rapidly changing the oval face of women, who do not pay enough attention to their appearance and condition. Process-induced deformations, is called ptosis.

Ptosis of tissues is their omission, which is more noticeable in people who are inclined to obesity due to greater amount of adipose tissue in the facial region. But he accompanies and women of normal stature, as the structure of the muscle and skin fibers weaken with age.

Ptosis is a complex phenomenon, it involves not only the skin but also the muscle layer, the fatty structures of the lymphatic system. As it is the first to slide down the corners of his eyes and lips, changing the position of the eyebrow. People full sagging cheeks and neck, is significant deformation of the lower third of the face.

Methods of dealing with ptosis

To deal with the ptosis only one effect on the skin silly, because superficial measures will not give visible result. It’s like trying to cement jelly, causing him egg protein or other solidifying substance. Content is not changed, the structure remains the same: loose, deformed. So the external funds for the facelift in cosmetics are used sparingly.

Treatment of ptosis involves comprehensive correction of sagging tissues. It is performed by several methods.


Methods of working hands, which are exposed and the deeper layers of skin, muscle and skeleton. The main type of procedures in the conservative technique of massage that allows you to work and change the tone of the muscular frame.

Contrary to popular belief, massage tones and relaxes muscles, making a good smooth wrinkles. The massage is performed with pressure, or the deep layers of the facial skeleton do not get. During the massage it seems that there is a stretching of the skin that scares women on the first sessions. But the stretching performed by experienced hands, safe as it will allow the skin to properly “seat” the updated facial skeleton.

At the same time we recommend a course of toning and tightening. It is through improving the structure of tissues, saturating them the “building blocks” to improve tone. Such tools include the mask for a facelift, usually represented plasticizing compositions.

But the mask is only part of complex conservative therapy. Their action is limited to the surface of the epidermis, while tightening the tissues, it is important to get much deeper.

Therefore, they are at the same time with the median peeling procedures, in which layers of the dermis at a controlled depth burned that activates the production of the basal layer of new, elastic collagen fibers. After peeling the skin surface is moistened with active ingredients to promote regeneration.


There are several types of procedures to reach the subcutaneous tissue. Is microcurrent therapy, fractional rejuvenation, RF-lifting, Thermage. In each case there is an influence on facial tissue at depth, where there is a muscular frame, there was an accumulation of water due to microcirculatory disorders. Such procedures promote lymphatic drainage and renew collagen fibers.

Hardware techniques combined with conservative. Often it is added to anti-aging, moisturizing mask for tightening of facial contours. But its importance is secondary, whereas directly from the ptosis of tissues are fighting microcurrent or laser.


Lift performed via liposuction, surgical facelift. Is a full-fledged surgical intervention in the facial tissue. There are gentle alternatives to surgery performed masonite, technology bioarmirovaniâ.

Professional lifting masks

Mask for tightening skin is present in every programme to combat age-related changes. But it is not the main extra feature as it is limited only by the external influence.

The importance of a properly chosen mask, according to cosmetologists, is invaluable to reduce the symptoms of ptosis. In anti-aging programs are used in the compositions of several types.


The most popular peel-off masks are used by cosmetologists for the correction of age-related changes. In their composition sodium alginate is derived from processed seaweed. The substance is a block of guluronate and mannuronate acids inherent viscosity and ability to swell.

Alginates are powerful sorbents. On the skin they actively involve yourself in all available material. It is sweat, the contents of skin pores, the toxins from the epidermis into the created vacuum. Mask shape effect reverse osmosis, resulting in surface “rasslabone” of the epidermis. But the impact is observed at a deep level.

Thanks to the osmotic process aktiviziruyutsya lymphatic drainage in the tissues. The outflow of stagnant lymph, improves microcirculation. As ptosis is often caused by swelling of tissues, after the algae mask you can observe the reduction of swelling and the effect of the facelift. The composition is plasticized, compressed, mechanically adjusting the shape of the oval face, smoothing wrinkles and pores.

Alginate peel-off mask can be used at home. They are included in the rate of the additional care once a week for ten treatments after the age of 40 years and six treatments for less Mature skin. Repeat the course twice a year.

The technique

  • Mix a dry mass with water. Usually one treatment is enough 40 grams of money. Water should be slightly below the mass resembled a thick cream.
  • Apply on face and neck with a spatula. It is important to act very quickly, since the composition is plasticized and may harden in the bowl. Cover eyes and lips to ensure complete drainage of tissues.
  • Take a horizontal position for at least 30 minutes.
  • Remove the resulting “snapshot”, gently lifting from the chin.
  • After this mask, you replace that volume of the face decreased. This effect is observed because the mass of plasticizing intense “chase” the lymph and activates the venous outflow.

    Of the mask film

    To use the mask film can be without any skills. It is a gel-like substance, which when applied well distributed in the skin. Spreading, it penetrates the pores and adheres to the stratum corneum of the epidermis. While the composition of the liquid, it saturates the skin with active substances.

    Manufacturers offer films for different skin type. For fat in the composition include calendula, rosehips, vitamins, organic acids, and moisturizing oils. Designed for dry formulations with vitamins A and C, essential oils of orange, geranium, jojoba oil, herbal extracts with soothing effect.

    The mask of the film have a peeling off effect. Their adhesion to the epidermis intensifies as they dry and attempt to remove the composition leads to a “tearing” of dead skin cells. The procedure is not very pleasant, but not traumatic, therefore, as the peeling means and for correcting the current state of the skin of the mask film can be included in home care.

    Have a lifting effect, but unlike alginate masks, their effects are only superficial. The result is stored for a short time, although immediately after the removal of “second skin” noticeable.

    The technique

  • Clean and moisturize the skin tonic, dry.
  • Apply on face, avoiding eyes and lips. Be careful as you get closer to the hair of the head, the eyebrows. When you remove the mask pulling out hairs, causing discomfort.
  • Write a composition on the face for 30-45 minutes, wait until dry.
  • Remove, gently pry up the lower part of the face.
  • The mask film is usually recommended for the care of young skin prone to acne. Removing them capture some of the black spots, so the face looks fresh. But in older age they may be useful for a lifting effect.

    Homemade firming mask

    Firming facial mask at home prepared products, after drying, forming a film. Including them in additional care, it is important to remember a few rules.

    • Do not expect miracles. Only mask the problem of age-related ptosis can not cope. The required complex correction, which starts with a complete daily skin care, cleansing and moisturizing skin, use hydrating masks. After 35 years, useful massage course of 6-10 procedures with supporting process once a month. High efficiency of microcurrent therapy, which is also recommend to take a course. And only in addition to the integrated home care it makes sense to use a firming mask.
    • Only use lying down. “A gross error — to apply the mask on your face and go do household chores, says beautician Olga FEM. — It negates the effect of any lifting of the mask. The older a woman is, the more horizontal should be her position during the procedure.”
    • Use regularly. It is sufficient to use 1 time a week and on other days you include in a moisturizing or nourishing mask. But the application should be regular, otherwise the lifting effect will not be noticeable or quickly disappear.

    At home facial masks, firming the skin is prepared from gelatin, potatoes, egg whites.


    Universal part suitable for oily and dry skin, as it includes anti-inflammatory and moisturizing ingredients.


  • Pour gelatin into a container with a mass of 10 grams.
  • Add cold water volume of 50 ml, leave to swell.
  • Mix two teaspoons of glycerine with the same amount of liquid honey. Add a teaspoon of zinc paste.
  • Mix the resulting slurry with a swollen gelatin, heat and stir to combine in a water bath.
  • To apply the composition in the bandages. Cut three strips with a length of 20 centimeters, soak each in the resulting mass. Place first center on the chin, the ends lay on his cheeks towards the ears. The second bandage cover the forehead, the third lay horizontally from ear to ear, pressed to the cheeks. Write a composition on the face for thirty minutes.


    The recipe uses a raw potato, which enriches the skin with starch. And olive oil as a source of valuable fatty acids, especially the essential dry epidermis.


  • Peel the raw potatoes, grate on a fine grater.
  • Add a teaspoon of olive oil.
  • Mix.
  • Apply the mass to cleansed face and neck. Rinse off after 20 minutes with warm water.

    Protein bran

    This composition takes into account the needs of oily skin allows you to clear the pores, works as a light exfoliation due to the presence of citric acid.


  • Separate protein, whisk until the state foam.
  • Stir in two teaspoons of bran.
  • Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and grated lemon zest.
  • Mix.
  • Apply the mixture on the face. It can be a little pinch. After twenty minutes, remove and wipe the skin with ice.

    For reviews of cosmetologists, firming facial masks at home can be used as extra care. They will not bring tangible results, if you apply their “fits” from time to time, or to hold them all hopes to combat age-related changes. Combining them with massage, and full daily care, it is possible to achieve a pronounced lifting-effect.

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