How to make Hollywood curls: photo & video

In beauty salons you can make Hollywood curls that look beautiful and very impressive, give the image of romance and elegance. But every day in salons are. Therefore, suggests that you try to do this hairstyle by yourself at home, using a hair dryer, Styler and brushing.

For the Hollywood curls you need:

  • round brush, which has a large diameter (round brush)
  • an ordinary comb,
  • Hairdryer,
  • Styler,
  • clips or barrettes,
  • foam
  • hairspray to fix our hair.

Preparing for the image creation

  • First, you need to wash your hair, lightly dry it with a towel.
  • On barely damp hair, apply a thermal protective product to avoid damage to the hair structure when using the dryer and Styler.
  • Take a small strand of hair and combed it with a round brush. Several times hold comb from the roots. This will create an additional volume of future hair.
  • A raised strand to dry them Hairdryer. In the same way we pass all the remaining strands of hair.
  • Create Hollywood curls at home!

    Here we come to the most awaited and important moment — create the actual curls. All the tricks and subtleties of this image will reveal Well, let’s get started!

    • Take a small section of hair that is located in the front, apply the foam for styling, brushing and using a round brush wrap the curl from the bottom up. Bottom carefully dry them Hairdryer. The remaining hair can be collected in a ponytail or clips to stab at the crown, so as not to interfere. So it will be much easier and more convenient.
    • Now we need a Styler. Take it and semipaved his lock as close as possible to the roots. Turn the Styler down and twists around it, our future “Hollywood wave”

    • Gently remove the Styler from the hair and fast to cool hair, pulls their finger and fasten with clip or Bobby pin at the roots.

    • We perform this procedure with all the hair. Perhaps the first time you will quickly tire of hand, but everything comes with experience. Over time you will do this packing for a few minutes. And for the first time you’ll need, I think, not less than an hour.

    • Once the hair is cooled, carefully begin to unfold the curls. Combed each curl with your fingers, several times.

    • If you want to get more volume and splendor, then rascalities a round brush.
    • In conclusion, it is important to sprinkle all of the styling lacquer, so that the curls stay longer.

    Photo: how to make Hollywood curls for short hair. Long everything is done exactly the same!

    Do Hollywood curls under the video

    For greater clarity, it is useful to look at several videos where the women themselves are doing a similar hairstyle. In this video, makeup artist Elena Krygina demonstrates how to make a Hollywood wave. This scrub looks vintage and elegant, but its creation is slightly different from that described above.

    And in this video the Barber shows you several ways to create a beautiful Hollywood curls.

    There are a lot of ways to make yourself Hollywood curls. For example, instead of Styler to use large rollers. But note an important caveat: using simple curlers, you have to wear them at least 2 hours to get good curls. So when time is short, use hot rollers. Luxurious waves you are guaranteed in 10 minutes. The process of creating Hollywood waves what curler is that with the use of Styler, are the same. How to properly use the curler, read this article.

    Any woman that has a beautiful, natural curls in Hollywood style, will always be in the spotlight. She will feel confident, attractive, sexy.

    Author – Catherine, site

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