How to make natural deodorant at home?

Women’s website “” will tell you how to make deodorant – clean and efficient. Today, many women seek natural care and hygiene, even in such seemingly essential things like deodorant.

In shop “the sticks” we appreciate the ease of application, reliability and high degree of protection against sweat and odor.

Can you repeat all this using only natural ingredients? Let’s try!

Harm modern antiperspirants is associated not only with the presence in them of harmful substances – and it is parabens, artificial flavors, salts of aluminum, which is literally absorbed by the body, especially if you use immediately after hair removal in the underarm area.

Deodorants block the sweat glands, which means that the body is not able to fully get rid of the toxins and camouflages. To find on the shelves of deodorant without harmful components is unrealistic, but spread around him a dubious aroma is also not desirable.

How to make homemade deodorant, which has successfully coped with the task of removing the smell?


The simplest deodorizing remedy is prepared from available ingredients – basic and essential oils. As the basis of a suitable oil that does not leave a greasy residue on the fabric, easily absorbed, nourishing the skin. This women’s “needs” is consistent with the grapeseed oil and sesame seeds.

Perfect the second component is a favorite for all of us EM tea tree. It heals minor wounds (which is important after hair removal) is a powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent.

The recipe is simple: five ml of base drip 5-7 drops “averci”.

Before you make a liquid deodorant with your hands, thoroughly wash and disinfect a jar of old ball “true”. To do this, try to hook the ball with the tip of a knife, pull it out, pour oil and put the ball back. In the tool you can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Remember that summer can’t enjoy citrus scents, as they react with ultraviolet light.

How to make natural deodorant from baking soda

Another simple deodorant can be prepared with the addition of ordinary soda – known means of eliminating the smell of sweat. 60 ml of water you need to take a half teaspoon of baking soda, stir well and add a few drops of essential oil of tea tree. Pour the mixture in a glass bottle with a spray before use and shake it well.

To use the “soda deodorant” undesirable immediately after waxing, as well as those who have skin in this area is prone to irritation.

Do solid deodorant

For deodorant, as similar to the commercially available sticks, you will need:

  • soda (about 40 grams)
  • corn starch (60 g.)
  • coconut oil (5-6 tablespoons)
  • essential oils of lemon, lavender, tea tree

The first two ingredients mix well in a glass container and then carefully enter the melted coconut oil to achieve desired consistency. Then add essential oil – that the amount was about 7-8 drops.

Another way how to make deodorant at home is a modified a previous recipe:

  • Melt in a water bath beeswax is a natural preservative and also anti-inflammatory, healing, skin care tool. You’ll need about 10 grams of this ingredient ( recommends to take more, so the structure will be harder, but means almost will not melt at room temperature).
  • Add three tablespoons of coconut oil, it softens skin, provides anti-inflammatory action. The mixture should acquire the liquid state, but not to boil.
  • Add vitamin E (teaspoon) – this is another preservative, while simultaneously caring for the skin, preventing its aging.
  • To make effective solid deodorant, add soda (1 tbsp.) is a natural eliminator the smell of sweat and starch (corn or potato, 1 tbsp) is a natural absorbent that absorbs moisture.
  • Add essential oil (3-5 drops) is primarily antibacterial tea tree oil or eucalyptus and even your favorite flavor.
  • Move the mixture can be in the old container under solid deodorant and give it to harden in the fridge.

    The second option is the tube from under the cream with air tight lid, this jar of deodorant you can take with you and apply with fingers.

    How to make homemade deodorant of alum?

    Another natural remedy used in handmade cosmetics as a binder, absorbent and antiseptic – aljumokalievyh alum sold in crystal form.

    Approximately 100 grams of alum, pour in a glass dish and put in a water bath. Temperature to their melting point is quite high, so the capacity can cover. Periodically stir with a wooden or glass spoon. Once the crystals completely melted, carefully put into the liquid a teaspoon of glycerin and few drops of essential oil of tea tree. Mix everything, without removing from the water bath, and then quickly pour into prepared silicone or plastic mould and send in the refrigerator.

    Apply to clean, slightly damp armpit.

    Store natural deodorant is in the refrigerator. Knowing how to make deodorant, don’t cook it in large chunks, often better to upgrade the tool. Do not apply too much before you get dressed, it is desirable to wait until the deodorant is completely absorbed.

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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