How to make a proposal beloved man?

The idea to propose to a man most often comes to mind is a woman who really wants to create a family.

And because in the twenty-first century, many women dream of getting married are much stronger than men about marriage, the question of how to offer the man his hand and heart, care about many of the fair half. The answer to it today and give my readers a women’s website ““.

When to make a proposal beloved man

Generally, of course, to thrust in the wife man, even the most beloved, is somehow not quite feminine, but some men take things too far with this proposal that we have to speed up the process. And yet it can be done not always.

The point to take the initiative in their hands is in the following situations:

  • When a couple have been together, the relationship began almost married, it remains only to formalize them.
  • When a woman feels and understands that the beloved wants to make her an offer, but not solved. There is a category of men from which recognition and the proposals have “almost forceps pull out. And in other respects they are quite strong and courageous. So they need to give you a hint.
  • How to push a man to propose

    The website sure: a woman’s intuition always gives a correct clue about how it is male. It often happens that the words “Be my wife” she reads in his eyes at every meeting, but say them out loud he can’t.

    The main reason why men are hesitant to propose to his loved one fear of failure. This fear must be dispelled.

    It is enough to tell him, “I enjoy you”… “I want to be with you always”… “I have no one except you do not need”… “You will make a fine husband.”

    Often a man does not make deals out of fear that marriage will deprive him of his liberty and make his life monotonous. To compel a man to propose in this case, it is necessary to tell about all the advantages of living by a married person:

  • Such a man in society is perceived more seriously. Once in Russia adults were considered only male, unmarried. Married men, as experience shows, quickly moving up the career ladder.
  • Spouses that are legally married, it is easier to get a Bank loan to buy an apartment.
  • The rightful husband will not have problems with visiting his wife at a school that allowed only the closest relatives, for example, in intensive care.
  • If the couple has a baby, the lawful husband does not have to prove his paternity through the courts in case of any difficulties in the relationship with his wife.
  • Those who think how to get a man to propose, it is important to understand that a wise woman never acts aggressively and openly. Even in a situation when the proposal is actually voiced by a woman, it is possible to arrange in such a way that the man will seem like an important step, he did exactly.

    How to make an offer hands and hearts of man

    The woman will be able to bring forward the date of her wedding, if she shows gentleness, patience and ingenuity. Because she can’t buy cake, bouquet and ring, to come to the parental house of his beloved and the entire family asking him to be her husband. Women have to act smarter in choosing one of the following tactics:

  • The creation of conditionsin which the beloved will be comfortable and cozy. Sometimes a man hesitates to marry his partner due to the fact he couldn’t feel her desire to take care of him. In this case, the beloved need to understand that after marriage he will always be fed and abstian.
  • Hints. The man – being very slow-witted. He may not notice his lover desires to formalize the relationship, so she should give him a few subtle hints. For example, at the appropriate moment to insert one of these phrases: “All women want to be married, and I’m including”… “I always wanted to learn how to cook, that her husband was proud of me”… “For women, the most expensive piece of jewelry, only a wedding ring” etc.
  • Humor. Do offer your husband the easiest way in the form of jokes, they’re just carelessly throwing to him: “would you Married me or something. Children birth to…” or something like that. Surprisingly, very often men are willing to cling to a joke, seriously supporting the proposal.
  • A veiled question. A doubt: can a woman propose to a man, not Unisys? Here the main thing – correctly to build dialogue. Psychologists advise women in the evening, waiting for the moment when she and her partner will feel comfortable and relaxed from proximity to each other, suddenly say: “How good we have it now. Sorry, we can’t be husband and wife.” The continuation of this conversation can have two options. Partner can confirm: “Yes, sorry, we can’t get married until I paid off the loan for the car, because I have no way to even buy you a beautiful ring. Then it becomes clear why he makes the suggestions so far. Upon learning this, the woman can argue that she had a very modest ring, or agree to wait another 3 years until a loved one will not receive the money. If a man will be surprised to such statement and ask for your partner, why not formalize the relationship, she will only have to clarify: “we’ve been together a long time. If you’re not proposed to me, it means that something is stopping you”. Such phrases can be the answer to the question, how is a woman to propose to a man if he is not showing any desire to form relationships and even remote plans to have him looms the Ghost of the future wedding.
  • Many women are afraid that the initiative will make them in the eyes of society, worthless, not worthy of respect. They agree to live in a civil marriage for 5-10 years, and then left alone, and not waiting for a hike to the Registrar. But there is among the fair half of those ladies who think that it is better to propose to a man than a lot of years to suffer from uncertainty and to waste their time on hopeless relationships. And the website “” agree with them.

    Therefore, my readers: do not be afraid to seem Intrusive, in any form convenient for you ask for the plans of man for your future together, and not waste her life on it, if there is no future of making your marriage.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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