How to make a menu for the family?

Sometimes you open the fridge and frantically trying to figure out what to cook for dinner? Or your intention is to please the home something tasty, and the desired products was not at home? Such problems can be avoided if you know how to make the menu for a few days for the family, but preferably for the entire week.

How to do it better, I’ll tell you now ““.

Why make a menu for the week

Develop the home and the habit to plan your meals, you get a lot of useful and pleasant “bonuses”.

  • Save time and effort. The cooking process will be much faster. You don’t have to spend time thinking how to compose the menu for the day, and products needed to implement your plans, are always at hand.
  • Rational planning of the budget. You will be able to accurately calculate what and how much you need to purchase. By the way, during your daily shopping unforeseen expenses, but purchasing everything you need, for example, once a week, you will be able to avoid them.
  • Healthy eating. After analyzing your diet, you probably, over time, eliminate from the shopping list products. Food your family will become more healthy, diverse and sustainable.
  • Development of creative abilities. Yes, because cooking is an art, and may you discover your own abilities and desire to be creative in cooking meals for loved ones. In an effort to diversify your Desk, you will be able to try out new recipes and maybe invent something of their own.

How to make a menu for the family: where to start?

At first glance it seems that to come up with dishes that you will prepare and distribute them in the days of the week – the problem is simple. Really important here is a systematic approach.

To begin, try to remember everything you tried and tested recipes. You might be surprised that they would be not so much.

But if there are at least 20 good, and if 50 or more – congratulations: you are a wonderful hostess!

For the convenience of storing everything that I can remember in the table divided into the count, for example, such:

  • Salads and snacks
  • Entrees
  • Main dishes
  • Side dishes
  • Desserts

If you use for cooking foods, bring them to the table. At this stage you do not plan on how to make a menu of proper nutrition, and simply list the “Arsenal” foods, which is owned at the moment.

Perhaps in this list you will want to include new recipes that I have long wanted to try. Write them down in a separate table.

It is not necessary to make the menu for the week only one of them – this will require you to have too high moral and physical cost. Better incorporate 2 – 3 new recipe in the weekly menu every time – so your skills in the culinary business will gradually improve.

How to make a menu, given its resources and opportunities

Do not rush to distribute the familiar recipes for the days of the week.

The next step is the analysis of the opportunities and resources that are at your disposal. To do this will help answer the following questions:

  • How long you plan to spend each day on cooking in General? Whether it’s the time the same on weekdays and weekends?
  • How many meals you plan to cook every day?
  • Can someone from home to help you in the kitchen?
  • What amount to purchase food for a week you have?
  • What dishes listed love members of your family?

Exactly the same principle is used if you are seeking an answer to the question, how to compose a festive menu or how to plan family meals during the trip.

Now you can choose the recipes that you will prepare during the week and distribute them.

If you use the same ingredients to make different dishes, it will save energy and money. For example, buying a large head of cabbage, part of it you’ll prepare soup or borsch, cabbage and the rest will be useful for the second course, for example, cabbage or bigos.

Of course, it all depends on the habits and practices adopted in each family, but if you cook large portions, which is enough for 2-3 days, then you will not have to stand for hours at the stove.

A list of products

Now the question is about how to make a menu for a week for the whole family, can be considered solved. Left to their own to implement their plans. This is a very important and useful item on the work menu, and here’s why.

  • A trip to the store with a list will be swift and orderly, without painful rushing between the shelves and the fear to forget something important.
  • The list will not allow you “wasted” on unnecessary purchases and you’ll spend exactly as much money as planned.
  • You will save yourself from the daily exhausting shopping trips, and free time can be spent on something useful and enjoyable.

A list of products advises to be in this order:

  • Write down all the ingredients that are included in your chosen recipes.
  • Complete list of products, without which it is difficult to imagine how to make the everyday menu, even if they are not used in the recipes (sugar, tea, coffee, bread, salt, etc.).
  • Group the products that are repeated and write them in the total required quantity. So if cooking one dish you’ll need 2 eggs, and another – 6, write: “eggs – 8 PCs.”.
  • Zero products, the stock of which you already have at home.
  • You will be easier if you rewrite the list in the order in which the departments are located in the shop which you usually visit. Select the product group in accordance with them, for example “milk”, “grocery”, “meat”, etc.

We hope that our advice helped you solve the problem, how to make a rational menu. It remains only to determine the day when you plan to purchase and ask the husband to carry food to the house.

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