How to make a personalized exercise program

“Hello, makers of women’s website ““! I have a problem – not enough time for fitness, but still want to do it. Is it possible in home conditions to make the class effective? How to make a personalized exercise program? Thanks in advance. Julia”

Julia, to do an effective home fitness is actually not too difficult. If You do not have any specific problems with weight and figure, You can create your own individual training program – for example, as I did.

Prepare individual training program
Step 1. Identify problem areas

Of course, it would be good to work on the whole body at once, but when pressed for time, should focus on the most important places of figures problematic.

Write down your problem areas.

For example, I, like many women in this list:

  • Belly
  • Thighs, especially inner thighs.
  • Buttocks

Step 2. Decide what you want to achieve

Close your eyes and imagine your ideal body – what is it? What happened with problem areas? They lost in the volume? Come in tone? Become more toned? Or Vice versa, pleasantly rounded?

Take the list of problem areas and opposite each one write down your goals. If the goal is reduction, you need to take a tape measure, measure yourself and record your current volume and desired volume. It will not allow you to move away from the goal.

For example, I write in my list:

  • The stomach is to remove the fatty cushion, to make the stomach flat and fit.
  • Buttocks to get them in tone
  • Thighs, especially inner thighs is to tone, lose 5 cm volume.

Your goals determine the choice of kinds of fitness exercise. For example, if you want a nice rounded, you need to focus on strength training if you want to tone – fit aerobics, and if you lose weight — you will have to combine weights and cardio training.

Note: for serious weight loss You should consult a good fitness instructor!

Step 3. Take the time to workout

Time each of us is not always enough. Especially at the figure. Do not worry – we will take as much time as you can afford, and then, when nobody would interfere.

The optimum time of day for the training day, but each of us can make time during the day. Therefore it is better to train when you can afford it than not to train at all!

So you have to make time for exercise. At the same time determine how many exercises you can do during this time. However, sometimes it is possible to find out empirically.

For example, I can train only on weekdays when no-one interferes, and training I have only 10 minutes. During this time I can do 4-5 exercises. Warm-up would serve me chores, which I will do before training. In fact, washing the floors – a great workout ?

Step 4. Distribute the work with problem areas by days of the week

Experts say that after loading the problem area needs to relax, get in shape, to recover. Therefore, each problem area we will train every day and through the day. The press is not concerned. The press is very lazy area, so it is possible to train every day.

So, we write a list of what, when and how much we can train you.

I have put together this list:

  • Monday: abs – 3 exercises, press -1 exercise
  • Tuesday: the inner part of your hips – 3 exercises, press -1 exercise
  • Wednesday: the rear part of your hips – 3 exercises, press -1 exercise
  • Thursday: abs – 3 exercises, press -1 exercise
  • Friday: thighs – 3 exercises, press -1 exercise

Step 5. Pick exercises

You can love different types of fitness, different exercises. Tips advice, and it all depends on you! Do not go against yourself – it is better to choose what you really will do with pleasure.

And of course, the type of fitness depends from your activity. For example, if your day is active, select exercises leisurely, for example, from Pilates. But if you all day sitting in the office, you just need a little to poaktivnichat!

I decided to include in its program of exercises with weights (dumbbells) and without. Because every day I do 3 exercises on one problem area, one or two of them will be with dumbbells. I found on the Internet fit me exercise, and put them in the days of the week. For the press I found 5 exercises on different parts of the press – upper, lower, obliques, and also put them on days of the week. Get comfortable table!

It is important that all the exercises were different and during the week are not repeated, that every time you work out different muscles. This will give a more pronounced result, and you will be so fun to train!

You can do find videos with exercises on the network. For example, on YouTube, these videos do not last more than 10 minutes. But pick up the rollers in order not to waste useful time searching in network ?

Step 6. Keep a “diary pieces”

I must say that without this audit trail, the result will be worse. It is important not only to plan but to act according to plan. So we start a beautiful notebook and each day write down what you were doing, how were doing, and what sensations arise. Once a week we take the measuring tape and produce a control measurement of problem areas ?

Here is my “diary pieces”:

2.09.20103 exercises from “Exercises cellulite on thighs and buttocks”

1 in press: twisting

The hip has received considerable load, but the pressure I’d work out more if I had the time
3.09.20103 exercises for buttocks: taken from the article “Fitness cellulite”

1 drill press – yogic “posture bar”

After yesterday, my hips ache, so chose exercises that are gentle hips. The press got a good workout.

Important: only one exercise may be ineffective, if you want to lose weight in their problem areas. So it would be good in “Diary pieces” and record everything you eat, that is, to keep a food diary too. The individual training program, we add self-prepared diet ?

Step 7. The corrected results and revised the training program

Without correction of the results – no way! In the first week, you understand which exercise you like and provide a good load and which to exclude. You have decided to revise the program of training and made it a little different – excellent! The main thing – to stay motivated and not to get upset that the tape shows no changes. But your body probably has become a little more fit.

Maybe you, like me, will understand that one drill press in a day is too little, it is necessary to select home fitness more time. Maybe you decide to add exercises to other parts of the body. Perhaps you have pondered the choice of trainer for the home. Maybe make the conclusion that a home gym is not for you, and it is better to buy a monthly subscription to a fitness club. Well, it’s also a good result!

The main thing – that You are doing something for your figure and your health! Success in training!

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