How to make a hair mask out of wine?

Women’s website “” never tires of finding for you the actual beauty recipes and today offers to try the hair mask from wine – hit natural cosmetics. A bit of this invigorating drink is useful not only for digestion, but also beauty of hair!

This is confirmed by professional cosmetologists and the gods of Olympus under the name “Hollywood” discovered a whole line of wine cosmetics. And we try?

What useful mask from wine for the hair?

It is worth saying that the wine cosmetics is now really at the peak of its popularity. Ideal if yours will be the house wine, made with grapes from the store and not a cheap substitute.

The best time to apply masks with a drink – this winter, when the hair is weakened, and the body lacks vitamins.

But at any other time of the year the mask of natural wines for hair will be useful if you want to give them health and Shine.

Properties of wine that are useful for hair:

  • due to organic acids (tartaric, malic), the wine has an antibacterial action, helps treat dandruff and skin problems in the Bud
  • strengthen the roots and stimulate growth
  • normalization of the sebaceous glands
  • wine prevents the appearance of gray hair
  • gives a noble shade and Shine
  • vitamins P, B1, B6, C, contained in wine, stimulate blood circulation in the scalp.

Any hair mask with wine trioxystrobin contains a substance that prevents aging of cells, that is, has an antioxidant effect. Wine as a component of the treatment opens the pores of the scalp, and then start to operate other components. Remember that if skin is very dry and begins to dandruff, the wine before adding to the mask is necessary to heat to evaporate the alcohol. recommended for light colored hair, use white wine, as otherwise possible unexpected color reaction.

Auxiliary components of the mask from wine for the hair

If you have a little wine, then, depending on the existing problems with the curls, add a mask:

  • if the hair is not grow – natural irritants such as black or red pepper, dry mustard powder, onion juice, tincture of horseradish root
  • dry, lifeless – honey, egg yolk, cream, sour cream, butter
  • greasy, dirty easily – cosmetic clay, which cleanses the hair roots and normalize the sebaceous glands

Mask for lifeless, dull hair with wine

Need 70 ml of wine, preferably dry. Add heavy cream (six teaspoons or three tablespoons).

Add natural oils, depending on the problem:

  • the wheat germ oil – nourishes the roots, is suitable for brittle hair and hair loss
  • hemp oil – easily absorbed, the hair is much better, especially if they are too parched and tangled
  • jojoba oil makes hair shiny and healthy, great for dyed
  • calendula oil if you frequently use Curling irons or flat irons
  • burdock oil for poorly growing hair and hair loss

Choose the two most suitable oil and add a mask of a teaspoon. All the ingredients a good mix and apply on washed hair, carefully rubbing into the skin. Hike with a mask, pre-wrapped hair in plastic and insulate with a towel for about 20 minutes.

Depending on oil and condition of hair, rinse the mask under a warm shower or using shampoo if left fat.

Mask from wine for the problem of hair

Here the actors are the wine and mashed into a puree berries. Ideal Kalina, but you can use strawberries, rosehips, Rowan or currants. Cleanse the fruit from the peel and seeds, grind through a sieve or grind in a blender. You’ll need about two tablespoons.

More about berry hair mask recommend you to read this article on the “Beautiful and Successful”.

Add in puree 50 ml white wine and two teaspoons of corn or rice starch. This product copes well with dry dandruff. You should get a viscous mass. Apply, hold and wash her at the same principle as the previous mask.

Mask long oily hair with red wine

In addition to the 50 ml (or 6 teaspoons) of natural red wine, you will need a teaspoon of honey. Pre-heat the product in a water bath to a temperature of 38 degrees. Then add one chicken egg yolk. Honey and wine well dried the skin of the head, and yolk – nourish with nutrients.

Carefully spread the mask from roots to ends of hair under and hold with polyethylene and towel 15-25 minutes. Wash the tool with warm water (not hot – so the egg yolks don’t curdle!).

Apply a hair mask of wine costs at least once in three days, but in order to see the first result, you will need four to five treatments. Remember that you should not do wine mask for future use, as a means of simply spoiled.

Series of masks, and if after treatment the hair remains the smell of alcohol, try to use drink another brand.

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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