How to make him marry you?

“Good day, female site Please tell me how to do my man. We meet a lot, I think we fit together, but all the hints about marriage, he does not react. How do I behave in this situation? Maybe it’s not “my” man, just do not agree to get married? Thank you. Alina”

Alina, let me begin by saying: once You meet the man and meet many, already should not be asking “Your” it or “not yours”. It is fundamentally wrong. As if girls wouldn’t dream of “one”, the potential even for bright individuals in “men” suits not two or three partners, and much more.

As a man who was not long married, and then still getting married, I will tell You about some of the details that I’m sure will allow You to not just stop worrying at the expense of “why doesn’t he marry me?” but to achieve it You married ?

Why men are “afraid” of marriage?

Alina, remember what he says in the movie “Wedding in Malinovka” the mother of the heroine, when she asks, not afraid to get married? Marriage is not terrible, but to get married – Yes ? And in this joke there is truth. Let’s look at why.

As if modernity has not changed the places of men and women, is still the breadwinner of the family remains a man. If the woman provides a family man in the depths of the soul often experiences discomfort. In short, when the man still, he assumes the main responsibility in the survival – providing food (money).

Conclusion? When in a small group it depends on You decision, You have the responsibility, who is heavier: You or other members of the group? Of Course, You. Because any man, as helmsman or captain of the group, worried: and would it be good?

I admit, this is not for everyone, but one of the reasons, but still one of the most important reasons. Go for her husbandand not otherwise, then a husband first, and most important, it depends on more, even in marriage men are easier in everyday terms. This responsibility is laid at the genetic level, it is instilled from early childhood.

Want to get married – become a strategist

I would like to remain idealistic, but deciding on the truth, we must admit that in any relationship always occurs a clash of interests. So… dish your interests. Found out that it suits You and you can marry? Do something that will push Your relationship.

Act strategically. That is, do not rush to the assault, drawing his sword unsheathed ? It will scare! On the contrary , never even stutters, you want to marry him. If asked, respond, but, incidentally, without excessive heat.

You need day after day to put a new stone in the wall of Your relations, who enclose it from other women. But putting so that it is not noticed ?

That is, take care of it, but not too much. To say something nice, but not indefinitely. He wants to go somewhere alone or with friends – in any case do not be offended and disagree! It offers You to live together first? Great! Consider that broke through the defense, and now just don’t make blunders.

You can admit that you want his baby that it for You important, but it to anything does not oblige. However, here all individually, it is necessary to study man, and yet run away ? the requirements to get married – for many a significant fact, but not for everyone.

An important moment in the struggle for the wedding ? – less to think about it, and just live, enjoy Your relationship, be it a not only a lover but also a friend. To do everything to keep him with You easily. So he could be with You in one apartment justeven about anything not talking. Last important touch!

Do not overdo it

I will say that checked on their own experience and that of many other people. Chooses a woman. That is “Your” man You are not going anywhere. Men – electrons, which revolve around the nucleus women, and if you dig deep, it turns out not what it looks like from the outside: a woman draws a man and forced to settle.

Because You do not need too aim for the wedding, because the error in the selection will be mostly on Your conscience. In the heat of “battle”, the aim of which is marriage, there is a risk to overdo it.

Men, despite the fact that they are credited with exceptional logic and effect of mind, not always can decide whether they want to tie the fate of this woman. Better not to push. You, too, want to and he chose you as You him?

Men are “afraid” to marry, and women are often afraid of “not to marry”. And the fear is the first stick in the wheel. Don’t be afraid! Remember: it is better in any way than somehow! Learn to enjoy a relationship with a man, and not to worry some fears that also not definitely confirmed. The wedding is provided ?

For You, Alina, for me, talisman (though something similar will tell You Your future husband):

You are the most wonderful and precious fruit that I found in the garden of life!

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