How to make cheekbones face: exercise, makeup, hairstyle and massage

How to give your cheekbones the desired shape? What techniques you can use at home and in the beauty salon? What are the benefits of correction of facial contours? Exercises how to make cheekbones on the face, the technique of self-massage, make-up and styling to highlight the cheek area.

Chubby cheeks are not in fashion. This conclusion was made by American sociologists in 2014. Conducting a survey of American surgeons, they published evidence that the vast majority of American women plan to adjust the shape of the cheekbones, ready for surgery. The purpose of the activity is to reduce the fullness of the cheeks, causing the cheekbones stand out on the face more clearly.

However, the operation — step dramatically. Warn about this even plastic surgeons. According to a leading surgeon of the clinic of Michigan Joseph Richards, issecheny adipose tissue in the cheeks is not restored. And if in ten years you will want to change the facial contours and add volume to the area of the cheeks, will again have to resort to surgery. For this reason, the reduction of volume of the cheeks in the United States they would not recommend girls to twenty-five years.

The relevance of the cheekbones

In Russia to take extreme measures to reduce the volume of the cheeks girls are rare. This trend can be viewed as a positive, as the modern cosmetology offers enough other ways to make the cheekbones on the face at home and with the help of cosmetic procedures.

But before considering them, dwell on the fact, what are these areas and how actually it is possible to influence them.

Cheekbones is a pair of protruding bone of the skull, which participate in the formation of their sockets. On their surface are large and small zygomatic muscle, skin.

To determine where these zones, do the following exercise.

  • Smile widely.
  • Put your index finger on the top point of the obtained roundness of the cheeks. It is the center of the zygomatic muscles.
  • Place your thumb at the junction of the ear with the head.
  • Swipe your thumb to the index line. The line is your cheekbone.
  • Correction of the cheek is performed to improve visual perception of the face, to bring it closer to the ideal oval, to emphasize the dignity or, conversely, to smooth out flaws. For each type of entity has its own recommendations for changing the shape of the zygomatic area.

    • A round face. The allocation of the Malar region allows you to visually narrow it. Preferred exercises for the cheeks of the face that allows you to strengthening them and making them denser and makeup in the form of a triangle.
    • A square face. This form is necessary to soften and visually narrow. On the zygomatic area to do the makeup in the shape of a triangle. Exercises are not performed, since the higher density of the muscles will only lead to extra sharpness of facial contours.
    • The rectangular face. Requires the extension of this zone, which would make the oval more rounded and soft. Apply makeup should be in the form of a horizontal eight. Will help and a jungle gym.
    • Elongate the face. Visual selection of the area above the cheeks allows you to balance proportions, visually make the oval shorter and more attractive. When applying makeup you should do a rounded form or feather without a clear contour in the horizontal direction. Exercises will be particularly useful.
    • A triangular face. Prominent cheekbones make the image even more sharp and angular, so the pump is not recommended. On the contrary, it is important to mitigate below long narrow visually blend with a wide top. The zygomatic area conceal with makeup that is applied in the form of a triangle.
    • Trapezoidal face. Not recommended exercises for stretching the cheeks of the facial skin, as they can be used to achieve the square shape of the facial oval. It is important to adjust under heavy zone, for which the target region is applied a triangular pattern.
    • Diamond-shaped face. Also requires narrowing the target area, to avoid visual angularity and contrast with a slim forehead and chin. Makeup is applied in the form of a triangle.

    To choose their program of correction of the Malar area should be taking into account your face type. The desire to obtain clear, sharply-defined patches on the cheeks may cause disharmony of the lines, too hard and angular form.

    For reviews of beauticians, it is important not to make the cheekbones on the face with makeup or gymnastics. And clearly assess what must be their shape, how important it is to stand out from the crowd or, conversely, offset it.

    The right makeup

    The easiest way to make the plot more pronounced or imperceptible — traditional makeup. It is performed by using blush or contouring funds.

    The contouring

    The technique of correcting face shape using Foundation and powder were the mass distribution in the modeling industry, the field of makeup. The main attention is paid to the delineation of the cheekbones. They play the role of the key plot can give a person the aristocratic, sculpted look.

    Feature contouring is that for shape correction of the facial oval uses dark and light toners. What you need to provide, is processed in a dark tone, and the fact that to hide the light.

    Experts offer the following technique contouring how to make cheekbones on the face with makeup.

  • Spend a mental line from the top point of the ear to the corner of his mouth.
  • Apply with a thick brush of dark tool on the line.
  • Pull your cheeks and apply a dark powder hollow area.
  • Blend intensely the zone in the center of the cheeks, leave the area closer to the hair part darker.
  • Use light tone of the Central band of the nose, in the center of the forehead, under the eyes to the cheeks, in the nasolabial triangle and in the Central part of the chin.
  • Choosing tools for contouring, do not use Foundation or powder orange, with a reddish hue. They will create an unnatural skin tone. Light concealer should be just a tone lighter than the base skin tone, and dark for one to two tones darker.


    Makeup artists apply blush in a complex with bronzer means that give the skin an attractive and natural Shine. Unlike Foundation that evens skin tone, these funds make the face more natural.

    Pre-skin bronzing distribute the tool, and then start to blush. You can use powder or oily cream.

  • Apply blush in a light color on the entire area of the cheekbones in the shape of a triangle. Use a fluffy brush, move in spiral motion. So you will generate the zygomatic region.
  • Apply blush a dark color on the top point of the cheekbones. Distribute them in the form of a triangle, using a small brush.
  • Lightly blend the contours, mixing the layers.
  • With this technology, applying the most intense shade is formed at the top of the cheekbones, which gives it convexity. Powdery means easier to rastushevyvaet, applied with a thick brush, create a light shade. Greasy blusher should be used in a small amount, spreading them with your fingers or a sponge.

    Secret of makeup artists. Use cream blush after applying Foundation and dry — on dry skin under powder. So you will achieve the ideal allocation of funds.

    Do not overdo it with tone not to get too bright cheekbones. To determine the preferred shade, make some intensive physical exercises. Cheeks slightly blushing? Here’s a ton of blush and use in order to look natural.

    Gymnastics face building

    Exercises for cheeks facial — one of the basic elements of hasbinding. Fitness coach Alain hasbinding Rososinskaya recommends the following exercises to pump up the cheeks of the face and visually lift the area.

  • Inflate the cheeks, firmly attach them to the palm of your hand.
  • Close your lips tightly, but without pressing, to the nasolabial region is not formed folds.
  • Begin to inflate and blow off the cheeks, performing rhythmic movements. At the same time press down on them with his hands.
  • Repeat twenty times.
  • Inflate your cheeks as much as possible.
  • Hold for twenty seconds.
  • Pat your fingers across the region where he worked.
  • Is it possible to make the cheekbones with exercise? On this question the views of fitness instructors and beauticians are different. “Face fitness has become very trendy today, says beautician Olga FEM. — And women often lay great hopes on him, associating with ordinary fitness. But the facial muscles differ from the muscles of the body, and doing “physical training”, we can put them in threat hypertonicity”.

    According to Olga FEM, hypertonicity of the facial muscles is the cause of premature wrinkles. Toning of some muscles leads to tension other that for the correct positioning of the skin should be relaxed. Beautician warns that such fitness is not physiological, as the muscle fibers in the facial area is thin and flat, and for power loads is not intended.

    “You will not be able to trace which muscles need to stretch and which to relax. There is a high risk that such exercises for girls will be the first step towards the formation of deep wrinkles”, says beautician.

    Massage of the zygomatic area

    Repeatedly more physiological for the correction of facial massage. In the popular technique of Japanese massage Asahi offers and exercises for cheekbones on the face. They lead not to increased tone, but rather to the relaxation of muscles, modeling the correct contour, lifting the Malar area.

    Use three exercises from the technique of self-massage Asahi. Pre-lubricate the skin with rice milk or foam cleanser.

  • The rise of cheekbones. Press three fingers to the cleft in the chin. Much pressure on the area, trace the area around the lips and swipe your fingers to the eyes. Stop for three seconds while continuing pressing. Pinch out toward the temples and down along the side surface of the neck.
  • The strengthening of the cheekbones. Put your fingers flat on the cheeks, keep the elbows apart. Push your fingers into the nostrils and move them to the temples with the effort. Dip your fingers in a lateral surface of the neck.
  • Smoothing out the cheekbones. Connect the fingers, place in the center of the chin. Lower face down, draw with your fingers “smile” from the starting point to the trestle ears. Lower the fingers down the side of the cheekbones.
  • All the exercises enough to perform three times daily. Avoid the technique of self-massage when sick, or there are rashes on the skin. The main deterrent of massage Asahi is the necessity of pressure on the skin that can stretch.

    This view is mistaken, says beautician Olga FEM. After the second session, the skin is smoothed and looks younger as facial contours are delineated more clearly. Massage trains the deep muscles and affects the connective tissue, modelling of the bone of the facial skeleton. Using reasonable force, with the help of self-massage Asahi, you’ll be able to accentuate the cheekbones, but also rejuvenate the face.

    Modeling hair

    Proper grooming is able outwardly to transform the face to remove excess volume and accentuate the zygomatic region. To pull a face, choose a haircut cascade or “ladder”, where the short locks are located at the middle of the cheeks. The soft flowing strands of hair falling on the cheek area, giving it a sculptural element.

    Also to emphasize the relief of the area above the cheeks will help the following techniques.

    • Straight bangs above the eyebrows. Can transform even the full oval of the face. So the effect was more noticeable the bangs must be pulled paddles, and unruly hair grease weight oil.
    • Laying The “Brigitte Bardot”. It is formed by light wavy curls, separated by growth lines parted in the middle. Bangs long, she gradually sloping on the cheeks, the rest of the hair gathered in a sloppy bun or a loose ponytail.
    • Flowing hair of medium length. The classic styling of straight hair with slightly curled ends inside the visual marks of the zygomatic area.

    The respective cut in the complex with contour make-up will provide the most expressive effect.

    The question how to make cheekbones on the face at home should be considered from several sides. Do not take a leading role in the simulation exercises. The increase in muscle tone of the facial area can lead to stress other parts, causing the formation of pronounced facial wrinkles. A safer and equally effective makeup using blush or contour tools. And to complete the image of lady with sculpted shapes will let the hair gently around the cheek area.

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