How to make aquarium from scratch: fish and interior

“Maaam! Want fish! Well, poshaluista!!!..” And how can we argue?!

A protest is not necessary! Though, because fish do not have to walk at 7 in the morning in any weather, they don’t rip the master’s Slippers and do not require a large bowl with cold food 2 times a day! But the aquarium is very adorns the interior, and harmonizes the space and meets the need of your offspring in domestic animals! So you should have an aquarium from scratch. How – read on

What is in the aquarium?

In the previous article we have already considered what may be the interior of the tank. Have you imagine about the future style of your small underwater world? Great! So on the weekend plan a big hike to pet stores! And will tell you what to buy. So, grab a pen and write a list of future purchases:

  • The aquarium itself. 10 years ago instead of the word “aquarium” I would have written something like this: “glass container, lighting device and accurately fitting lid”. This “service-pack” before, it was very difficult to make a cover (and it need, otherwise, will be included when the aeration device, the water will evaporate too quickly) makes homegrown craftsmen of the lamp is also adapted somehow…. Now, making your aquarium from scratch, these problems can be avoided – aquariums come with a cover and mounted it with a source of illumination, and sometimes the furniture Cabinet. Of course, this increases the price of the kit, but if you collect all the items individually, will be able to save hardly. Before you pay for a purchase, think of what size of aquarium needed? In fact, more pros I can give in favor of large aquariums. The more displacement, the more beautiful it will look in a tank, the more interesting interior it is possible to create, the larger will be its inhabitants (Yes, fish grow depending on the size of the “pond”!) and the greater the number of “population” can make. Limiting your finances and the size allocated for the aquarium area.
  • Equipment. Yeah, still no fish and plants! Creating an aquarium from scratch, you’ll see that the fish were “utility facilities” — light, heat and aeration. If the holder for lamps of “daylight” is mounted in the cover, then the rest will have to choose and buy your own! The bulky device in the aquarium aerator (filter). Contrary to popular belief, the filter does not introduce oxygen into the water – it’s there and so, and just creates the effect of flow – through pond passing through the filter, the water is cleaned from mechanical suspension and under pressure is fed back to the aquarium. The bubbles that fly out of the “nozzles” have more decorative functions. Creating the interior of the aquarium from scratch, you can optionally set the “businessdays device” in the form of a tube with small holes where air is pumped by the compressor and leaves showy chains of bubbles. It’s not necessary, but nice. In addition, buy a heater for the aquarium. This is similar to the thermometer glass tube that plugs into the wall socket. Works on the principle of the boiler, but is able to limit the generated temperature to inadvertently left ear in the aquarium.
  • The ground. It wouldn’t even buy, and to score yourself on the beach. It could be small pebbles, small gravel, even concrete block (of course, if you have enough patience to drown it – it will be a long time to float!). I do not recommend only broken bricks (you know it will get soggy) and red granite (something it unprofitable for fish, say). When creating an aquarium from scratch pay attention to the structure of the soil. Its particles should be about 0.5 X 0.5 cm to create a homogeneous layer.
  • Plants. Advise in the selection of plants with the seller – some seem very tasty to fish, and remain from them some roots… the Most common and unpretentious – the different subtypes of crypts (they look like ground tradescantia), canadian – long stems with small leaves “herringbone”, Vallisneriaher long listopadovka leaves can grow up to a meter and a half.

  • Fish and other animals. Populating an aquarium from scratch, do not hurry to settle at all else you like! Consult with experts, read about any fish – what is the nature, the type of food, a way of life. For example, bright striped barbs are not predators, but to settle them together with valetime skalyariy, goldfish or pedigree guppies not luxurious fins and tails will be bitten! Graceful cichlid with a romantic name “the Princess of Burundi” and able to eat only tiny crustaceans, but can deal a fatal blow to the “beak” in the belly of even the largest and strongest fish. Catfish-ancistrus with amazing mouth suction, can not be planted in a single large aquarium with snails at night the catfish will fall asleep, and the snail can it “crawl”, and destroy. It is not necessary to prevent overpopulation. 1 fish size up to 4 cm has to have 5 litres of the aquarium, 4-7 cm. – 10 l 7-10 – 15 HP, 15 and over – 25 – 50 l. Remember that, populating an aquarium from scratch, you are likely to buy in the pet shop not the adults and fry-“adolescents”. Ask the consultant what size can reach one or the other fish, and expect, on the basis of these parameters.

  • Jewelry. “Castles”, “driftwood”, a beautiful sea pebbles, even shards from broken ceramic dishes with rounded edges with sandpaper. It all depends on your imagination! The main thing – do not create mazes with dead ends, so the fish they get stuck and don’t use wood – it will get soggy and begin to allocate water in the products of putrefaction.

How to gather into a single ecosystem?

About a big trip to the pet store I lied to you. In fact, buy all of the above at once is impossible, and impossible. advises you to divide the process of creating an aquarium from scratch in a few stages.

The 1st stage. Need aquarium, and soil aerator. And water (fresh, preferably free from chlorine). Bury the soil a gentle slope (away its layers are thicker) and slowly fall asleep water. Turn on the aerator to clean water from mechanical suspension and leave for a day or two.

2nd stage. Plant. To root a plant under water is not so easy, and some of the plants and roots may not be! To green aquarium from scratch, you will need a special lead “weights” that should be pinned on every plant. At this stage, you can settle clams – small brown snails coils living in the soil of melanoma, 1-2 striking, bright yellow Apple snails are. And again, turn on the aerator and leave it for one week.

The 3rd stage. Can settle the fish! It is desirable to do immediately after purchase and fast shipping fish home instead of buying them in advance and keep in jars. Run fish so immersed in the aquarium water that the container in which the fish were transported and held her for 5-10 minutes so that the water did not mix with the aquarium. It is necessary to equalize the temperature of the water in both tanks because the fish can get a shock or even die due to temperature difference.

Whew! Worries, troubles and costs behind! Congratulations! You are the lucky akvariumista, independently created his own aquarium from scratch! How to properly care for them – read the following article!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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