How to make facial masks?

Women’s website “” today try to combine the incompatible and will tell you how to make face masks with cognac and how they are useful. Just specify that it will be about quality “men’s drink”, which has aged in oak barrels grape alcohol.

Also keep in mind that these tools are well suited for oily, normal, combination and problem skin. The dry type is better to choose other means.

The use of brandy for the skin

  • removes greasy Shine
  • fights inflammation
  • has antibacterial, antiseptic effect
  • mattes the skin
  • energizes the skin carbohydrates, nourishes, smoothes wrinkles
  • by potassium and Nickel retains moisture in the cells
  • provides significant antioxidant effect
  • improves blood circulation

As in the case of any other means for the skin to make masks for facial skin with cognac is courses for about 8-10 days and then take a week break. Otherwise the skin will be dry.

Refreshing and purifying mask brandy

A simple tool that will tighten pores and refresh the face, is mashed into a puree of peach , pitted and skin. Add in a tablespoon of brandy, apply on face and rest for about 20 minutes. This home remedy is also good fights acne.

If you need to clean the skin from dead cells, make a tool out of half a Cup of milk and a tablespoon of brandy.

Thoroughly mix the ingredients and add a small spoon of juice of lemon. Soak it in this tool, a piece of gauze and apply on face for about 15 minutes. After you soak it in cool milk with a cotton swab and again “walk” on all problematic areas of the face.

When the milk dries, thoroughly wash with clean water, try not to RUB the skin with a towel, just blot your face to absorb moisture. This mask for contaminated areas of the face with cognac prepare the skin for application of other caregivers.

White bread , combined with the cognac will have a cleansing and rejuvenating effect.

For this half of a standard piece of bread mash with a fork, add a little brandy and add a tablespoon of mashed fresh cottage cheese. Same here, add one egg white and carefully mix.

With this mask you can also take care of the neck area and décolleté. After 20 minutes take off with a cotton swab. If you wash your face after the mask with cool green tea, the skin will become more tone.

Effective refreshing face mask with spices and brandy is prepared in several stages:

  • Heat in a water bath for two small spoons of cognac. While it will erode excess alcohol, which dries the skin, and will remain in tannins that tone cells.
  • Add to it half tablespoon of honey and a spoonful of mashed cottage cheese.
  • Add the yolk of one egg.
  • Enrich mask for tired face skin with cognac essential oil, avocado oil, vitamins A and E. Just add 3-4 drops. Will fit a small avocado, mashed to a pulp.
  • Add a means a pinch of spices: ginger, coriander, cardamom. They will remove puffiness.
  • Soak in this fragrant medium cotton pads and put on the face, especially under eyes and on the cheeks. After 15-20 minutes, take off the wheels and wash water of medium temperature.

    This tool is able to quickly make the skin clean and shining, so recommends it before an unplanned meeting or a date when you need to quickly freshen up and look good.

    Whitening and mattifying mask for oily skin with cognac

    RUB on a small grater cucumber and mix with milled oat flakes. Add half a teaspoon of cognac and lemon juice. You should get a creamy mass. Apply it not more than a quarter of an hour, and then wash your face with cool water.

    Effectively whitens the skin and makes it less noticeable freckles and age spots face mask with hydrogen peroxide, cognac and lemon juice – just half a teaspoon.

    Here we add raw egg yolk. Apply the mask on your face using a cotton pad for 15-20 minutes. If the medium dries out faster, we can safely apply a second coat.

    With cognac, you can also enrich your usual cream and make it more effective. For this a teaspoon of brandy and the same amount of juice of the aloe mix with the amount of cream that you need to care.

    After any facial mask with brandy is necessary to apply a nourishing cream, so cells do not dry out.

    Remember that the cognac may have allergic effects, so it is not perederzhivat mask, especially if you have sensitive skin, and carefully take it off and wash off any cosmetics with the addition of brandy.

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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