How to make beautiful gift for the New year 2019: in a box (photo)

Design in a box

Consider one of the options, how can be decorated rectangular box. Very impressive for the New year to pick up colorful paper. The gift will be bright and will be remembered for a long time.


  • wrapping paper;
  • box with a gift.
  • thin braid;
  • ordinary and double-sided tape;
  • scissors;
  • bow from paper ribbon for a gift.

How to do it:

  • Defined paper size.
  • Put the gift on the paper is folded around the packing at the sides, it should cover two-thirds of the side of the box.
  • Then, starting from the edges of the rectangle zavertyvaniem her in a circle. Cover the overlap to the middle of the plane, leaving a seam allowance of 1.5-2 cm.
  • One side of the paper attached to the edge of the box with tape.
  • The other end of the package folded inside and secured to the strip of double-sided tape.
  • Wrap the gift, and glue folded side to the middle of the plane. It will be the face of the package.
  • Hold her hand and fall to the side. Presses the paper to the box and smoothed the angular lines.
  • At the bottom formed a triangle. Turning he corner and attach double-sided tape it to the gift. Ensure all lines match.
  • And thus, bends and fasten the paper on the other side of the box.
  • Gift wrapped crosswise with a thin ribbon. Her ponytails iron scissors, pressing to fingers. From this movement the tape will twist the spiral.
  • To tie the ribbon bow.
  • Making a gift to the man and the boy

    We will see how beautifully New year gift pack for men. Some men do not like to admit it, but they also prefer helpful gifts.


    • 2 sheets of wrapping paper, preferably in the box;
    • double-sided tape;
    • thin braid;
    • glue gun;
    • the small buttons in the tone of the paper (this can be a small decorative bells);
    • a pair of scissors.

    How to do it:

    • Zamatyvaem a large part of the box with the white side of the paper there. Fasten with tape.
    • Protruding over the edge of the gift package, neatly wrapped on all four sides. First the bottom, then the edges are laid and attached with tape to the fourth part.

    • Put the plaid paper in the middle of it lay a white gift wrapped side up and a little higher per pack.
    • The side ends of the paper laying to the box and ironed.
    • Edges join in front, attach with duct tape to the gift.

    • The junction of the vertical closing white planochki.
    • The bottom of the package wrap envelope and glue.

    • We put three times the strip width of 3-4 cm, and made her collar.
    • Fold the braid into a ring, fastened with hot glue, then glued in the middle, folded it in half.

    • Make another bow, only bigger. Fastened them on one another and wrap the middle of a piece of thin ribbon.
    • Attached to the shirt collar, tie and glue the strap buttons.

    • The best gift is:


      Romantic dinner


      Gift certificate


    Making a gift to a child

    Probably no one so pleasing a beautifully packaged Goodies for the New year as children. For them, this perennial tale of fiction, it seems true, if under the Christmas tree find their boxes. Interesting offer to make a gift to the child.


    • wrapping paper with Christmas prints;
    • a holiday gift box (the box can be made);
    • two colors of yarn in the tone of the paper POM-poms;
    • beads;
    • tape;
    • a pair of scissors.

    How to do it:

    • Wrap the box with paper, fasten it with tape.

    • On both sides of the side lay an envelope, also bonded.

    • Winding the yarn on the palm, the more wind, the more magnificent will be the pompom.

    • Remove coil and connect it in the middle, leaving long ends for fixing.
    • On both sides of the cut edge, cut the protruding thread.
    • And do the same with yarn of a different color. And one of these two colors, twisting together the two threads.

    • Do cord. Twisted yarn of both colors and this harness zamatyvaem gift.
    • Cross the rope in the middle of the plane and side.
    • Tie a knot on the front side of the gift, the excess ends cut.

    • Tie the POM-POM near the intersection of harness.
    • Longitudinal cord thread tie beads.

    Making a baby gift in the form of bears

    This is a very simple gift packing. It requires only a piece of Kraft paper, the rest are at home, if you can’t find ribbons. Use your imagination and replace it with something interesting.


    • the gift in the box;
    • Kraft paper;
    • tape;
    • a simple pencil;
    • black pen;
    • glue gun;
    • glue pen or PVA;
    • a piece of decorative paper tape;
    • a pair of scissors.

    How to do it:

  • Wrap gift in paper, fix it with tape.
  • From the same package cut two circles for ears. Remove small cones.
  • Take a piece of white paper, cut out from her oval face to the bears. Glue it to the top of the box.
  • A simple pencil draw a nose and eyes.
  • We direct them with a marker.
  • On eyes glued little white circles for a dramatic look.
  • On the slices of the cone, apply hot glue and attach the ears at the bears on the head (you can use PVA).
  • White circles have dried, draw eyes pupils.
  • Ribbon make a bow and fasten it at the bottom of the box.
  • Gift decoration bottles

    Often the owners presented with a gift of wine. We offer one of the options, how beautiful your hands can be Packed bottle. Making do in the shirt, the gift will look very stylish.


    • a bottle of wine;
    • wrapping paper preferably with a checkered pattern;
    • a wide paper tape;
    • scissors;
    • double-sided tape.

    How to do it:

  • The paper should be with the calculation of the circumference of the lap and to wrap the edge. The bottom packaging covers in the middle of the bottle at the top also have the stock cm 10.
  • Take the tape, glue it to the vertical front edge of the paper, bend it and smooth.
  • Bed the bottle on the other side of the packaging, tightly wrap.
  • Carefully remove the small parts from the adhesive tape protective film and bond paper. This will be the front of shirt.
  • From the bottom of the bottle packing wrap on all four sides.
  • First one, then the lateral, and the fourth mounted on double-sided tape.
  • At the top connecting the front and back of the paper and both sides ironed.
  • The edge of the bend by 3 cm, then again.
  • Both sides do undercuts.
  • Fold the corners on the face of the shirt.
  • Ironed collar.
  • Then expand to the edge, insert the tape and fold back.
  • The braid is then tied as a tie, cut the ends of the area.
  • Making Mandarin as a gift

    Tangerines are associated happy New year, so they are often carry as a gift. We offer original packaging of citrus fruit, in the form of a bouquet.


    • 17 pieces of Mandarin (number choose);
    • tape;
    • a wide satin ribbon or paper (decorative);
    • slim stretch green ribbon (it can be replaced with duct tape);
    • skewers with a length of 30 cm;
    • spruce branches;
    • scissors;
    • Kraft paper for wrapping bouquets;
    • clippers or secateurs;
    • thin ribbon or twine for fixing.

    How to do it:

  • Take Mandarin, pinned it on two skewers. Fastened in the region of the tail, on both sides.
  • And thus, we procure all citrus.
  • Select pine twigs 10-15 cm long Lower part of their clean needles.
  • The skewer attach a few twigs, or one fluffy. Primatives their stretch tape or duct tape.
  • Take one Mandarin, it put the twig, then two more citrus. In the area where the skewers, tightly fix the bouquet of the Scotch, not cut it.
  • Every branch settle in the hand of the spiral, that is tilting to one side.
  • Next, we continue to impose the fruits of the first Mandarin. When he reached the end of the row, fasten with tape.
  • Then, between each stacked twig Mandarin, and citrus. Again in between the needles, and again the orange fruit, each time firmly fixing skewers, the point of intersection.
  • Around the bouquet lay out twigs, it zamatyvaem tape.
  • The speakers leveled at the bottom of the skewers with wire cutters, their zamatyvaem tape so as not to tear the paper.
  • Cut from the package 3 square size 35×35 cm
  • Take one of them and fold diagonally. It turns out the top 4 corner.
  • From the mid-line of the crease make cuts in different directions. Put the paper these nasecki to the place of fixation of the skewers. Wrap packing bouquet tightly zamatyvaem twine and bind.
  • From the second square do the same workpiece. Zavertyvaniem it a gift
  • Put it in front of the first paper part. Fix the twine.
  • The roots of the bouquet wrap by the third square the corners up and tied with lace.
  • Cord closed with tape and master from her bow.
  • This is only a small sample of how nicely the New year to make a variety of gifts. Interestingly wrapped present rewarding to give, and the recipient will be a mystery that’s hidden behind the packaging. To make gifts is not difficult, the main desire, and step-by-step photos are excellent helpers in a nice case.

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