How to make Kombucha for weight loss?

Today women’s site “” wants to tell you about Kombucha (Yes, the fact that similar to jellyfish and floats in three-liter jar). His birthplace some believe Ceylon, others Tibet. It turns out, many use Kombucha for weight loss.

We already told you how to grow Kombucha at home.

Let’s see, what constitutes it (as if to call him right?) the substance and whether it contains something that helps to lose weight?

Where did Kombucha?

No matter where this mushroom for the first time, it is important that its healing capabilities are known worldwide. Names it is also a great variety of wherever were the mushroom, all it was called differently: Indian, Chinese, Ceylon, marine, Manchurian.

We also scored! For taste similarity with kvass drink made from a medicinal mushroom, our ancestors began to name the brew, but for the fact that its preparation is often used tea is tea. So there was our name – the tea brew.

That fungus treatment, always said, but it is most often used to prepare carbonated drink, which perfectly quenched the thirst. Mainly for this he was loved by many. Then for a time he was missing, but today began a new era of revival of Kombucha.

Traveling around the world, Kombucha “learned” about yourself something new: he is terminally ill Japanese Emperor the legs raised, then turned into a jellyfish, healed the ruler from stomach ulcers.

By the way, the medical name for this organism medusomyces.

No exception and our days: today, many people say that proven Kombucha for weight loss.

Tea brew from mushrooms: a drink for weight loss

What tea kvass on the basis of fungus helps in many diseases, said all. Even my grandmother they treat everything from corns on the feet and ending with angina. Study of the fungus showed that it really has antibiotic action.

Is a Kombucha a combination of fermentation products of several types of yeast in acetic acid medium.

As a result of these processes produce a drink having the following composition: it contains huge amount of organic acids (lactic, citric, acetic, malic, gluconic, etc.), as well as vitamins C, e, tannins and catechins – natural antioxidants.

Once in the body, based drink Kombucha starts the processes that can promote weight loss because:

  • first, its regular consumption leads to improved metabolic processes in the body;
  • secondly, due to organic acids aktiviziruyutsya the enzymes are that help work the digestive organs (for example, formed by lipase, the enzyme that breaks down fats);
  • thirdly, Kombucha cleanses the intestines of toxins thanks to the antioxidants;
  • and finally, brew the tea helps to remove excess fluid from the body.
  • Given these properties, it can be assumed that Kombucha should promote weight loss, so it may be present in the diet of those who decided to lose weight.

    But to say that it will help to lose weight and thus it is possible not to change their diet, did not.

    As proven, excess weight appears because of a failure of metabolism. For those who want to lose weight, Kombucha can become a helper, normalizing this process. When the metabolism is at a high level through proper diet and drink Kombucha to lose weight will be easier.

    How to cook Kombucha for weight loss?

    The traditional method of making kvass Kombucha – its tincture on a sweet basis. Most often it is grown in tea.

    Tincture of the mushroom in black tea

    In order to prepare a tincture in tea, it is better to have a “baby” Kombucha, which is separated from the base.

  • Baby should be put on the bottom of the jar.
  • In half a liter of hot tea pour 100 g of sugar. Please note: you cannot fall asleep Kombucha sugar on top – it will die. Sugar should just dissolve.
  • Tea to cool and pour into a jar with a tea fungus.
  • The neck of the banks to cover the gauze. Cover to cover is impossible! Kombucha how strange it may sound, a living organism and needs to breathe.
  • 3-4 days you will not notice any changes, except for the turbidity of tea.
  • Then fungus will begin to emerge under the neck of the jar.
  • Even after 3 days you can taste the drink. It needs to be slightly acidic.
  • Every day the taste of the drink will get better and remind the brew.
  • After about a week the infusion is poured into another container, pre-strain through cheesecloth, and fungus, pour a new Foundation – fresh sweet tea.
  • Those who make Kombucha regularly say that your health has improved, and some weight decreased.

    • My husband lost Kombucha, brewed black tea. But he ate a soup and kvass. Over the summer, took 10 kg. But my weight remained in place, although I ate a lot. Ales.

    Kombucha slimming green tea

    Brewing Kombucha for weight loss (the reviews say this very often) is better green tea or teas for weight loss. The process of brewing green tea is exactly the same as on the black.

    Despite the fact that Kombucha you will consume for weight loss, add sugar a must! No it will not ferment.

    Although, how often do the reviews say about Kombucha for weight loss instead of sugar those who are on a diet, add sweeteners.

    • I was wondering what to substitute the sugar for the life of the fungus, and decided instead to throw pills sweetener. What? Sweet base is, therefore, the environment for the growth of fungus is. What else do you need? Drank the drink before a meal. Over the last month took 2 kg. you Know, a little. But still left. Katya.

    A instead of sugar dissolve the honey, believing that the drink will become useful. What the specialists say about that? Research on this issue was conducted. Though I guess that the use of Kombucha with honey for weight loss questionable. Honey reacts fermentation, can lose or change its healing properties.

    Female site sure about one thing: drinking Kombucha green tea, you can lose weight only if you follow a proper diet.

    How to make Kombucha to lose weight?

    The emergence of excess weight is associated primarily with metabolism. To begin to lose weight, you need to reconsider the principles of its power.

    • It should be remembered that the fungus is additionally stimulating the digestive enzymes. If you will take both with food or drink them food, it will digest very quickly – the feeling of hunger will come faster.
    • Do not forget that the mushroom is a product of the fermentation process that involves sugar. Therefore, the drink is sweet, it has calories. That is, take indefinite amounts of Kombucha for weight loss is also impossible. 100 ml contains 38 calories. This should be considered for those who loses weight by counting calories.
    • You cannot take an infusion of the fungus in the morning on an empty stomach instead of Breakfast. You don’t run the metabolism because the body has not received the food. You just start the fermentation process in the stomach. Besides, it’s a sour drink. Getting it in an empty stomach causes heartburn and unpleasant belching. But it also helps not decrease, and increase appetite.
    • It is important to consider the state of the acidic environment of the stomach. If you have hyperacidity, then drink the tea brew to lose weight, eat in moderation – no more than 100 ml, if the acidity of the stomach is reduced, then 200 ml.
    • The easiest way how to make Kombucha for weight loss, — 1 glass 30 minutes before a meal.

    Thus, the use of Kombucha for weight loss is only in the case if you watch your diet.

    • In the diet should be high in plant foods – up to 60%.
    • Protein foods should make up 25% of the diet.
    • Carbohydrates – 15-20%.

    Here as stated in some reviews about how can I lose weight on Kombucha:

    • I stick to the basic rule – do not interfere with Kombucha with food. Take it an hour before meals. Also diet: in the morning allow yourself more calories of food. Even sweet to eat. At lunch I have vegetables and meat steamed or baked, and in the evening fish or cheese. Never drink Kombucha after a meal. You will lose weight, and feel great. Anna.
    • It’s a sweet drink! How it can help you to lose weight? Drink it to improve metabolism. This can give a boost to the body to weight loss. But he does not help to lose weight. If you’ll pull in your mouth and still drink a carbonated brew, what diet Kombucha can be? Eleanor.

    Consequently, Kombucha to lose weight will help if they meet the basics of good nutrition.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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