How to make breast elastic – exercise, massage, prevention

Today, “” will tell you how to care for Breasts. Elastic and high breast – the sign of a young and beautiful girl. Some men seriously believe that they can accurately determine the age of the woman, seeing her Breasts. After all, with age, this tempting part of the girl’s body begins to SAG and become flabby.

How to make breast elastic to look young, fresh and sexy? This question is very relevant and of concern to many owners and not very nice breast. First, you should understand what factors can lead to sagging Breasts.

What affects the shape of the breast?

  • One of the main reasons for the stretching of the skin on the chest – a sharp change in the weight of its owner. Many girls, becoming thinner and more graceful forgetting that the chest in which a large layer of fat, also loses some of its volume in the process of weight loss. Delicate skin does not have time to draw together, she is covered with stretch marks, which is not conducive to the lifting of the breast. Especially if you lose weight rapidly. How to deal with stretch marks – read here.
  • Age. No matter how much we tried to keep your body younger for longer, the years lived in a world where there is the earth’s gravity affect the elasticity of this body part. Therefore it is necessary to realize that after thirty years the breast may not be such as young girls.
  • Breast-feeding is not as critical for its form, as it seems at first glance. A major factor in the appearance of sagging is excessive breast enlargement at a time when there is milk. After all, the decline will occur gradually, the main thing — to minimize feeding not dramatically, but slowly and smoothly.

All these circumstances undoubtedly have an impact on the shape and fullness of the chest, however, and to counter them.


So how to make breast elastic is quite difficult, it is better to strive not to bring it to a state of sagging. Not to give the breast shape has changed dramatically and not to fight then with the already visible problem, “podstelit straw” and bring all the resources to consolidate existing outline of your Breasts.

  • Watch your weight. If you feel better, try to stop the process. Never not fast, to lose weight. Your Breasts thank you not say. Sitting on a diet, choose one that the weight went quickly. To three pounds a week. And then not have to think how to make Breasts more elastic.
  • Wear the bra. Especially in the period of carrying a child, lactation. The same applies to women with considerable Breasts as sagging heavy Breasts were faster. A negative example – the savage tribes of Africa. Women who don’t know bra, always have stretched, saggy Breasts.
  • Don’t slouch. First, round the back hiding the chest. Secondly, when a bent spine, chest going like an accordion. Its vector changes with the direction of “forward” in a downward direction. A great posture tip for those who want to know how to make the breast firmer without effort.

How to make sagging Breasts elastic?

If the breast has lost form, then you have no choice but to throw all forces on the restoration of the former luxury. It is important to understand that the effect will be certainly, however you need to consistently carefully carry out all the procedures.

We will show you how to make sagging Breasts firm.


Today, some argue that there is some benefit for breast. However, the muscles that are behind the breast gland, is also needed, and should be in good shape. The website warns – if you give to SAG untrained pectoral muscles, then the situation becomes even more dire.

  • How to make breast elastic through exercise? Excellent results shows the exercise with dumbbells. In order that it gave the result, take the dumbbells weighing 3 kg. Lie on your back, preferably on a bench or two stools. Breeding hands with dumbbells in hand and connect them in front of him. At first it is uncomfortable, but soon will be nice.
  • Do not forget about exercises, are known to almost all. This compression of hands in front of him, over his head. In addition to them, make the “scissors” rectified with their hands. Try not to stop for 15 seconds.


Very effective to massage, but it should be done competently.

How to make breast elastic with the help of massage?

  • Use the shower nozzle. Direct the spray of cool water on the chest, making movements in circles. Avoid exposure of the nipples, try massaging just the skin around them. Do contrast massage with water at different temperatures, colder finish.
  • Normal massage with oil or massage cream. Very carefully, without stretching the skin, move in a spiral from the outer shape of the breast to the nipple. Recently, scientists announced preliminary findings that breast massage helps to prevent the development of cancer. So train yourself to do it, this does will not be superfluous.

Use a breast cream, take care of her, do not leave without attention. Your Breasts will appreciate the concern and will have a well-groomed appearance. Believe me, none of your action goes unnoticed. Because the result of the work will be visible not only to you, only need to wait a bit.

The author – Natalia Vavilova, site

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