How to make an apron in the kitchen and what color to choose?

The question of which is better to make an apron in the kitchen, is one of the most difficult and responsible. So today women’s site “” dedicate a whole page.

The main tasks of the kitchen apron are the protection walls in the area between the upper and lower cabinets with a headset against dirt and decoration of the site itself.

Therefore, the apron must possess qualities such as decorative, easy maintenance, resistance to high temperatures, moisture and steam, strength. Additionally, the apron must have a smooth surface from which all dirt will be easy to remove.

Many are concerned about how to make an apron in the kitchen. Depending on the look of this kitchen items there are several ways of its manufacture.

Types of aprons for kitchen

In the design of modern kitchens often use multiple types of aprons. Each of them has its own characteristics that make it attractive in a particular case.

  • To make a durable apron in the kitchen that will last a few decades, you can use tiles. This option is the most common because the tiles are very easy to clean, characterized by resistance to heat, resistance to moisture, is greaseproof. Additionally, tile is a versatile and wide range of colors will easily find a suitable option for the apron in the kitchen of any style. Experts recommend when choosing a tile for the kitchen apron not to stop too textured variants. It is preferable to buy glossy tilewhich will easily wash away the contaminants.
  • Another option durable apron for kitchen – stone design of the working area. Just be smarter to make a stone apron for the kitchen from the granite, as this material is not porous and does not absorb dirt.
  • Very popular today are glass aprons or skincare.
  • This method of registration of the working area has a number of advantages:

    • Cost. Make glass in the kitchen apron can be much cheaper than to make a working wall using tile or even stone.
    • Quick and easy installation. For lining the walls of the glass panels will need just a couple of hours. Besides, after the installation is complete, this apron needs long cleaning will not occur.
    • A wide selection of design. At triplex, you can put absolutely any picture that will allow you to create unique aprons make the kitchen especially inviting. If the question is about how to make a backsplash for the kitchen is very long and does not allowed, skincare will also be a great option: on the wall at the working area will be sufficient to establish a transparent glass panel through which visible Wallpaper.
    • The ease of care. Unlike tile veneer glass panels have no seams that may require extra effort when cleaning.

    However, the glass of the apron there are also some disadvantages. The main disadvantage of skincare is the impossibility of its repair.

    Therefore, those who decide to take this apron, you need to apply only to very experienced and qualified technician, who will not allow inaccuracies when taking measurements. In addition, to make the glass panels slot for outlets is quite problematic.

    Another disadvantage of glass is the need for preliminary alignment of the walls, otherwise the panel will sit loosely, which in the future may lead to the formation under it of condensation and the accumulation of dirt.

    • If the opportunity to make a apron in the kitchen, the site recommends that you take the most simple way to order a laminated panel for the work area in the same organization, which will produce furniture. This decision will save the owners of the apartment immediately, with a choice of apron, since laminate panels are a perfect match with your furniture color and their installation will be done by the masters on the day of installation of the kitchen units. Modern kitchens these panels are made of laminated chipboard, kitchen hi-tech style can be supplemented with a neat apron of steel plates.
    • On a tight budget, you can make a cheap apron in the kitchen of a self-adhesive film. This a very good option for temporary housing, as well as the decor of white tiles.

    Sometimes the work area in the kitchen is decorated with mirror tiles, mosaics, wooden panels. To make a fancy apron in the kitchen by yourself is quite difficult, so there are similar options in most cases in rooms decorated in a unique design project.

    In that case, when charging creating kitchen design experienced not obtained and the work zone owners have to make their own, there is still the problem of choosing its color.

    The color of the apron for kitchen: how to choose

    Some Housewives tend to choose the apron color to the Wallpaper or wall in the kitchen. In fact, according to designers, the color of the apron should match the color of the walls only in two cases:

    • If the color of the wall on which is mounted a set, different from the color of the other walls in the room.
    • If the owners dream of the kitchen in neutral colors: light gray, light beige, cream, sand, etc.

    The apron is better to choose in accordance with the tone of the furniture. However, he does not have to have the same color as the kitchen cabinets or countertop. In some cases, kitchen apron can be contrasting.

  • If you want to choose an apron for the kitchen of white color, it is better to give preference to facing materials in bright colours. White is quite a boring color, but it can be combined with any bright color. A white kitchen will look great apron of any color. Creating a bright accent on the wall of the working area of the kitchen, it should be supported with small accessories of the same color. It should be borne in mind that too many bright spots make a white kitchen is ridiculous.
  • More complicated to choose the colour of the apron, if the kitchen set has a certain color.
  • In each case the color will be combined in different ways.

    • The color of the apron for beige kitchen as well as for the white headset can be contrasting. It will make the room more lively. If you wish to apply for a kitchen in neutral tones, you can pick up an apron of the same color palette as the lockers. Very stylish beige kitchen apron panel looks identical to the countertop pattern, color and texture.
    • Kitchen cabinets blue color is perfectly combined with a gray apron. A beige, cream, light coffee apron is not only a perfect fit in the blue kitchen, but a little “heated” room.
    • Apron for kitchen green color may be a continuation of the kitchen furniture, if you place it in the same tone as the cabinets. It is not necessary to choose the same color. The apron can be issued more delicate, light shade of green. If you want to make an apron inconspicuous island in the live greenery — it can be made in beige, grey or cream color.

    In General, an apron of neutral gray, white, beige, cream tones fits easily in any kitchen. So those who are not confident in their design abilities, it is recommended to decorate the wall of the working area in the kitchen that way.

    Neutral apron will not change even after updating a kitchen. And, if necessary, be discreet area very easily be transformed into a bright accent, he pasted on a vinyl film.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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