How to make homemade lamination hair with gelatin?

The procedure lamination hair is becoming more and more popular, and today the site “” let’s talk about how you can achieve the effect of lamination in the home. In ordinary gelatin.

Is it harmful homemade lamination hair with gelatin

Salonny procedure of lamination is that the scales of the hair “smoothed” with the help of a special serum, which is a silicone compound, and “sealed” by thermal effects through the foil.

After that the hair becomes more smooth, dense, shiny and easy to comb.

A similar result can be obtained without resort to salon procedures. Moreover, using homemade lamination hair with gelatin, you will not only give them a more presentable appearance, but also healthier by using masks with different nutrients.

To “seal” the hair scales can help gelatin product containing natural collagen. It does not weigh down, cover each hair with a glossy transparent film, and at the same time nourishing and protecting it.

With regular use gelatin the hair with smoothness and Shine, improves their growth, they are less electrified.

However, the result you get after the first application. Thus, the use of this method not only harms your hair but is a useful treatment procedure.

Satisfied and women who led homemade lamination hair with gelatin, they leave the most positive:

  • I just shook the effect: the hair wonderfully smooth, soft and shiny, like silk! The effect of the procedure lasts about a week. Masha Vist
  • Home “lamination” is superior in its impact some of the oil based on silicone. The procedure is suitable even for the restoration of bleached and severely damaged hair! Clear20
  • The best method for hair care I haven’t tried! Olga

How to homemade lamination hair with gelatin

There are certain General principles which prepare and apply the gelatinous mask for homemade lamination hair.

  • For starters, you need to give gelatin to swell. For this purpose it is diluted with warm liquid in a ratio of about 1 to 3 and leave for 20-30 minutes.
  • Capacity with swollen gelatin put in a water bath and melt, while keeping an eye to the gelatin mixture does not boil. This is necessary in order to dissolve the lumps of the substance, if not in the swelling.
  • Is the water bath you can put the bowl with the soaked gelatin in the microwave for half a minute.
  • After that add the other mask ingredients provided by the recipe.
  • Gelatin hair lamination is carried out at home, first carefully washing the hair as usual. Air conditioning not used. However, some recipes of masks allow for the addition of industrial air conditioning in a part of the mask itself – it helps the hair scales tightly pressed to the body of the hair.
  • On the hair with Soldermask put on a shower cap and wrap a warm towel. You can additionally warm the hair right through the towel. Keep the hair must be at least 40 minutes.
  • Wash off the gelatin mask easy regular unheated water.
  • You can then dry your hair as usual. Try to stack them the way you would like: gelatin helps to hold the shape, and after drying to change the hairstyle you, only re-wet hair.

Recipes masks on a gelatin basis

If you decide to try the homemade lamination hair with gelatin, the recipe of the mask can be chosen depending on the available ingredients and the special needs of your hair. The website invites you to try some of them.

  • There is nothing wrong if you just dissolve the gelatin with water and add a little of your regular conditioner – you will get the easiest and fastest, but it is very effective mask.
  • You can replace conventional mineral water, ready to add to gelatin mixture a few drops of oil of lavender, vitamin A, purchased in a drugstore, and a little lemon juice mask will be more nutritious.
  • Instead of water is good to use warm milk or whey — this will provide the hair with extra care. Serum and milk traditionally were successfully used to improve the condition of hair.
  • To hold the lamination hair with gelatin at home will be especially useful with the use of herbal teas instead of water. Can be safely used decoctions of nettle, burdock root, mother and stepmother, chamomile, hops or other plants, it is recommended to improve the condition of hair, according to your choice.
  • You can enrich the mixture of fruit juices. So the blonde should be added to the composition of gelatinous mask the lemon juice, the owners of dark hair carrot. Apple suitable for any hair color. It is clear that the juice should be natural and fresh. Take it instead of water in the amount of 3 tablespoons.
  • Different oils (almond, castor, burdock) can also be introduced into the laminating gelatin mask. The number of them depends on hair type. For fat is taken half a teaspoon on the normal mask for dry and a half. Oil is introduced into the solution after you have heated the gelatin in a water bath. Keep the mask with the oils don’t need more than half an hour.
  • You can combine special care and homemade lamination hair with gelatin:
    • to nourish and hydrate the hair in the mask, you can include egg yolk (peeled from the film) or a tablespoon of honey.
    • in order to give volume to hair, to conventional gelatin mask add 1 teaspoon colorless henna and mustard powder.

    I hope that after these procedures, you will be satisfied with the resulting effect.

    The author – Elena Matusak (Lanberri), site –

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