How to make a white mulled wine?

Mulled wine is the perfect drink for winter and bad weather. It warms, relaxes and even allows you to cope with the cold. In most cases it is prepared from red wine, but white mulled wine also deserves our attention.

Mulled white the basic rules of cooking

The recipe for mulled white wine is very simple, but because this drink is easy to prepare each of us in the kitchen. We just have to listen to a couple of councils that have prepared a website for you

  • It is best for making mulled wine suitable for weak, dry and semi-dry wines. In rare cases, semi-sweet. If you try to make a drink of a dessert wine, its taste is unlikely to appeal.
  • If the mulled red wine is traditionally prepared with the addition of lemon juice, white mulled wine is best added to orange juice. Although citrus you can experiment to your own taste.
  • The best spices for making mulled wine for white wine are cloves and cinnamon. Apply them better in General, as ground lose not only flavor, but also its useful properties.
  • In any case can not be boiled this drink. Heat the wine should be as long as its surface does not start to appear small bubbles.
  • After cooking, the mulled wine needs to steep for about 15-20 minutes.

The best recipes of the white mulled wine

If you want to cook a delicious mulled wine from white wine, the recipe of the drink you will find no problems. However, we offer you a couple of proven options that you’ll love.

Classic mulled wine from white wine

Prepare a pan. Pour it in a liter of dry white wine to it add 2 tablespoons of honey, a cinnamon stick, 3-4 Bud cloves, grated ginger root, a quarter of a couple of vanilla, a couple of capsules of cardamom. Heat the beverage to a temperature of about 70 degrees, then remove the pan from the heat. Put in mulled wine slices of lemon or orange and let steep 15 minutes.

Now you only have to strain it and pour into cups or glasses.

White mulled wine on the basis of egg yolks

To prepare this drink, take a bottle of white wine to your taste and pour it into a prepared dish. Add the wine, half Cup of water, a few buds of clove. Put the drink on fire.

Until the wine is heated, mash 2 egg yolks with 4 tablespoons sugar. Pour the sweet egg mixture to wine, stirring constantly. As a result of energetic mixing at the surface will appear foam.

Be careful — if you bring wine to a boil, the yolks will curdle, and mulled wine will be spoiled.

White mulled wine with raspberries

Many people use the mulled wine from white wine as an effective remedy for colds. If you decided to use it to improve their health, it is useful to add to the drink and more raspberries to enhance the desired effect.

To prepare this mulled wine you will need to mix in a saucepan half a liter of dry white wine, 200 grams of frozen raspberries, two tablespoons of sugar, vanillin.

Heated drink and without waiting for his boiling, remove from heat. A great tool capable to protect from cold, ready.

White mulled wine with rum and fruit

If you want to cook mulled white wine at home, make sure to try the following recipe. At this time you need a bottle of dry white wine, half a Cup of water, cloves, cinnamon and a couple tablespoons of sugar and rum. Of fruit take half of an Apple and an orange.

First fill in a special dish with water and add in the sugar and spices. Bring water to a boil and throw in the pan cut into wedges or slices fruit. Cook drink a couple of minutes and only then pour in the other ingredients, the wine and rum.

Bring the mulled wine to the required temperature condition, remove from heat and allow to infuse for about 15 minutes under a lid.

Spicy mulled white

This mulled wine from white wine with honey will certainly appeal to all lovers of spicy. For its preparation you need to take a bottle of white wine, a quarter Cup water, quarter Cup of honey, 15 grams of black pepper and a few cinnamon sticks. All the ingredients are added into a prepared dish and heated to the desired temperature.

Before taking a drink from fire, also put in a zest of orange or lemon.

The suggested recipes for white mulled wine — only one of many options of making this drink. You can adopt one of them, and through experimentation come up with your own unique recipe.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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