How to make anti cellulite soap with your hands?

On the website “” today we will learn how to prepare anti-cellulite soap with your hands, because the most effective and high quality cosmetics – one prepared independently and with love.

Despite the fact that this industrial tool is not very expensive, it is consumed quickly.

Much nicer to use soap of his own “creation”! And to give this fragrant gift can girls of any age and for any reason.

Ingredients homemade soap anti-cellulite can be divided into two groups.

The first is a soap base, the second is a natural components that have proven themselves in the fight against orange peel. Professionals buy basis from reliable suppliers, online shopping, or large, beginners can try to melt the usual neutral – better baby soap, pre-rubbed it on a grater.

For experienced soapmakers to prepare anti-cellulite soap with your hands, recipes which is very simple, does not seem to be a daunting task.

Beginners home make favorite female site!

The main secret – the right ingredients

Thus, the soap base you have left wisely choose the ingredients for a “filler” of your future soap masterpiece.

Universal components are ground coffee and chopped zest of, dried. These particles will clean the skin of problem areas of dead skin cells and massage the body, restoring blood flow.

To make a cellulite soap even more effective, add that to the list of fine sea salt.

Then make the best anti-cellulite oil:

  • citrus
  • bergamot
  • Jasmine
  • apricot kernel
  • peach

These components are well struggling with orange peel. If you want, add some oil which you like most of all to achieve the relaxation while using soap. Also soap can “put” a teaspoon of honey.

How to make a cellulite soap

Soap base (it need as much soap do you want to do) finely slice and melt on the stove, a water bath or in the microwave.

Carefully make sure that it does not boil!

After that put in the basis of the first essential oil – two to three drops. Mix well, and then wsapi turns solid ingredients (a tablespoon) and again stirred to avoid lumps. As for the proportions, we strive to ensure that soap was rich, but not “rained”.

Put the still warm mixture into the mold for the soap. It has been lightly greased with olive oil so the soap will be less to stick to the walls of the container. Wait about an hour for it to cool and harden. recommends to refrain from the temptation to put the soap in the refrigerator, as extreme temperatures are bad for the structure of the oils.

Cellulite soap-sponge with your hands

Another effective tool, widely used in anti-cellulite actions is a loofah.

In its original form it is a wide tube (this is the raw material obtained by drying the plant resemble something between cucumber and pumpkin), which you can cut apart and use as a natural sponge.

Loofah – a great filler for anti-cellulite soap.

Cut a piece of loofah with a width of approximately 5-6 inches (this will be the size of a soap “bar”) and place it in a convenient container with a diameter equal to the diameter of the sponge to soap base subsequently did not spread. If you have capacity in the form of long tubes, in which is included a loofah, you can make anti-cellulite soap in the form the entire length of the loofah, and then cut it into “bars”.

Another way is to wrap the sponge with a piece of edible paper on the bottom to secure with rubber bands to the upper part of the paper was created as if the chute, which is then poured soap base.

Melt the base, add a few drops of aromatic oils and pour this mixture in the sponge. Let it cool down for about couple of hours, and then gently remove the paper or take out the soap from the molds.

Another option is the anti-cellulite soap – free recipes with shredded loofah (e.g., small “nastroennoy” scissors). Put it in after the soap base oils.

Such a delicate version of the scrub suit girls with skin prone to irritation. The internal structure of the soap will be easily visible, if you use non-opaque, and transparent basis.

Sometimes for cooking use soap dyes, but this is at your discretion. If you plan to use the product itself, it is possible to do without bright colors, soap and so it will be fragrant and effective. But if you’re going to someone to donate, you have to ensure that the tool was attractive.

Easy way to make colorful anti-cellulite soap is a dye for Easter eggs. Dissolve the powder with water and push into base until it becomes the desired shade. Dye is also great sea buckthorn oil.

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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