How to make earrings out of chains with his own hands: master class

Earrings — a favorite accessory of girls. There is a great variety of these lovely fine jewelry, but each has its own flavor.

Today women’s site and Olga Novikova will tell and show you how to make earrings with their hands in just 15 minutes, and not just earrings, earrings chains with beads.


In order to make earrings out of chains with his own hands, we need:

  • 4 long pin
  • 2 beads round or oval shape (in this master class used beads of black agate with a diameter of 10 mm)
  • 4 bead caps (by diameter suitable for beads from step 2)
  • 4 beads (you can take any beads with smooth surface)
  • Chain (the thinner and prettier the pattern chain, the more exciting our earrings)
  • Earrings
  • Earrings, bead caps, head pins and chain should be in one color. The size and shape and number of beads can be combined in its sole discretion.

    Of the tools we will use the round nose pliers and side cutters.

    How to make earrings from chains with their hands

    Take 1 faceted bead, 1 bead black agate and 2 hats for her pin and pliers. Put on the pin in the following order: faceted bead cap, bead agate, cap:

    The circumference of the loops formed due to the fact that the pin is wrapped around one of the terminals of the pliers. Terminals pliers is a cone. The diameter of the loops will match the diameter of the spot on the rods of pliers, around which will be wrapped pin.

    The pins can be unsightly traces from contact with tools. To avoid this, you can wrap the pins with tape or band-aid.

    So the loop is smooth and symmetric with respect to the beads, it is necessary to bend the pin at right angles. This is done with the help of pliers (if the pin is soft, this can be done by hand). And beads dangling not bend should be as close to the cap beads.

    Now it is important to correctly calculate the length of the part that will form a loop. If cut off a lot, then the ring will be small, and if small, then the eyelet will be too long and the circle will not be smooth.

    Cut off the excess end of the pin with side cutters. If your pin is thick, it is better to cut it not exactly across the cross section of the wire and at an angle. Then cut very carefully and tightly attached to the main part.

    Now in one hand take our pin with beads in the other and the pliers. The pliers hold the pin just where the web width corresponds to the diameter of the desired ring. One hand held the pin with pliers and wrap the tail into a ring.

    Get a neat loop, symmetrical to the center. It is better not to bend to the end, since we append to it the following item.

    Take the second pin and a faceted bead. Put a bead on the pin and done the same thing with the previous post. Bend at a right angle, measure out the desired length of the tail, cut off the excess…

    …and do a smooth loop. But it’s hard to bend, leave little space to attach the chain:

    Combine 2 of the finished item. Close the ring on the first element to the end.

    And now we make these earrings out of chains with his own hands: you take a chain and put on the first ring of the chain on the not yet fully closed ring of the second element.

    Measure out approximately 5-6 cm length of the chain and put on another ring.

    Let’s measure 13-14 cm chain and put the ring on the same loop.

    Close the loop to the end. The rest of the chain cut by the cutter.

    You can cut the chain into pieces of the desired length and just hang all the pieces on the open loop, and then loop to close the pliers:

    Is left attached to the earring enclosure. Cut a little ring on swense, connect it with the top of the first element and close again.

    Earring is ready! The second do exactly the same.

    Earrings chains can with your hands to make different. Left: the chain was cut and the pieces placed over the loop on the right — the chain does not cut it. Choose what you like best!

    By using the website we made earrings with your own hands! Fantasizing and experimenting, changing colors and shapes of beads, using different types of chains, caps for beads, you can create exclusive earrings that will perfectly complement the image and will allow you to be stylish and irresistible!

    Olga Novikova — specifically for the site –
    Photo — Olga Novikova.

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