How to make beads out of felt and beads: master class

The handmade jewelry will always attract attention to you. The website “” has already talked about how to wear beads, and now offer simple master class: how to make beads out of felt, beads and other materials. The result will be stylish, colourful beads from inexpensive materials, spending only an hour and a half on fun crafts!

Materials and tools

To make beads out of felt, you will need:

  • Felt. It is sold with sheets of A4 for the model of beads will be enough for about half of that sheet.
  • Transparent beads. Can be plastic, glass, diameter about 0.3 – 0.5 cm. For the beads that can be double-wrapped around the neck, I had 15 beads, but not necessarily, the beads can be shorter beads, they can be placed less frequently or more frequently, so the number depends only on your imagination!
  • Beads. I used opaque matte. When purchasing beads, please look at him: the same shape and size beads in the bag, if there are defective beads (with splits, no holes, etc.) – this determines the quality (and price) of beads. Seed beads finest quality Czech or Japanese is several times more expensive than domestic, but there is a guarantee that it will retain its color and Shine for a long time, even if often RUB against clothes or once going to rain!
  • Bead needle. With the usual, even the most thin, the needle will swing – the holes of the beads are very narrow!
  • Sewing thread the same color as the felt.
  • Fishing line diameter of 0.20 – 0.30 mm, the length of the desired cut about 1 m Can be used instead of nylon thread.

The production of the original beads out of felt

The beauty of this model beads that are handmade the beads themselves – you can pick a pleasing color combination, size…

To make beads, you will first need to cut strips of felt. The width of each strip should coincide with the diameter of clear beads, around which will turn around felt. Strip length in my case is a narrow felt side of the sheet (i.e. I cut lines across the sheet of A4), but it is not an absolute rule – if you make the strips shorter, the diameter of the final beads will be smaller, and Vice versa. If you want to make beads interspersed with beads of different sizes, cut strips of different lengths. Another option is to use felt in different colors!

So, take a bead-serdtsevinka and wrap around it a strip of felt spiral, fingers gently take hold of the entire structure. Make sure the outer end of the felt strips in the end was opposite one of the holes of the beads – if not, when attaching the bead, work with “tail”, which will have to be cut. Put the thread in the needle (now you can take an ordinary sewing, the bead will come in handy later) and stitch through all layers of felt, passing the needle through the hole of the bead in the center. Carefully fasten the thread and make sure she didn’t pull the felt too – otherwise the bead will be “flattened”, not round.

So do all the beads. For a change can, for example, to make some beads without midway, purely felt, or take a beads-midway different colors (but same diameter).

How to connect beads in a single product

Of disparate beads to get the beads, you will need beads, fishing line or nylon thread, bead and needle.

Line a day the needle and secure one end, stitched them one of the felt beads. Dial on the line about 30 beads (although the number may be different, all depends on the number of felt beads, their size, the desired length of beads). Then ask the following through the felt bead. So gradually strung interspersed with beads will be all the beads.

Then just ask the first bead at low, check the line tension in the product and secure.

Beads from felt and beads made!

How to wear a finished necklace?

You can wear these beads just.

It is possible in two turns.

And can be on hand as a dimensional bracelet!

Importantly, make these beads is a snap!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site
Photos Dasha Blinova.

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