How to make a pendant with your own hands: master class pendant from the cameo and beads

In recent years, increasingly flashed on photos and screens of the stars, but not in gold and jewels, and homemade ornaments. It is fresh, relevant and incredibly beautiful. So why not make this beauty with his own hands, for example, a pendant or earrings?

Today women’s site tell and show in the master class, how to make a pendant with your own hands, which is suitable to a simple summer sundress and sophisticated evening outfit. Tinkering going of cameos and beads.


In order to make a pendant with your own hands, we need:

1. Mother-of-pearl cameo (you can take the shell, any cabochon: natural stone or plastic)
2. Beads of different colors and shapes:

  • round Japanese seed beads № 11, color: milky
  • round Japanese seed beads № 15,color: white
  • cylindrical beads No. 11 (Miyukigaoka or Tootsies), color: white and milk
  • large beads can number 10 or number 8, color: white
  • cubes (1.8 mm Miyuki or Toho 1.5 mm), color: white
  • crystallized bicone 4 mm, color: white

Instead of cylindrical beads you can take a normal round (for example No. 11). Round Japanese glass seed beads №11 you can replace Czech number 10 or 11, and the Japanese No. 15 Czech No. 13 or 14. Because dice are used to decorate the edges and in the wrap, instead of them, you can use any beads, for example, the same round number 11. And to make the pendant with your own hands, instead of bicone Swarovski you can take any beads with a diameter of 3-4 mm. the color of the beads will depend on fantasy mistresses and cabochon, which will adorn the center pendant. The combination of colors you can spy on any site on needlework.

3. The basis for embroidery (fleece or felt)
4. Cardboard or any thick paper
5. Natural or artificial leather
6. Glue (or silicone)
7. Monofilament or thin fishing line
8. A needle for beads
9. Nail scissors
10. Wire (for a Hoop on which to hang pendant)
11. Castle
12. Pliers
13. Mother-of-pearl beads diameter 4 mm (can be replaced with small pearls or artificial pearls)
14-16. Mother-of-pearl beads with a diameter of 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm (can be replaced with pearls of different sizes)
17. Mother of pearl teardrop shaped bead (or any bead, fancy better, or not round in shape, but round, of course).

How to make a pendant with your own hands: turn-based strategy

Take the basison which we will embroider a pendant. You can use glued in 6-8 layers of fleece or felt.

  • Well lubricated the back side of the cameo glue
  • Glue the cameo to the base

Give the glue to dry and begin to sheathe a cameo beads.

First row:

  • On the needle, dial 2 beads (cylindrical beads Miyuki Delica milky color)
  • Sew close to the cameo

  • derive the needle on the front side before the first bead and pass through the two beads

  • Recruited third Delica and sew it close to the second

  • Bring the needle between the first and second beads, and pass through the second and third

  • Recruited Delico fourth and etc Repeat until, until you trimmed the entire edge

The diagrams for the following:

The result is a cameo with beads:

Begin to weave the second row.

Now we are going to alternate seed beads and white milky color.

  • Extending the needle through the bead of the first row (first), put on her Delica white and pass the needle through one bead of the previous row (the third)
  • Next, put on the needle Delico milky and again extending the needle through one bead of the previous row (the fifth)

When the second row is completely finished, insert the needle into the nearest bead of the second row and begin to weave the third row of Delicas white.

  • Between each bead of the second row insert white Delica

The last row weave white round beads №15, through one bead missing. The pass dive in Delice the previous row and back up (i.e., inserted between the bead 1 and 2, 3And 4, 5 and 6 etc. with the beads of the third row. The gaps will be between 2 and 3, 4 and 5, 6 and 7, etc. beads). The tension of the yarn allows to hold the needle directly through the 3 beads on the second and third rows:


The next step will be:

  • embroider a row of pearl beads diameter 4 mm. embroidery is the same as we embroidered the first row of beads around the cameo
  • Carefully cut out the pendant nail scissors on the edge

How to make a neat pendant with your own hands, as the experienced masters? Our pendant to keep in shape, look nice, and were careful, it should be compacted and leveled.

  • Cut out the outline of the pendant of thick paper the size of 2-3 mm less
  • Glue it to the pendant with glue

Give the glue a little dry.

  • Well we coat with white glue cardboard
  • Our bonded pendant to the piece of skin

  • Cut the pendant on the contour, leaving the edge about 1 mm

Begin to process the edge of the pendant using round beads number 11 milky color.

  • Threading the needle from the wrong side and stretch the thread on the front side of the pendant. Recruit one bead. Pierce the edge of the pendant with the front side on the reverse on the distance of the width of the beads
  • Hold the needle again into the same bead from below:
  • Take the second bead and again pierce the pendant at a distance equal to its width
  • Return the needle in the second bead

Do so until our land is fully closed bead.

Discover our necklace:

Decorate the pendant

Now to the most interesting stage: the decoration of the edges of the pendant.

There are readers of the site it is proposed to experiment a bit and fantasize. To make an unusual pendant with your own hands, you can, for example, to make a beautiful “corners”.

  • Bring the needle out of the beads. Put on her Delica white cube white, white Delica
  • Introduce the needle into the next edge bead

  • Bring the needle from the following bead region. Put Delico white, round white, white Delica
  • Enter the needle through one bead region

  • In advance you will need to outline the middle of the pendant and decorate the edges symmetrically, like so:

Decorate the top of the pendant.

  • Bring the needle from the first cube to the top “corner”
  • Recruited white round bead No. 15, a bead of mother of pearl 6 mm in diameter and 1 bead of white color No. 15. Pass the needle to the second cube to the top “corner”

To decorate the bottom of the pendant, take the bead in the form of drops.

  • To do this, insert the needle in one of the bottom two bicone dial on the needle 1 cube, teardrop-shaped bead and 1 cube
  • Threading the needle in the second round hem.

The pendant is ready! Let’s see what we have:

Make Hoop, to hang the pendant

How to make a pendant with your own hands, we already know. You only have to make the Hoopon which the pendant will hang.

  • To do this, take the wire the desired length (depending on neck circumference). It is better if the wire is memory, because it holds its shape well, badly deformed. The pliers do at the end of the wire round a small loop and fasten the locks
  • Strung on the wire the beads in any order at the discretion of the masters. To do this, use beads of mother-of-pearl of different diameters, the large white beads (No. 10 or No. 8) and white cubes. When half of the wire is closed, the wire is threaded in the upper bead pendant (mother of pearl bead with a diameter of 6 mm, which we have designed the top of the pendant)
  • Strung on the second part of the wire beads, symmetrically to the first half with pliers and attach the second part of our mice.


By using the website we made the pendent in his hands! Using technology and his own imagination, changing color and shape of the beads, types of stones, replacing cameo cabochon with interesting pattern, you can create exclusive ornaments that will allow you to look stylish and feminine! It remains to pick an outfit…

Olga Novikova — specifically for the site –
Photo — Olga Novikova.

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